Whoopi Goldberg admits she's 'happy to be alive' as she celebrates her 68th birthday on The View after a host of 'challenging' health scares - revealing how death of her brother in 2015 made her realize aging is a 'privilege'

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Whoopi Goldberg revealed she feels 'happy to beryllium alive', telling fans it is simply a 'privilege' to get older arsenic she marked her 68th day connected The View pursuing a string of caller wellness scares. 

The Academy Award victor besides referenced her precocious relative Clyde, who died from a brain aneurysm successful May 2015, and said she makes judge to observe each twelvemonth 'for each those folks' who didn't scope their precocious 60s.

'It's important because I consciousness fortunate to person lived to this property because I've outlived my brother,' she said. 'I'm older than my relative was [when he died], and I conscionable consciousness for illustration I should observe and person a bully clip for each those folks who didn't get to get here.'

Her co-host Ana Navarro said nan Sister Act prima was 'looking good' and commended her connected overcoming her wellness struggles.

Whoopi Goldberg has admitted she feels 'happy to beryllium alive' and said it's a 'privilege' to get older arsenic she turned 68 connected Monday

The Sister Act prima referenced her older relative Clyde who sadly died, aged 66, from a brain aneurysm successful May 2015

Ana Navarro praised Whoopi for 'looking good' and 'doing well' pursuing her wellness struggles

'You've gone done specified a difficult time, right? Health-wise, it was a mates of really challenging years and to spot you looking this good, emotion this bully and doing this well, it's conscionable really remarkable.... don't return it for granted,' nan 51-year-old said. 

Whoopi replied: 'I americium happy to beryllium alive, y'all! I'm happy to beryllium here. You know, property is really... it's going to hap if you are fortunate enough, you get to do it. If it happens, it's a privilege.'

The character was diagnosed with a bout of double pneumonia and sepsis in February 2019, with doctors telling her she had a 30 percent chance of dying. 

Whoopi had a drainage catheter put successful spot to continuously region nan fluid successful nan abstraction betwixt her lungs and thorax wall, and was forced to return a six-week break from hosting duties connected The View.

She has also tested affirmative for COVID three times, astir precocious successful September, which forced her to miss nan play premiere.

Whoopi's day comes 4 weeks aft what would person been her brother's 75th. She marked nan day pinch a tribute connected Instagram, sharing a achromatic and achromatic image of nan pair.

'Today is my large relative Clyde’s day and I miss him,' she wrote connected October 17. 'Happy day bro!' 

On Monday's show she was presented pinch a Willy Wonka inspired barroom and bottles of prosecco arsenic nan sheet celebrated 'Whoopi's favourite things'. 

Whoopi wanted to observe and people nan juncture for 'all those folks who didn't get to'

The View sheet afloat embraced Whoopi's typical time and were moreover fixed gifts unrecorded connected air

Whoopi, pictured present successful 2019, has battled various wellness problems successful nan past fewer years including pneumonia and sepsis

After wrapping up nan celebrations, nan ladies discussed 62-year-old model Carol Alt, who precocious revealed to DailyMail.com that she has decided to subordinate OnlyFans.

Whoopi asked nan ladies if it made them deliberation astir posting sexy images online, but Sara Haines, 46, was not a fan, telling her cohosts: 'She was a supermodel... things I was not capable to do successful my life, truthful I deliberation I'm going to skip this portion because nan things I want to do arsenic I get older are, like, scuba dive and beryllium covered head-to-toe successful a bedewed suit... thing that covers up this body, I'm present for it!'

Sunny Hostin added: 'I emotion it for her! If you emotion it, I emotion it for you, and I deliberation it will make a batch of group consciousness for illustration they tin do that because I'm 55 now, and successful this business in peculiar - and successful a batch of businesses - immoderate female complete 50 is dead, you know?

'They would for illustration you to deliberation that, and I consciousness much live now than ever, and I'm not doing that, but I emotion that she's doing that.'

Ana said: 'I really for illustration nan portion wherever she said that this is first clip successful her life wherever she's owned her career, wherever she's had agency complete nan pictures that get chosen, nan photographer that gets chosen.

'I was amazed by really overmuch money you tin make disconnected of this stuff!' 

Sunny added: 'Oh it's juicy!'

The sheet past joked that Whoopi could motion up to OnlyFans excessively and airs pinch a prosecco bottle.

Model Carol Alt precocious revealed that she has decided to subordinate OnlyFans astatine nan property of 62

On Monday, Carol posted her first image connected OnlyFans, looking stunning successful a Playboy-esque outfit that featured a low-cut achromatic corset, achromatic cuffs and a matching collar.

The blue-eyed prima wore her acheronian hairsbreadth slicked backmost successful a bun and completed nan look pinch achromatic earrings and golden glittery eyeshadow arsenic she covered her cleavage pinch her correct arm.

Speaking astir her determination to subordinate nan subscription service, Carol told DailyMail.com: 'Life is astir being a maverick. Life acquisition is simply a powerful instrumentality if channeled properly.

'Only Fans is nan adjacent procreation of contented producing revenue. It’s important to ain your ain content. Platforms for illustration this are nan future. Always move pinch nan times.'

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