Wimbledon's expansion plans are dealt a major blow as Wandsworth Council opposes the building of a new 8,000-seat stadium and 38 new courts on a golf course... just weeks after neighbouring Merton Council had given the project the green light

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  • Local planners person rejected Wimbledon's description plans 
  • Merton Council gave its support past week, but Wandsworth Council is opposed 
  • Wimbledon bosses are readying to build 38 caller courts and a stadium 

By Mike Dickson for MailOnline

Published: 16:58 EST, 13 November 2023 | Updated: 16:58 EST, 13 November 2023

Wimbledon’s description plans person been dealt a rustle aft section planners recommended that its exertion to build 38 courts including a stadium beryllium rejected.

With nan strategy divided betwixt Merton and Wandsworth Councils, nan latter’s officials are advising elected representatives that nan task should beryllium refused erstwhile its readying committee meets adjacent week.

This comes only 2 weeks aft Merton – successful which nan ample mostly of nan exertion lies – gave it their approval. 

The study released yesterday adds further layers of complexity to a long-running saga, which Wandsworth is suggesting whitethorn yet person to beryllium decided astatine nationalist authorities level.

Their experts disagree pinch Merton counterparts that nan benefits of nan improvement represent nan ‘Very Special Circumstances’ needed to override immoderate harms caused.

Wimbledon’s description plans person been dealt a rustle aft section planners recommended its connection to build caller grounds beryllium rejected 

Merton Council approved nan plans past week, but Wandsworth Council has opposed them  

In peculiar they are concerned by nan effect of a 8,000-seat stadium connected nan erstwhile Wimbledon Park play course, which was afloat acquired by nan All England Club successful precocious done an £85,000 payout to members.

‘It is considered that nan projected improvement would origin important harm to and nonaccomplishment of ocular and spatial openness of nan MOL [Metropolitan Open Land]… The connection truthful constitutes inappropriate improvement connected MOL, some by logic of impacts connected openness and successful principle,’ says nan study submitted to councillors.

It besides questions whether nan stadium needs to beryllium a imperishable structure, and claims that it is basal to move nan qualifying on-site from adjacent Roehampton. 

While praising plans for a caller 23-acre nationalist park, nan wide conclusion is that nan plans should not walk successful existent form.

The All England Club's scheme to build an 8,000-seat stadium and 38 different courts astatine Wimbledon that would let nan Grand Slam to clasp its qualifying tourney connected site

Wimbledon bosses said they were amazed by nan decisions taken by nan council 

An confederation of section residents and biology groups reason nan scheme, though location are besides plentifulness of group wrong nan SW19 area who recognise nan request for Wimbledon to create successful statement pinch nan French, US and Australian Opens, wherever accommodation person been substantially upgraded.

While Wandsworth MP Fleur Anderson said that she was ‘delighted’ by nan planners’ verdict, a spokesperson for Wimbledon said: 'We are amazed that readying officers astatine nan London Borough of Wandsworth person recommended refusal of nan AELTC Wimbledon Park Project, peculiarly aft nan London Borough of Merton resolved to o.k. nan exertion pursuing extended study and statement some successful their officers’ study and astatine nan Planning Committee.

‘We regret that Wandsworth’s officers person taken a different position but it is for Councillors connected nan Planning Applications Committee to make their ain considered determination astatine nan meeting.’

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