Yeferson González, 29, is shot and killed while trick-or-treating with daughter, 3, after hitman opened fire on Colombia sidewalk

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  • Yeferson González was changeable and killed successful Soacha, Colombia, connected Tuesday night
  • The 29-year-old took his three-year-old girl connected a trick-or-treating outing erstwhile a fishy approached him and changeable him 2 times
  • González was conscious erstwhile paramedics arrived, but died moments aft arriving astatine a section hospital; nary arrests person been made

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Published: 14:42 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 14:55 EDT, 1 November 2023

Dramatic surveillance footage captured nan horrifying infinitesimal a man was changeable and killed aft he joined his girl connected a trick-or-treating outing successful Colombia connected Tuesday night.

Yeferson González, 29, tin beryllium seen crossing nan thoroughfare pinch his three-year-old kid aft they had collected candy from a barbershop arsenic nan gunman followed him closely.

The assailant past approached him from down and changeable him successful nan head.

González collapsed to nan thoroughfare pavement and was changeable a 2nd clip successful nan thorax arsenic Halloween trick-or-treaters adjacent stood and watched.

A gunman approaches Yeferson González earlier shooting him doubly successful beforehand of his girl successful Soacha, Colombia, connected Tuesday night. González was rushed to a section hospital, wherever he died

Yeferson González lies connected nan crushed moments aft he was changeable doubly while his girl and woman look on. González was rushed to a section hospital, wherever he was declared dormant by doctors

The fishy took disconnected moving and escaped connected a motorcycle.

The kid looked connected successful scary arsenic González was lying connected nan crushed earlier a his woman ran complete and rushed her away.

González was recovered pinch captious signs and was rushed to a Mario Yanguaz Hospital, wherever doctors declared him dead.

A Soacha constabulary spokesperson said a typical portion was formed to analyse nan murder. 

Investigators interviewed González's woman connected Tuesday. No arrests had been reported arsenic of Wednesday.

The gunman (right circle) had been pursuing Yeferson González (left circle) earlier he changeable and killed him successful beforehand of his daughter, who he had accompanied connected a trick-or-treating outing connected Tuesday nighttime successful Soacha, Colombia

Yeferson González holds his daughter's manus arsenic they transverse nan thoroughfare conscionable moments earlier nan gunman walked up to him and changeable him twice

González has anterior subject acquisition and had worked for a shipping company.

'He worked pinch america from September to November 2022, and that was his past activity pinch nan company. We are impacted by nan news,' a institution spokesperson told El Tiempo newspaper.

Crime stats show that homicides person been connected nan diminution successful Soacha successful 2023.

The metropolis person registered 5.3 murders per 100,000 inhabitants this twelvemonth successful comparison pinch 2022 erstwhile 17.9 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants were reported.

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