White House screened Cabinet officials’ questions for Biden during rare meetings with prez: report

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President Biden’s Cabinet members person been emphatic that nan commander-in-chief is crisp and probative down closed doors.

However, nan 81-year-old main executive’s interactions pinch key members of his management are really pre-scripted and cautiously choreographed — pinch aides going complete questions and chat points pinch Cabinet secretaries up of time.

Biden has not convened a gathering of his afloat Cabinet since Oct. 2, 2023, 9 months ago.

“The full show is benignant of an act,” one root told CNN of nan closed-door get-togethers. “They would travel and say, ‘Hey, nan president is going to telephone connected you astir 25 minutes successful and inquire this question. What are nan slug points you’ll respond with?’”

One unidentified Cabinet caput told nan outlet that they were unclear connected nan position of Biden’s wellness aliases cognitive capacity because they met pinch nan president truthful infrequently.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, who is not a Cabinet personnel but is nominated by nan president, told House lawmakers Wednesday he had not met aliases spoken pinch Biden since May 2022.

“Any president calls, you travel and you meet,” Powell said. “But that hasn’t happened.”

The Fed chair insisted that he didn’t see nan deficiency of conversations pinch nan president odd, saying: “There tin spell by agelong periods of clip erstwhile nan Fed chair doesn’t meet pinch nan president and that’s wholly fine.”

President Biden is nan oldest commander-in-chief successful US history. AP

When asked astir nan CNN report, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told The Post: “This is modular believe for immoderate administration.

“There should not beryllium surprises successful Cabinet meetings, beryllium it nether President Obama aliases President Biden,” added Vilsack, who held nan aforesaid occupation during nan 44th president’s tenure. “If a Cabinet personnel has a question, you should fto group cognize you’re going to inquire it.”

Back successful 2015, erstwhile Obama Transportation Secretary Transportation Ray LaHood told nan New York Times that Cabinet meetings were often “all for show” and beautiful scripted events.

A White House charismatic besides downplayed nan value of having specified cautiously scripted meetings pinch nan president, contending that it helps boost efficiency.

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack downplayed nan revelation, insisting that it is normal for Cabinet officials to spell complete questions and answers earlier meetings. AFP via Getty Images
Fed Chair Jerome Powell said he has not personally observed President Biden suffering from cognitive decline. Getty Images

“Since location is simply a batch of interagency effort and activity connected overlapping subjects, Cabinet Affairs coordinates successful beforehand pinch speakers truthful that they cognize what each Cabinet Member whitethorn speak astir successful bid to debar copy briefings and redundancy,” nan charismatic said.

“That accusation helps nan Cabinet Affairs squad support meetings businesslike and make judge nan correct breadth of topics are discussed. This is normal nether different administrations.”

However, aggregate sources claimed to CNN that specified cautiously choreographed exchanges betwixt nan president and apical officials were not nan norm successful nan Obama administration.

“There’s this wide consciousness of just, unbelievable holding your activity each clip he does an event, each clip he’s pinch people,” 1 Democrat who interacts pinch those successful Biden’s orbit told nan outlet.

“This is going to get worse.”

Janet Yellen described nan president arsenic effective down closed doors. AFP via Getty Images

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, 77, confirmed Tuesday to a legislature panel that nan Cabinet had not mulled nan usage of nan 25th Amendment powerfulness to region Biden from agency and defended his astuteness.

“The president is highly effective successful nan meetings that I’ve been successful pinch him,” she said, declining to specify erstwhile nan past clip nan 2 met.

Back successful February aft typical counsel Robert Hur’s study caused an uproar complete Biden’s cognitive shape, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, 64, insisted nan president was sharp.

“The astir difficult portion astir a gathering pinch President Biden is preparing for it because he is sharp, intensely probing and detail-oriented and focused,” Mayorkas told “Meet nan Press” astatine nan time.

Biden’s friends managed to muddle done contention complete nan president’s property backmost successful February, contempt him making a awesome gaffe astatine a consequent presser, intended to allay concerns complete his age, successful which he referred to nan Egyptian leader arsenic nan president of Mexico.

Mishaps and verbal flubs person dogged Biden’s White House tenure — moreover during cautiously orchestrated events.

But aft his statement capacity past period successful which he was seen connected TV pinch a raspy sound struggling to support his train of thought, looking stonefaced astatine times, a reckoning complete his property reached a fever pitch.

Alejandro Mayorkas had described President Biden arsenic very crisp down nan scenes. REUTERS

The floodgates opened and a torrent of leaks shed ray connected really galore of his closest friends position his cognitive states. Thus far, 14 legislature Democrats person publically asked him to measurement speech arsenic nan party’s statesmanlike nominee.

“It’s devastating to opportunity it, but nan Joe Biden I was pinch 3 weeks agone astatine nan fund-raiser was not nan Joe ‘big F-ing deal’ Biden of 2010. He wasn’t moreover nan Joe Biden of 2020. He was nan aforesaid man we each witnessed astatine nan debate,” character George Clooney wrote successful a stinging New York Times op-ed Wednesday, weeks aft co-hosting a big-money fundraiser headlined by Biden and Obama.

Biden has insisted that he is “firmly committed” to staying nan people arsenic nan presumptive nominee and stressed that he wouldn’t beryllium moving if he didn’t judge pinch each his “heart and soul” that he could do nan job.

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