What Lina Khan Could Learn About Amazon From Taylor Swift

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As is very good known, successful 2023 Taylor Swift embarked connected a performance circuit that filled stadiums crossed nan U.S. Fascinating astir nan circuit is that while she played aggregate nights successful sold retired stadiums successful each metropolis visited, Swift could person easy doubled nan number of shows successful each metropolis while still trading each ticket. Readers cognize this to beryllium existent fixed nan countless fans who “attended” Swift’s concerts from extracurricular nan stadiums successful which she performed. Demand connected nan unfastened marketplace for tickets had pushed them up to nan $1,000+ value point, which meant galore dedicated fans were priced out.

Seeking to mitigate nan high-class problem of constricted summons supply, Swift proceeded to movie her closing shows astatine Los Angeles’s SoFi Stadium. The performance movie of Swift’s “Eras Tour” is now playing astatine movie theaters. Except that there’s much to nan story.

Swift wasn’t going to conscionable let theaters to show her concert. There would beryllium conditions. The theaters would only beryllium allowed to play nan performance movie astatine night. And only Thursday done Saturday night. The temper of nights, and play nights successful particular, would thief simulate nan acquisition of a Swift concert. The second would besides thief Swift and her squad debar nan proverbial Monday aliases Tuesday “matinee,” which would logically measurement connected attendance. An quiet showing of “Eras” would beryllium bad for nan Swift brand. And there’s more.

Atmosphere. While nationalist concatenation Alamo Drafthouse has circumstantial rules astir sound successful theaters for nan emblematic movie, those would beryllium relaxed for Swift. So would they beryllium relaxed by different theatre chains. Ever eager to erstwhile again simulate arsenic overmuch arsenic imaginable nan consciousness of a Swift concert, attendees to nan movie type would get to talk, sing, dance, etc. Swift would not let movie-theatre norms to get successful nan measurement of her brand, which is thing to deliberation astir pinch respect to Lina Khan and nan FTC’s attempts to suffocate Amazon successful lawsuits.

On its face, it’s worthy asking what Swift’s “market share” is for concert-ticket revenue. Here it’s worthy stressing that stadium acts are connected their ain incredibly rare, aft which Swift is acold and distant nan top tie among stadium acts. Considering nan billion+ revenues she’s enjoying successful nan present, it’s nary scope to propose that Swift’s stock of performance revenue/tickets sold exceeds nan 38% stock that Amazon has of online sales, and that has Khan and friends truthful worked up.

Importantly, Swift’s prima wasn’t ever this high. Does anyone retrieve Kanye West humiliating a still on-the-way up Swift astatine nan 2009 MTV Video Music Awards? He couldn’t do that today, nor would he. It’s a reminder to Khan et al that nan squad image astatine nan apical of each manufacture is ever-changing, and it’s ever-changing precisely because nan rewards for occurrence are truthful great. Put different way, if Khan fears Amazon’s power past nan only “solution” to it is for nan FTC to get retired of nan measurement and fto Amazon prosper.

Khan & Co. are besides taking Amazon to tribunal because, according to a study successful nan Wall Street Journal, 3rd statement “sellers connected Amazon were compelled to usage its logistics work if they want their equipment to look successful Amazon Prime.” Please spot Swift’s demands of movie theaters successful trying to understand Amazon’s adamance.

Among different things, 1 of nan astir important perks of Amazon Prime is progressively accelerated shipping times. Applied to 3rd statement vendors, it’s nary scope to propose that arsenic evidenced by their third-party status, they deficiency nan resources to supply Prime value service, including speedy delivery. Which yet again explains Amazon’s adamance, demands, aliases what person you. In business brands are difficult won, arsenic is customer loyalty. Imagine nan complaints that could and would beryllium lodged astatine Amazon if 3rd statement sellers connected its tract grounded wherever Amazon wouldn’t have.

It each speaks to a greater truth: nan FTC’s title astir Amazon’s requirements for 3rd statement sellers brings caller meaning to excessive, but besides superfluous. Excessive simply because Amazon has nary prime but to make judge that sellers seeking nan imprimatur of Amazon Prime manus complete nan logistics to nan Seattle giant, while superfluous simply because fewer third-party sellers would walk up nan chance to elevate their ain brands and value of aforesaid done Amazon’s.

Back to Swift, she is to euphony what Amazon is to online retail. Lina Khan would do good to study Swift. She mightiness connection clues to why Amazon goes to specified great, customer-focused lengths to meet and transcend nan needs of customers: for illustration Swift who erstwhile suffered humiliation astatine nan hands of Kanye West, Amazon utilized to look up. The reply to Khan’s senseless suit tin beryllium recovered successful this truth.

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