WWE boss Triple H opens up on The Rock's inevitable return following success of the Hollywood star's WrestleMania run... and tells fans what to expect when he makes comeback

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  • The Rock enjoyed occurrence successful nan company aft returning astatine nan commencement of nan year
  • He has since near again to proceed his Hollywood profession but will return soon
  • Triple H issued somewhat of a informing to fans for erstwhile nan comeback happens 

By Lewis Browning

Published: 11:34 EDT, 18 April 2024 | Updated: 11:34 EDT, 18 April 2024

WWE leader Triple H has opened up erstwhile The Rock will beryllium backmost successful WWE pursuing his successful astir caller tally successful nan company.

The Hollywood prima returned nan WWE programming astatine nan commencement of nan twelvemonth arsenic a look - aliases 'good' characteristic - and had 1 of nan astir celebrated runs of his profession aft turning bottommost - bad - up of WrestleMania.

He teamed pinch real-life relative Roman Reigns to hit caller WWE champion Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins successful nan main arena of nighttime 1 of 'Mania, and played a awesome portion successful Reigns' nonaccomplishment to Rhodes connected nan 2nd night.

'The Great One' revealed connected the RAW aft WrestleMania that he had to 'go away' for a short play of time to activity connected his latest movie projects, but promised to return soon and spell aft Rhodes' title.

Speaking astatine the Sports Business Journal's World Congress of Sports successful Los Angeles, Triple H gave a teaser of what to expect erstwhile The Rock returns, and warned fans to strap in.

Triple H has opened up connected nan inevitable return of The Rock (pictured) to WWE programming

'The Great One' enjoyed a successful latest tally successful WWE aft returning astatine nan commencement of nan year

The WWE leader (pictured) told fans what to expect erstwhile nan wrestling fable makes his inevitable comeback 

HHH said of his rival's astir caller run: 'We were thrilled to person Rock beryllium involved. When you tin person nan biggest prima connected nan globe, arguably, want to beryllium a portion of what we do, and successful a meaningful way, and want to do it successful a measurement wherever he's not conscionable like, "Hey, yeah, I'll travel in, show maine what to do, I'll spell do this".

'But each of his resources, each of his encephalon power, each of his creative, each of those things, his branding, everything, I want to put successful this, I want to make it an astonishing thrust for our fans, it doesn't get immoderate amended than that.

'He goes off, he makes a fewer movies now and arsenic he said a week ago, he'll beryllium backmost and it'll beryllium a hellhole of a thrust erstwhile he comes back.'

Fans person been near speculating of erstwhile nan 51-year-old's return will be, pinch immoderate suggesting SummerSlam later this twelvemonth successful what is WWE's second-biggest arena of nan twelvemonth down 'Mania.

It seems he is astatine slightest group to play a domiciled successful WrestleMania adjacent year, perchance facing Rhodes, though could beryllium progressive successful The Bloodline's story that has seen Solo Sikoa move connected Jimmy Uso.

'If you had told maine successful nan opening of nan speech that we we're going to get nan Final Boss bottommost type of The Rock, I would person said you’re crazy,' Triple H added of nan star. 'But that’s his level of commitment.'

The Rock teamed pinch Roman Reigns astatine nighttime 1 of 'Mania and was besides progressive successful nan main arena of nighttime two

He could person a domiciled to play successful nan storyline of The Bloodline aft Solo Sikoa (centre) turned connected Jimmy Uso

It remains unclear whether fans should expect a rivalry betwixt The Rock and Reigns, pinch it seeming that would beryllium nan guidance coming retired of WrestleMania.

Like The Rock, erstwhile champion Reigns is expected to return an extended break from TV, though will still beryllium heavy progressive successful imaginative for nan storyline surrounding The Bloodline.

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