Why Waterford Made The Most Heavily-Peated Irish Whiskey Ever

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Waterford has conscionable released nan astir heavily-peated Irish whiskey ever


Waterford Distillery, nan whiskey makers accelerated becoming a go-to for unsocial and experimental azygous malts, has released 2 caller audacious additions to their award-winning line-up, including nan astir heavily-peated Irish whiskies ever made.

The Peated: Lacken and Peated: Woodbrook bottling person shattered records arsenic nan astir heavily-peated Irish whiskies of each time, boasting singular phenol parts per cardinal (PPM) rates of 57ppm (Lacken) and 74ppm (Woodbrook), respectively.

And arsenic acold arsenic Waterford CEO and laminitis Mark Reynier is concerned, it’s conscionable different measurement successful nan company’s committedness to honoring whiskey’s roots.

“Innovation, successful our view, starts pinch nan authentic, earthy spirit of barley,” explains Reynier .“After all, there’s a batch retired there. Over 2,000 spirit compounds, making it nan astir analyzable tone successful nan world.

“Original Irish whisky flavors often included peat aromas–contrary to what a canny circuit guideline mightiness show you–so it was an evident prime for america to yet explore.”

Curious to spot what nan local, agrarian whiskies of yesteryear tasted like, Waterford initially experimented by reintroducing Irish peat pinch Irish barley. The process progressive identifying 2 Single Farm Origin barley crops pinch Irish peat and sending them to Scotland (where peat malting is still very overmuch a cardinal portion of whiskey production).

“For immoderate years we managed to support it a concealed until we introduced nan first 2 peated bottlings past year–Peated: Fenniscourt and Peated: Ballybannon. Now, we've a further brace to comparison and contrast, but pinch moreover much peat-reek.”

In describing Peated: Lacken and Peated: Woodbrook, Reynier emphasizes nan value of terroir, a word he often borrows from nan world of wine. "You’d deliberation peat would dominate, but nan differences betwixt nan 2 azygous farms, their individual terroirs, create a rewardingly divers tasting experience.”

On nan Woodbrook, we’re talking barren herb and freshly-torched crème brûlée. On nan Lacken, a unsocial displacement betwixt cigar baccy and citric Lapsang souchong.

Mark Reynier, CEO and laminitis of Waterford Distillery


“Providing an penetration into really Ireland’s unique peat whitethorn person tasted hundreds of years ago, nan ‘fibric’ peat utilized successful our bottlings is from a raised peat bog, it is brown, little decomposed than accustomed pinch roots and fibers, giving much fruity flavors, little petrolly and medicinal than nan achromatic ‘sapric’ peat of Islay, for example.”

For Waterford Distillery, transparency and authenticity are paramount. Reynier moreover implemented a ‘TÉIREOIR CODE’ strategy to supply consumers pinch broad insights into nan travel of each whiskey, from barley to bottle, if they type said codification into nan company’s website.

“Primarily, nan codification acts arsenic a verification and validation of each and each Waterford whiskey,” he says. “For nan genuinely curious, it besides offers nan chance to research nan barley origins successful a method and imaginative way, beryllium it nan barley variety, increasing season, aliases terroir; each nan measurement done to being capable to perceive to nan sounds of nan workplace itself. It’s for those who want to cognize more.”

While nan conception of terroir influencing whiskey isn’t wide accepted successful nan industry, Waterford is obsessed.

Of course, nan pursuit of bringing centuries-old processes backmost to life alongside winemaking concepts has not been without its challenges.

"Just astir each obstruction to returning to nan aged ways that could exist, does exist," says Reynier.

Not slightest of which, nan pursuit of Single Farm Origin barley. The process adds to nan costs earlier nan institution tin moreover deliberation astir distillation.

“We had to build a bespoke retention facility–known to america arsenic nan Cathedral of Barley–to shop and guarantee nan integrity of each farm’s harvest. Without it, we couldn’t make a declare to terroir.”

Nor could they nutrient Ireland’s first Organic and world’s first Biodynamic whisky, some of which nan institution has done successful conscionable 8 years of business.

“We person had much serendipity than is astir apt fair, and a number of fantabulous farming and malting manufacture partners to make our imagination a reality.”

Mark Reynier astatine Ireland's Waterford Distillery


In nan adjacent early Waterford plans to present a halfway scope of experimental Cuvée Concepts, pinch layered Single Farm Origins, to further grow its profile, too. These will beryllium released successful nan USA first, wherever nan institution is successful nan process of description , and will go disposable adjacent twelvemonth to nan remainder of nan world.

Reynier assures me, however, these experiments are not for nan liking of experimentation.

“There’s a intent to what we’re doing which is centered astir really this will effect earthy flavor.,” he says. “We’re exploring these aged ways, really whisky utilized to be. Better barley, chopped terroirs, divers and forgotten spirit origins, ancient ways of farming, agelong fermentation, bully wood, each done nan lens of a futuristic distillery–to fto terroir talk and earthy spirit radiance through.

“Whether that’s successful aliases not, only clip tin tell.”

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