What To Do In Los Angeles In December 2023

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The wintertime holidays ringing a small otherwise successful Los Angeles. Emergency parkas travel retired erstwhile it’s 60 degrees, and you’ll soon commencement spotting socks pinch Crocs astatine your section Coffee Bean. What to do successful Los Angeles for nan holidays is constricted only by your imagination and willingness to brave a lineup of Teslas pinch Rudolph antlers and reddish noses connected nan measurement into Descanso Gardens. As we get into December, here’s really to observe nan play successful existent SoCal style.

The Squid Game Gets Real

Squid Game: The Trials brings nan creepy Netflix show to life successful an immerse IRL gaming acquisition ... [+] starting December 6 successful Los Angeles


Netflix’s immersive acquisition Squid Game: The Trials opens successful Los Angeles connected December 6, bringing an IRL constituent to nan wildly celebrated Korean TV series. The extremity crippled is evidently little bloodthirsty than nan 1 connected surface but you’ll request to deliberation connected your feet arsenic you tackle a bid of escalating high-tech challenges, accumulating points arsenic you go. The on-site nighttime marketplace has a paper by Chef Katianna Hong, of Korean-Americana restaurant, Yangban. Tickets are constricted and must beryllium purchased online successful beforehand by visiting squidgamethetrials.com, wherever you tin find much details.

Holiday Glow Up

A mile of cosmic lights astatine Descanso Gardens thumps your emblematic vacation lights show immoderate day.

Descanso Gardens

Once again, nan hills of La Cañada are aglow pinch ethereal wonders astatine Descanso Gardens’ Enchanted: Forest of Light. The interactive nighttime show features a one-mile locomotion done sparkling greenery (and blue-ery, yellow-ery, and silver-ery, too). My favourite portion is nan full municipality of twinkling stained solid by modern sculptor Tom Fruin. Way crossed nan region successful Palos Verdes, Astra Lumina offers a likewise cosmic stroll done celestial vacation pathways that will make you go, ho-ho-whoa!

Ice Ice, Baby!

L.A.'s largest outdoor rink is situated extracurricular nan Crypto.com arena downtown

LA Live

Let spell of nan SoCal dream of surfing and skiing successful nan aforesaid day. Nobody really makes that schlep. A overmuch easier combo is catching a activity and carving fig 8s. The city’s largest crystal rink spreads retired successful beforehand of nan Crypto.com Arena, but you tin besides deed nan ice successful Santa Monica, by nan oversea successful Palos Verdes aliases astatine Santa’s Village astatine SkyPark. Once you’re retired of your wetsuit, cheque retired the champion places successful and astir municipality to make for illustration Blades of Glory.

Ahoy, Mateys!

Marina Del Rey's Holiday Boat Parade takes float connected December 9.

Marina Del Rey Holiday Boat Parade

Holiday boats are nan eventual L.A. December experience. Everybody other successful nan state is freezing and you’re retired location successful a hoodie and captain’s chapeau singing on to nan precocious awesome Jimmy Buffett. Santas connected yachts tin beryllium recovered each astir nan county, starting pinch nan Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade (December 9), nan Newport Beach Boat Parade (December 13 to 17) and nan Naples Long Beach Boat Parade (December 16).

Outdoor Screen Dreams

Watching movies extracurricular surrounded by historical Victorian buildings? Yep, that’s a December-in-LA thing, too. The lineup of nosy flicks astatine Heritage Square’s Yuletide Cinemaland starts pinch Edward Scissorhands (December 10), Elf (December 15), Home Alone (December 16), The Muppet Christmas Carol (December 17), a tribute to Tim Burton (December 18) and The Holiday (December 19). It’s a festive nighttime retired connected Arroyo Seco Parkway successful nan Montecito Heights neighborhood.

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