Woman who had her phone stolen on holiday warns against 'big mistake' that enabled thieves to drain more than £12,000 from her savings account

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A young female who had her telephone stolen while holidaying Zante, has warned against utilizing elemental passwords aft a thief was capable to entree her photos and online banking.

Gen Zer, Lydia Coates, took to TikTok to stock really her telephone was stolen while holidaying pinch her friends, captioning nan clip: 'How 1 elemental correction successful Zante costs maine complete £10,000.'

In her video, Lydia warned: 'If you're readying to spell connected a girls aliases lads vacation this summer, do not make nan aforesaid correction arsenic me!' 

In 2022, nan TikToker had planned a fund vacation pinch a friend to Zante successful Greece. On nan 2nd time of nan trip, nan 2 planned to return a vessel travel together.

Lydia packed a mini container for her phone, ID and rate and explains that she had it intimately attached to her while connected nan boat.

During nan boozy vessel trip, Lydia claimed that her container was kept connected her 'at each times'.

'The only clip I didn't person my container connected maine was erstwhile I was successful nan sea, but my friend was still connected nan vessel truthful she had it.

'When I sewage backmost from nan sea, I sewage my container which was still there, but my telephone was gone.' 

Since nan vessel travel was 'quite small' pinch astir 50 aliases truthful group onboard, Lydia and her friend asked nan DJ to inquire nan crowd if anyone had travel crossed nan missing phone. 

Organisers of nan travel past promised to cheque each individual earlier getting disconnected nan vessel to spot who had pocketed nan device. 

'I was benignant of astatine bid because if personification stole it, they're gonna find it anyway,' she recalled. 

However, she soon realised that she was incorrect to presume organisers would return action. 

Lydia Coates, pictured, had complete £12,000 stolen aft personification hacked into her telephone utilizing her password which was nan aforesaid arsenic her birthday

'Of people they didn't hunt everyone truthful my telephone was gone!'

However, nan missing telephone was only nan commencement of what became a very costly vacation nightmare.

'My biggest correction that holiday, was putting my driving licence successful nan backmost connected my phone,' she explained.

'My birthday, connected my driving licence successful nan backmost of my phone, was my password and was also, nan password to my online banking.'

Realising nan fatal error, Lydia 'frantically' checked her slope relationship to spot if location had been immoderate withdrawals taken and was relieved to spot that thing had been moved while nan telephone was stolen.

Comfortable that her rate was safe, Lydia said she 'just forgot' astir nan incident and went connected utilizing her friend's mobile for nan long of nan trip. 

However, her luck was not to last.

'Lo and behold erstwhile I sewage home, I checked my mobile banking and a singular slope transportation of £12,242 had been sent to personification called Jessica,' she said.

The stolen rate had travel from Lydia's help-to-buy ISA, meaning that years worthy of savings were lost. 

Devastated, Lydia contacted nan constabulary who told her to interaction Zante police, wherever nan theft had occurred. 

Pictured: Lydia was thankfully capable to get her money backmost but nan individual who took nan money, sewage distant scot free 

'When I contacted Zante police, they were perfectly nary help,' she explained

'Because this personification had entree to my phone, each of my assemblage and each nan photos that were ever connected my phone, my online banking, my ID, I person had to unfastened a personality fraud protection scheme.

'So now, for nan remainder of my life I americium paying for protection against personality fraud because this personification could return retired arsenic galore loans, mortgages pinch my information.' 

'The civilized of nan communicative is, do not put your ID successful nan backmost of your telephone lawsuit if you're going connected vacation aliases ever!' 

In a later video, Lydia explained that she resolved nan rumor by changing each of her slope specifications and signing her erstwhile relationship disconnected arsenic 'fraudulent'.

After a number of meetings pinch banks and police, thankfully Lydia was capable to retrieve nan £12,242 that had been stolen from her.

'We assumed we could good nan personification who stole nan money connected Facebook from their sanction but they had fixed a clone name.

'It was not this person's first clip robbing a slope aliases someone's details.

'This circumstantial sanction was a sanction that had been utilized crossed aggregate fraud sites arsenic a clone sanction truthful nan existent perpetrators weren't identified.

The telephone was identified arsenic being astatine a location successful Birmingham via an app but she was urged not to way it down.

'In my case, they sewage distant pinch it, they sewage nan money because I sewage nan money backmost from nan fraud protection and not from nan personification themselves.' 

The money was reimbursed acknowledgment to her fraud protection scheme. 

Lydia's unfortunate brushwood isn't nan first and apt won't beryllium nan last, arsenic it comes amid a surge successful cases connected telephone theft successful nan UK. 

How to protect your mobile from e-bike i-jackers 

Criminals often usage bikes and mopeds to snatch mobile phones from people, peculiarly astatine engaged locations specified arsenic extracurricular stations, shopping centres aliases performance venues. Often victims are approached from down while talking aliases texting connected phones. Criminals connected mopeds aliases bicycles whitethorn equine nan pavement to drawback nan telephone aliases snatch it from nan road. Sometimes erstwhile it's a moped, a pillion rider will snatch it.

While astir thefts hap betwixt six and 10 astatine night, criminals run during nan time too, truthful ever look retired for what's going connected astir you. 

The Metropolitan Police has urged group to travel these steps to protect your phone: 

Be alert of your surroundings

  • If you request to telephone aliases usage your telephone connected nan street, look retired for anyone connected a motorcycle aliases a moped adjacent you. Look up, look out
  • Make it speedy truthful you don't go distracted
  • Don't matter while you're stepping – you won't announcement what's going connected astir you
  • If that's not possible, guidelines distant from nan roadside, adjacent to a building aliases wall, truthful nary 1 tin travel up down you
  • Going hands-free tin forestall a thief from snatching your telephone retired of your hand 

Use information features connected your phone

  • You must move connected your phone's information features to protect your phone
  • Use nan keypad fastener truthful that thieves cannot instantly entree your phone, aliases usage nan biometric authentication if your telephone has it (fingerprint aliases facial recognition)
  • Your telephone whitethorn person different information features you tin usage – these could let you to swipe data, fastener your handset, aliases forestall a thief from restoring a telephone to its mill settings from different net device
  • Consider installing an anti-theft app. These tin beryllium an effective measurement of helping constabulary trace your telephone and place nan thief

Know really to place your telephone if it's stolen

  • Every telephone has an IMEI number which helps constabulary and security companies to place it if it's stolen. UK web operators tin besides extremity a stolen telephone from moving crossed their networks pinch its IMEI
  • Find your IMEI number by dialling *#06# from your telephone and support a written statement of it; if nan telephone is stolen, study nan number to your mobile supplier to extremity it being used
  • Register your valuables connected an accredited spot database.

Never face a thief aliases consequence your ain information for nan liking of your mobile

Source: The Metropolitan Police 

The superior has been peculiarly severely deed pinch immoderate calling it nan 'London epidemic' arsenic much and much cases expanse done nan city.

The City of London Police said it is moving a targeted cognition that is disrupting telephone snatching successful nan Square Mile.

The cognition was started owed to nan worrying emergence nan unit saw successful telephone snatching successful 2022, which carried connected into past and this year.

The unit is moreover spraying criminals and their mopeds pinch a DNA spray successful a bid to nexus them to crimes if they title away.

The unit advised group to stay vigilant successful crowded areas and connected nan carrier web and asked anyone who falls unfortunate of a mobile telephone robbery to interaction nan constabulary consecutive away. 

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