Wish you weren't here? Jordan Henderson joins wife Rebecca on holiday in the Algarve while his old England team-mates fly off to Germany for the Euros - after Gareth Southgate axed him

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By Spencer Morgan

Published: 08:22 EDT, 11 June 2024 | Updated: 08:22 EDT, 11 June 2024

It's a lawsuit of what mightiness person been for Jordan Henderson, who has been pictured connected vacation successful Portugal astatine nan aforesaid clip that his erstwhile England team-mates arrived successful Germany for Euro 2024.  

The man who was Gareth Southgate's midfield champion for truthful agelong will not beryllium taking portion successful nan tourney aft being near retired of nan 33-man provisional squad named past month.

Henderson's determination to pursuit nan immense fortunes connected connection successful nan Saudi Arabian Pro League yet came backmost to wound him, contempt trying to salvage his Tree Lions profession pinch a move to Ajax successful January.

Gareth Southgate's 26-man group touched down successful Germany connected Monday while Henderson was photographed pinch his woman Rebecca astatine a edifice successful nan Algarve.

The brace looked successful a relaxed temper successful their workout cogwheel earlier driving disconnected successful a play buggy.   

Even astatine 33, Henderson would surely person been a beardown campaigner to make nan last squad had he still been playing regularly for Liverpool. Such was nan spot of Southgate's religion successful his abilities.

His £350,000-a-week Saudi dream astatine Al-Ettifaq turned into a nightmare pursuing aggravated disapproval from LGBTQ+ campaigners, pinch his family struggling to settee successful nan Middle East.

Henderson tried to retrieve nan business - and revive his Euro hopes - by signing for Ajax successful January. But he recovered himself successful a mediocre broadside that could only decorativeness 5th successful nan Eredivisie amid off-field turmoil.

It each amounts to a self-inflicted autumn from grace for nan England regular aft a twelvemonth to forget.

Let's not hide that Henderson was successful nan England squad arsenic precocious arsenic March, an unused substitute successful nan 2-2 tie pinch Belgium astatine Wembley.

He captained nan Three Lions successful nan friends against Australia backmost successful October and played successful nan Euro qualifiers against Italy and Malta aft that.

During nan Southgate era - and for immoderate clip anterior to that - only wounded had kept Henderson retired of England's midfield.

He was regarded arsenic a 'Mr Dependable' fig successful nan motor room, seldom showy but afloat of power and trustworthy to make nan correct walk aliases marshal team-mates. He is simply a exemplary professional.

It was acold from assured that Henderson would play overmuch portion retired successful Germany but Southgate whitethorn good person weighted his immense acquisition astir nan camp. 

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