X Will Donate Ad Revenue To Gaza Aid Groups And Israeli Hospitals, Elon Musk Says

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Elon Musk announced Tuesday his societal media level X will donate gross from “advertising & subscriptions associated pinch nan warfare successful Gaza” to hospitals successful Israel and assistance groups successful Gaza—a determination that comes arsenic Musk and nan level formerly known arsenic Twitter person faced disapproval for antisemitic content.

Elon Musk announced Tuesday that X will donate to assistance groups successful Gaza and Israel aft nan level ... [+] faced days of disapproval for allowing antisemitic content. (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

AFP via Getty Images

Key Facts

Musk didn’t supply immoderate specifications connected really X will donate nan funds, aliases really overmuch it will donate, but said successful a follow-up post nan institution will way really costs are spent done nan Red Cross and Red Crescent to guarantee it doesn’t extremity up pinch Hamas.

He added that “better ideas are welcome” connected nan champion measurement to donate, and said: “We should attraction astir nan guiltless sloppy of race, creed, belief aliases thing else.”


Earlier connected Tuesday, a group of much than 2 twelve Democratic lawmakers sent Musk and Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino a missive arguing nan level was profiting disconnected pro-Hamas propaganda by allowing gruesome videos connected X pursuing Hamas’ onslaught connected Israel past month. The lawmakers asked Musk and Yaccarino to reply questions including really nan posts and accounts remained progressive “for days aft their argumentation violations had been publicized,” what X plans to do astir Hamas-related contented and what changes X will make.

Key Background

The determination to donate comes aft X faced days of disapproval for nan beingness of antisemitic posts connected nan societal media site, and aft advertisers announcing paused campaigns connected nan level complete claims that their ads were placed adjacent antisemitic content. Left-leaning media watchdog Media Matters for America put retired a study past week alleging awesome companies’ ads were being placed adjacent to hateful content, but X revenge a defamation lawsuit against nan group Monday, arguing it created a “false impression” astir really nan ads were displayed. Musk has besides drawn scrutiny for engaging pinch antisemitic tweets himself, aft he endorsed a declare by an X personification that Jewish communities that cull antisemitism show “hatred against whites.” Musk has been criticized since he bought X past twelvemonth for dislike reside connected nan platform, starring galore awesome companies to extremity advertizing connected it. In April, aft claiming astir advertisers had returned, Musk said they were unfastened to proceeding advertisers’ concerns astir nan platform, but said that “freedom of reside is paramount,” and mostly denied immoderate uptick successful hateful content.

Forbes Valuation

We estimate Musk’s nett worthy astatine $246.1 billion, making him nan wealthiest personification connected earth, mostly owed to his stakes successful Tesla and SpaceX.

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