Why West Ham should be worried about Lucas Paqueta's charges - Kynan Isaac was banned for 10 YEARS for spot fixing and Bradley Wood couldn't play for six years after FA Cup offences

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By Adam Shergold

Published: 05:56 EDT, 24 May 2024 | Updated: 05:56 EDT, 24 May 2024

West Ham prima Lucas Paqueta faces nan imaginable of a lengthy prohibition aft nan Football Association alleged he deliberately picked up bookings to impact nan betting market.

Four yellowish cards received by nan Brazilian successful Premier League matches complete nan past 2 seasons triggered suspicious betting patterns.

If precedent is thing to spell by, Paqueta could beryllium banned for years if recovered blameworthy of nan charges.

Non-league footballer Kynan Isaac was banned from shot for 10 years successful October 2022 for deliberately getting booked successful an FA Cup necktie arsenic portion of a betting strategy pinch friends.

Lincoln City defender Bradley Wood received a six-year prohibition successful 2018 for 'influencing a shot betting market' by collecting 2 yellowish cards during nan Imps' celebrated FA Cup tally successful 2016-17.

West Ham prima Lucas Paqueta has been charged by nan FA pinch breaking betting rules

Stratford Town footballer Kynan Wood was handed a 10-year prohibition for spot-fixing successful 2022

Lincoln City subordinate Bradley Wood was banned for six years for deliberately picking up 2 bookings during nan Imps' FA Cup tally successful 2016-17

These examples show nan FA aren't acrophobic to manus retired reliable punishments to those recovered blameworthy of spot-fixing.

Defender Isaac was playing for Southern League nine Stratford Town successful an FA Cup first information necktie against EFL nine Shrewsbury Town successful November 2021.

He was shown a yellowish paper for a precocious tackle successful nan 83rd infinitesimal during a 5-1 conclusion for his side.

The FA recovered Isaac blameworthy of 'influencing a shot betting marketplace by intentionally seeking to beryllium cautioned by nan lucifer referee' and recovered grounds of collusion pinch friends.

Given Stratford play successful nan seventh tier of nan English pyramid, their matches would not ordinarily beryllium unfastened to specified betting markets.

But this FA Cup necktie was broadcast unrecorded by ITV, meaning bookmakers were offering likelihood connected individual players being cautioned.

In 1 question and reply pinch nan FA during their investigation, Isaac described himself arsenic personification who 'plays connected nan edge' and doesn't mind things 'getting a spot tasty'.

Referee Ben Toner, having later watched Isaac's tackle backmost afterwards, concluded it should really person been a reddish paper alternatively of a yellow.

Isaac (background) successful action for Stratford against Shrewsbury successful nan FA Cup necktie successful question

In summation to nan 10-year prohibition from shot for this offence, Isaac was fixed a 4th 18-month suspension for placing 347 bets connected matches complete a 5 twelvemonth play while playing astatine various clubs.

A further 12 months were added because Isaac didn't co-operate afloat pinch nan FA probe contempt pleading not guilty, starring to a prohibition from shot until April 2034.

Wood was fixed a six-year prohibition for committing 25 breaches of FA integrity and betting rules.

A tribunal nan defender, past 26, 'influenced a shot betting market' by getting booked successful Lincoln's FA Cup 3rd information replay triumph complete Ipswich successful January 2017 and their fifth-round triumph complete Premier League Burnley nan pursuing month.

Lincoln, members of nan fifth-tier National League astatine nan time, made nan quarter-finals earlier losing 5-0 astatine Arsenal.

Two group known to Wood placed bets connected some matches that betting firms said were 'atypical successful nan discourse of nan be aware betting market' pinch their winnings amounting to astir £10,000.

Wood denied nan charges but was recovered guilty, banned until March this twelvemonth and fined £3,725.

Lincoln embarked connected a memorable FA Cup tally successful 2016-17, beating Burnley on nan way

The FA allege Paqueta deliberately picked up bookings to power betting markets 

Paqueta has expressed his astonishment astatine nan charges and continues to contradict immoderate wrongdoing

Brazil world Paqueta has been charged pinch spot-fixing offences aft he collected yellowish cards successful 4 of West Ham's Premier League games.

He denies immoderate wrongdoing and expressed his astonishment astatine being charged successful a societal media statement.

'I americium highly amazed and upset that nan FA has decided to complaint me,' he wrote connected X.

'For 9 months, I ahem co-operated pinch each measurement of their investigation and provided each nan accusation I can.

'I contradict nan charges successful their entirety and will conflict pinch each activity to clear maine name. Due to nan ongoing process, I will not beryllium providing immoderate further comment.'

West Ham said they will 'continue to guidelines by and support' Paqueta, who has until June 3 to supply a consequence to nan charges.

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