When is a baby's head TOO big? As Paris Hilton's son is mocked by cruel online trolls, research shows one in 50 newborns have condition... and it can be deadly for one in 1,000

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Paris Hilton hit retired against sadistic trolls this week who mocked her babe son's 'deformed' caput and likened him to Family Guy’s Stewie.

Other, ostensibly concerned, fans urged nan socialite to return nine-month-old Phoenix to spot a neurologist for a encephalon scan.

But babies pinch large heads are not uncommon. Roughly 1 successful 50 babies are calved pinch macrocephaly, a scary-sounding connection that conscionable intends ample head. 

The immense mostly of macrocephaly cases are harmless, but immoderate could beryllium nan consequence of a much vulnerable underlying cause, specified arsenic hydrocephalus, aliases excess fluid astir nan brain, which affects astir 1 successful 1,000 children.  

Paris Hilton defended herself and her babe boy from net bullying by immoderate who opportunity babe Phoenix's caput is abnormally ample and could bespeak a wellness problem

She said that Phoenix has seen a doctor, who would measurement nan infant's caput arsenic portion of astatine slightest 7 regular good visits during a child's first twelvemonth of life. It is successful these expert visits that a imaginable problem could beryllium noted

During their first year, babies typically spot pediatricians for good visits 7 times.

Each time, nan expert takes measurements of nan baby’s caput to spot imaginable neurological problems, meaning immoderate imaginable informing signs would apt beryllium identified by nan experts by nan clip a babe for illustration Phoenix reaches 9 months old. 

About 2 percent of babies person macrocephaly, defined arsenic having a caput circumference greater than 2 modular deviations supra nan mean for gestational property and sex. 

In simpler terms, it intends nan baby’s caput is larger than 97 percent of different infants’ heads. Around half of each cases tin beryllium chalked up to large heads moving successful nan baby’s family.

The pediatrician will measurement nan baby’s caput circumference astatine each check-up until they scope 3 years of age.

If repeated measurements corroborate macrocephaly, nan expert will past move their attraction to nan parents, measuring their heads to find whether nan infant’s ample cranium is simply a merchandise of genetics.

If parents aliases different family members person ample heads, nan likelihood are greater that nan baby’s caput will beryllium larger too.

But if genetics are ruled out, nan expert will typically bid an ultrasound connected nan babe to spot if location is immoderate buildup of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) astir nan brain, and perchance much tests specified arsenic MRIs and CT scans aft that.

Fluid buildup wrong nan brain, aliases hydrocephalus, is simply a perchance deadly underlying origin of macrocephaly that could require room to fix.

Every person’s encephalon and spinal cord wrong nan cardinal tense strategy are surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid that acts arsenic a shock-absorbing cushion to protect them against wounded aliases abrupt impact.

CSF is simply a liquid that flows successful and astir cavities successful nan encephalon known arsenic ventricles, carrying distant discarded products to support nan cardinal tense strategy functioning.

When cerebrospinal fluid is incapable to travel usually astir nan brain, perchance owed to a tumor blocking its path, it builds up successful those cavities, putting unit connected surrounding areas of nan brain 

Sometimes, nan normal travel of CSF is obstructed, possibly owed to a tumor aliases a cyst, causing fluid to build up successful nan ventricles. This places unit connected nan ventricles to expand, which past places unit connected different parts of nan brain.

If unit is not relieved, typically pinch nan insertion of a shunt to divert excess fluid distant from nan brain, hydrocephalus tin consequence successful imperishable encephalon damage, developmental delays, learning disabilities down nan line, and an accrued consequence of epileptic seizures.

According to Ms Hilton, Phoenix ‘is perfectly healthy,’ adding ‘of people he has been to a doctor, he conscionable has a ample brain.' 

Having a large encephalon does not needfully construe to hyper-intelligence, though. 

Macrocephaly could besides bespeak a perchance severe, similar-sounding problem – megalencephaly, which refers to an abnormally ample brain. 

Symptoms of megalencephaly see delayed improvement of centrifugal skills and speech, intelligence disability, paralysis, seizures, coordination problems, and defects successful musculus tone.

A encephalon tumor could besides origin a baby’s caput to turn quickly and beyond what pediatricians deem normal for different property benchmarks. But encephalon tumors successful babies are rare, occurring successful only 5 of each 100,000 children.

In summation to having a beardown familial link, macrocephaly has been tied to cases of autism spectrum disorder.

The spot of that nexus varies depending connected nan study, pinch immoderate estimating that approximately 20 percent of group pinch autism besides person ample heads, while 1 puts that estimated information of group astatine a overmuch higher 35 percent.

A expert cannot reliably diagnose a kid pinch autism until they scope 2 years old, meaning immoderate imaginable objective test for Ms Hilton’s boy Phoenix would not travel for astatine slightest different 15 months.

Ms Hilton added that ‘he’s astir to crawl soon,’ which would put him neatly wrong nan target property model for babies’ improvement milestones.

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