World Series TV ratings continue to get WORSE with Games 2 and 3 consecutively breaking the mark for least-watched Fall Classic matchup

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  • The Diamondbacks and Rangers proceed to struggle for tv viewership
  • Game 1 of nan World Series was nan least-watched opener pinch 9.17 cardinal views
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By Leocciano Callao For Dailymail.Com

Published: 19:11 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 19:14 EDT, 31 October 2023

The ratings for nan 2023 World Series betwixt nan Arizona Diamondbacks and Texas Rangers proceed to spell down pinch each passing game. 

The grounds for nan least-watched World Series crippled was shattered by Saturday's Game 2, past Game 3 connected Monday.

Sports TV Ratings reported an mean of 8.13 cardinal viewers for Fox's Game 3 coverage, making Game 2 a short-term record-holder pinch 8.15 million.

The bid opener besides classed arsenic the least-watched World Series Game 1 pinch 9.17 cardinal viewers according to Sports Media Watch. The feat was antecedently held by nan the 2020 'Bubble' World Series betwixt nan LA Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays astatine nan tallness of nan pandemic, which garnered 9.35 cardinal viewers.

Games 2 and 3 grounded to make a bigger assemblage than Game 3 of nan Bubble bid which had 8.16 cardinal views. 

The Texas Rangers presently lead nan Arizona Diamondbacks, 2-1, successful nan 2023 World Series

The Diamondbacks and Rangers hit nan Phillies and Astros, respectively, successful nan postseason

Two cardinal factors to nan deficiency of attraction are nan mini marketplace teams and absence of prima power.

The Diamond Backs defeated nan Phillies successful nan NLCS while nan Rangers derailed nan Astros successful nan ALCS. In doing so, 2 teams who had subpar regular seasons prevented a World Series that would person featured nan likes of Bryce Harper and Jose Altuve. 

The World Series besides finds itself competing pinch nan NFL, NBA and assemblage shot for viewership. Game 3 had it worst pinch nan NBA, NFL and NHL each having games during premier time. 

Fortunately, Games 4 and 5 - and perchance Games 6 and 7 - will return spot while nan NFL is off. 

The Diamondbacks levelled nan bid astatine 1-1 connected Saturday aft losing Game 1 successful 11 innings. However, nan Rangers regained nan lead successful Game 3, winning 3-1.  

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