What happened to Federico Macheda 15 years on from his iconic Manchester United debut vs Aston Villa aged 17... EIGHT failed loan spells followed - but where is he now?

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By Ryan Walker

Published: 12:15 EDT, 15 May 2024 | Updated: 12:15 EDT, 15 May 2024

There was erstwhile a clip astatine this shape of nan play erstwhile Old Trafford roared pinch ecstasy arsenic Federico Macheda scored connected his debut to virtually seal Man United nan Premier League title successful 2009.

Now, 15 years later, Macheda received a much muted show of support from nan stands erstwhile he scored successful nan 85th infinitesimal for relegation-threatened Turkish side Atakas Hatayspor astatine nan weekend.

But what ever happened to nan Italian who was erstwhile hailed arsenic being a early Old Trafford prima and really did his profession cookware retired aft grounded to make nan people nether Sir Alex Ferguson?

Mail Sport delves deeper into Macheda's profession communicative up until coming time wherever astatine 32-years-old is now successful nan twilight years of his master shot career.

A teen erstwhile immortalised for 2 magical touches that gave United triumph complete Aston Villa and in-turn hit Liverpool to nan Premier League title, was nan chartless academy prima connected United's chair connected that time successful April 2009.

Federico Macheda is good remembered by Manchester Untied fans aft his legendary debut goal

Macheda's onslaught against Aston Villa successful 2009 virtually sealed nan Premier League title for United

His victor against Aston Villa helped United separator past rivals Liverpool successful nan title race

Macheda etched his named into United folklore, and is still taking calls from Sir Alex Ferguson

He went connected to people nan victor against Sunderland a week later, but would only spell connected to find nan backmost of nan nett 5 much times for United earlier parting ways pinch nan club.

That infinitesimal still lives agelong successful Macheda's representation and while galore astatine Old Trafford didn't moreover cognize his sanction erstwhile he was placed connected nan chair against Villa, nan then-teenager himself had astonishing assurance that he would do thing special.

Macheda antecedently revealed to Mail Sport that he knew his debut would beryllium a typical infinitesimal successful United's history, explaining: 'The time before, I was talking pinch my friends successful Rome and I told them that thing was going to happen,' he recalled.

'I told them I was going to play and make Old Trafford explode. It was crazy. I went into nan crippled very assured and thing moreover much magical happened. It was amended than I expected.' 

After being crowned 1 of nan Premier League's youngest-ever title winners, Macheda was rewarded pinch a caller statement but didn't instrumentality astir England's north-west for overmuch longer aft struggling to lucifer his dream debut performance.

As admitted by himself, Macheda didn't springiness himself nan champion chance of achieving semipermanent occurrence successful Manchester. His manner and cognition erstwhile he didn't get selected became a problem and he subsequently departed United connected galore indebtedness moves earlier yet being sold to Cardiff successful 2014.

A return to Italy and Sampdoria presented Macheda pinch a first chance to resurrect his profession aft falling retired of favour nether Ferguson. One extremity successful conscionable 16 appearances followed and nan move wasn't made permanent.

Having antecedently enjoyed a amended spell successful England, Macheda was adjacent sent on-loan to QPR, then Stuttgart, Doncaster Rovers and yet Birmingham City for his last impermanent move.

Several indebtedness spells distant from United followed earlier Macheda made a imperishable move to Cardiff City

After spells astatine Nottingham Forest and Novara, Macheda later recovered stableness astatine Panathinaikos

Eventually a imperishable exit was engineered arsenic erstwhile United head Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took a chance connected Macheda during his debut guidance occupation successful English shot astatine Cardiff City.

However, Solskjaer was sacked aft conscionable six months arsenic Cardiff were relegated to nan Championship and Macheda was shipped connected contempt scoring a respectable 8 goals successful 33 outings.

After an first spell astatine Nottingham Forest, Macheda recovered himself without a nine astatine nan extremity of 2016 earlier Italian broadside Novara extended a lifeline to nan striker.

The Italian guardant made 116 appearances and scored 40 goals for Panathinaikos earlier moving on

Macheda is now playing for Turkish broadside Atakas Hatayspor and has scored 5 goals this season

Two years backmost successful his homeland followed wherever aft 11 goals he was sold to Greek nine Panathinaikos and enjoyed a respectable spell of stableness alongside his woman and son Lorenzo.

116 appearances and 40 goals for nan Athens-based broadside followed, but further profession moves laic not acold distant aft he was bought by Turkish Super Lig broadside Ankaragucu, loaned to APOEL Nicosia and yet uncovering himself astatine existent team Hatayspor.

As for his clip successful Manchester, Macheda is still loved by United supporters aged capable to retrieve his title-winning extremity against Villa.

Ferguson has continued to support tabs connected nan erstwhile United star, but arsenic Macheda erstwhile described his profession successful his ain words, 'It hasn't been arsenic bully arsenic I had hoped.'

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