Why L’Occitane’s New Virtual Store Uses Gaming And Personalization

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L'Occitane's vacation virtual shop activation developed by Emperia.


French beauty marque L’Occitane en Provence has launched a interactive virtual shop for nan vacation season. The integer activation developed by unit tech outfit Emperia is conceived arsenic an Alpine chalet and features constricted version vacation ranges, alongside personalization options and gamified edutainment spotlighting nan brand’s recycling initiatives.

Visitors tin find gift wrapping elements scattered astir nan abstraction retired of which they tin build their ain customized box. Upon completion of this mini-game, an animation reveals nan personalized box, alongside a “special L’Occitane vacation reward.”

Products are arranged successful 5 areas—advent calendar, holidays constricted version collection, gift sets, fragrances and Santa’s wish list—that are defined according to budget. The vacation postulation designs person been created successful business pinch UK-based creator Steven Wilson, who has antecedently worked pinch Nike, The Oscars, Virgin and MTV.

Meanwhile, venturing extracurricular of nan chalet, visitors tin ray up an oliva character and create their ain personalized postcard, containing their curated merchandise wishlist.

“The oliva character is symbolic and accepted for Provence, truthful our imagination was to bring backmost those traditions to our customers,” Mariana Rodrigues, Marketing Director of L’Occitane Middle East said successful a statement. Given nan existent climate, nan oliva tree, besides a cosmopolitan awesome of peace, was a smart choice.

This is Emperia’s 2nd activation pinch L’Occitane. Earlier this year, nan level developed an immersive acquisition to showcase nan brand's unit beingness and spotlight ingredients and best-selling products. Visitors could return a bicycle thrust done nan lavender fields of Provence and alert complete Corsica successful a basking aerial balloon. Emperia told Forbes that 30% of visitors to nan L’Occitane tract besides visited nan experience.

According to Olga Dogadkina, co-founder and CEO astatine Emperia, “nowadays users are demanding much from their online unit experience, expecting a acold much personalized and interactive journey, 1 that reflects nan brand’s values and elevates nan shopping experience, to adhere to their ain group of needs, wants and preferences.”

She added that nan personalization and storytelling quality of specified campaigns importantly amended marque loyalty and online performance.

Emperia is known for powering nan creation of virtual stores for brands including Lacoste, Dior and Burberry. Its first of 2 shoppable activations for French apparel marque Lacoste, which celebrated nan 2022 vacation season, won a Webby successful May successful nan award’s Metaverse, Immersive & Virtual Retail category.

Both Lacoste experiences besides featured gamified elements including a crocodile-themed scavenger hunt game.

According to McKinsey, nan beauty marketplace is expected to scope astir $580 cardinal by 2027 while IPSOS places nan existent worth of nan gaming manufacture astatine $385 billion—set to summation to complete $522 cardinal by 2027. A caller study by GEEIQ predicts 179% maturation successful virtual environments for individual attraction and cosmetics by 2025.

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