Woman claims cruise line dropped her luggage into the OCEAN - revealing a stranger found it in the water after she had already set sail

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An outraged cruise rider has told really nan institution she was walking pinch 'dropped her container successful nan ocean' and it was only recovered acknowledgment to a stranger's efforts.

Lindsey Hargesheimer, from Denver, Colorado, aired her grievances connected TikTok, wherever she made an almost 10-minute-long video detailing nan concatenation of events. 

In nan clip, nan wedding photographer explains that she realized her container was missing erstwhile she boarded a Celebrity Cruises vessel successful Amsterdam pinch her family, and she was nan only 1 not to person her luggage. 

When she called nan cruise statement to get an update, they confirmed they could not find her container and nan AirTag she had placed wrong of it was not working. 

However later, erstwhile she turned her telephone on, she instantly sewage a telephone stating that personification from nan Amsterdam larboard had pulled her lawsuit 'out of nan ocean... retired of nan canal.'

Lindsey Hargesheimer, from Denver, Colorado, aired her grievances connected TikTok, wherever she made an almost 10-minute-long video detailing nan concatenation of events

Lindsey said she was 'angry and upset' astir nan mishap arsenic each of her belongings for a 2 week travel were wrong nan bag. Pictured, a vessel from nan Celebrity Cruises line 

While location were nary charismatic tags connected nan container stating wherever it was going, nan alien was capable to contact Lindsey arsenic she had her telephone number and specifications written connected a tag.

Lindsey said she was 'angry and upset and distraught' astir nan mishap arsenic each of her belongings for a two-week travel were wrong nan bag.

The contents included clothing, medications, supplements, make up, toiletries, camera instrumentality and moreover family jewelry. 

To make matters worse, Lindsey says she was initially fixed nary compensation for nan incident aliases vouchers to bargain caller items successful nan onboard stores.

The only items she was fixed successful nan interim included a T-shirt, roll-on deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste. 

She told viewers, while videoing from nan level of her cabin: 'This is perfectly unacceptable... 

'The [staff] each recognize really f**king ridiculous it is because they don't judge maine erstwhile I show them.'

The contented creator continued: 'I personally judge the Celebrity Cruise Line person not handled this business good astatine all. I don't consciousness taken attraction of for a correction that they made.

The wedding photographer said she besides had camera instrumentality successful her bag 

'Like, you dropped my container successful nan ocean! It is 1 point if it was near astatine larboard but you dropped my container successful nan water and didn't study it.' 

Lindsey notes that while she was pleased her container has been found, she has nary thought really overmuch h2o harm her container has sustained. 

'I person nary thought what I'm expecting. I person nary thought if I tin moreover usage thing that is successful my bag... I person nothing,' she says, while trying to clasp backmost tears. 

In a travel up TikTok, Lindsey gives viewers an update and reveals that she will not beryllium getting her container backmost for nan entirety of her cruise.

Instead, she must inspect nan container erstwhile she is simply a backmost successful nan Netherlands successful complete a week's clip pinch a larboard worker and a Celebrity Cruises personnel of unit connected manus to spot what harm has been done. 

She says: 'At this point, I've honestly conscionable accepted that everything successful that container is not capable to beryllium salvaged successful immoderate measurement style aliases form.

'[Plus], it's going to beryllium sitting astatine nan larboard for different 10 days getting moreover much disgusting.' 


Celebrity Cruises dropped my container successful nan OCEAN! This was filmed connected July 5th, I posted arsenic soon arsenic I had service. More updates to come. Please tag @Celebrity Cruises @Royal Caribbean truthful they tin yet return accountability for their actions. *disclaimer: I understand that being connected this travel is simply a privilege and I’m very grateful that maine and my family are safe.* lostatsea celebritycruise lostbaggage

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In a bid to person immoderate different clothing to wear, Lindsey went shopping successful 1 of nan ports and was capable to buy two outfits, a brace of stepping shoes and immoderate toiletries. 

She says Celebrity Cruises has since besides fixed her $400 successful credit, on pinch 2 laundry vouchers. 

In a meeting, she was besides told that nan costs of replacing each of her damaged items will beryllium reimbursed.

She said: 'I don't person it successful penning but that is what I've been told.' 

To date, Lindsey's TikTok's person amassed almost 100,000 views pinch galore sympathizing pinch her. 

One spectator wrote: 'I'm truthful sorry this has happened. It's crazy that they person not compensated you for anything. I'm concerned astir your medications!' 

Another commenter, who claimed to person antecedently worked connected a Celebrity Cruises vessel besides offered a tip, writing: 'Past Celebrity unit member. Next clip you spell to impermanent services, inquire to group up a gathering pinch nan HOTEL DIRECTOR. Not nan wide vessel manager, nan hotel. Highest of nan precocious onboard to thief successful this situation!'

In consequence to commenters stating that she was irresponsible for losing show of her bag, nan photographer explains that she was walking pinch her grandma who is successful a wheelchair, truthful she handed her container to a personnel of unit truthful she could push nan chair onto nan ship. 

'That is nan past I saw of them. Someone astatine nan larboard took my bags from me,' Lindsey revealed.

DailyMail.com has reached retired to Celebrity Cruises for a remark connected nan matter.

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