WSL star Alisha Lehmann shows off her impressive skills as she enjoys down time in Rio de Janeiro with Aston Villa boyfriend Douglas Luiz... with the couple posing for loved-up snaps ahead of international duty

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Aston Villa powerfulness mates Alisha Lehmann and Douglas Luis person been enjoying immoderate clip distant successful Luiz's autochthonal Brazil.

The pair, who person dated since 2021, are some successful nan off-season pursuing nan conclusions of nan Women's Super League and Premier League seasons.

Lehmann, antecedently dubbed 'the world's sexiest footballer', isn't straying excessively acold from football, however, and shared snaps showing disconnected her skills successful a greenish bikini connected societal media.

The 25-year-old posed poolside arsenic she was seen performing kick-ups, earlier showing disconnected her power arsenic she balanced nan shot connected her cervix earlier lowering to nan crushed to execute press-ups.

In different snaps, she was seen performing much shot juggling skills and posing adjacent to Luiz, besides enjoying a footwear astir pinch her person connected nan beach. 

Aston Villa powerfulness mates Alisha Lehmann (left) and Douglas Luiz (right) person been enjoying immoderate down clip successful Rio, Brazil

Lehmann took to societal media to show disconnected her shot skills adjacent to nan excavation while connected holiday

The 25-year-old was seen performing a number of tricks successful a bid of photos connected her Instagram

In 1 photo, nan mates posed successful nan mirror, limb successful limb and smiling, gazing into each other's eyes.

Lehmann captioned nan photo: 'Eu te amo,' which translates to 'I emotion you'.

She could beryllium seen wearing a flowery dress successful nan picture, pinch Luiz opting for a loose shirt, holding nan telephone and taking nan photo.

Another image saw nan mates look astatine nan reflector face-on, pinch Lehmann taking nan photo, and nan guardant shared different selfie of nan mates sat enjoying a drink.

In an earlier station connected her Instagram relationship captioned: 'Somewhere successful nan world,' Lehmann could beryllium seen posing connected a decking successful a achromatic garment successful beforehand of plants, earlier smiling for different threat successful nan aforesaid outfit and location.

A 3rd photograph seemed to show Lehmann successful bed, captioned: 'Boa noite,' which translates to 'good night'. 

A video shared connected X relationship @NewsAlmirantee showed nan mates playing pinch a shot and different man connected nan beach, pinch nan trio keeping nan shot successful nan aerial without letting it bounce.

The 18-second clip ends pinch Luiz diving to effort and support nan crippled going, but missing nan ball, earlier Lehmann falls to her knees successful laughter. 

The couple, who some play for Villa and person dated since 2021, besides posed successful a number of snaps

Lehmann besides posed successful a achromatic garment connected a decking, pinch nan pictures captioned: 'Somewhere successful nan world'

She helped Villa to a seventh-place decorativeness successful nan Women's Super League, which ended past weekend

The brace person jetted distant early connected successful nan summer, pinch Luiz group to participate successful nan Copa America pinch Brazil adjacent month.

The 26-year-old, who was calved successful Rio de Janeiro wherever nan mates were holidaying, was named in Dorival Junior's squad for nan tourney earlier this period successful what will beryllium nan manager's first title successful charge.

He has been named alongside a number of different Premier League midfield stars, including West Ham's Lucas Paqueta and Newcastle's Bruno Guimaraes.

Lehmann, meanwhile, is group to pitchy backmost location to subordinate up pinch Sweden's nationalist squad for their European qualifiers against nan Republic of Ireland, pinch 2 games group to return spot connected May 31 and June 1.

She wrapped up her home play conscionable six days ago, starting Villa's 2-1 conclusion by Manchester City.

Villa vanished seventh successful nan Women's Super League table,  while Luiz had a small much occurrence arsenic his men's broadside qualified for nan Champions League nether Unai Emery.

Another photograph seemed to show Lehmann successful bed, captioned: 'Boa noite,' which translates to 'good night'

The mates could besides beryllium seen playing shot connected nan beach, keeping nan shot successful nan aerial pinch a 3rd personification involved

Lehmann has played 75 times successful full for Villa since joining successful 2021, gathering Luiz soon aft earlier nan mates began their relationship.

Luiz was linked pinch Arsenal past year, but stayed astatine Villa and has made a full of 204 appearances for nan nine since arriving successful 2019.

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