What caused the deadly crowd crush in Hathras, India?

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At slightest 120 group died successful a crowd crush during a belief gathering pinch Hindu guru Bhole Baba.

Published On 3 Jul 2024

At slightest 121 people, nan immense mostly of them women, person died successful a crowd crush connected Tuesday successful India’s Hathras district, astatine a belief gathering for nan Hindu guru, Bhole Baba.

Here is each we cognize astir nan incident which took spot connected Tuesday afternoon:

What happened successful Hathras?

A ample crowd of 250,000 devotees of nan belief leader Suraj Pal, besides known arsenic Bhole Baba, gathered for a satsang – dream gathering – successful a colony successful Hathras connected Tuesday. About 80,000 of them had been allowed to participate a section serving arsenic nan main venue for nan dream meeting.

Many group had gathered successful a makeshift shelter wherever nan dream gathering was taking place, sounded atop muddy terrain.

Bhole is simply a Dalit, a group of group astatine nan bottommost of India’s caste system. Many of his followers are besides from alleged “lower castes”, and are female aliases poor.

Chaos erupted erstwhile Bhole sewage disconnected shape and near nan shelter to get into his car aft nan dream meeting.

Scores of group rushed retired of nan shelter towards his car, trampling each other, successful a bid to touch his feet aliases nan crushed he had walked on, according to a constabulary study revenge afterwards.

Many group were killed successful nan crush, suffocating to death. Some besides fell into an adjacent mud section and were crushed there.

Who are nan victims?

  • Some 121 group were killed, Sandip Kumar Singh Lodhi, Uttar Pradesh (UP) state’s curate for acquisition confirmed connected Wednesday.
  • More than 80 others were injured and admitted to hospitals, said elder constabulary serviceman Shalabh Mathur.
  • Among those dormant are 112 women, said UP’s constabulary main Prashant Kumar.
  • Seven children person besides been reported dormant arsenic a consequence of nan incident truthful far, Manoj Kumar Singh, UP’s main secretary, told section media.

Where precisely did this happen?

  • The crowd crush took spot successful a paddy section serving arsenic nan venue for nan belief gathering, adjacent to a engaged road successful nan Hathras territory successful India’s bluish Uttar Pradesh (UP) state, astir 200km (125 miles) southeast of nan nationalist capital, New Delhi.
  • Uttar Pradesh is known for its belief and taste heritage, and is besides a microcosm of India’s belief disagreement betwixt Hindus and Muslims. The Ram Temple was consecrated early this twelvemonth successful nan state’s Ayodhya city, astir 500km (311 miles) southeast of Hathras.


Why did nan stampede successful Hathras happen?

Overcrowding: The constabulary had allowed 80,000 group to participate nan venue for nan gathering, which saw a full turnout of astir 250,000, according to a constabulary study revenge aft nan incident. It is unclear really galore among these were wrong nan tent.

Lack of exits: Disaster guidance experts person speculated that nan deficiency of an capable number of exits successful nan shelter caused thousands to effort to cram done 1 exit. “The usability was held successful a makeshift shelter without ensuring aggregate exit routes. Typically, location should beryllium 8 to 10 well-marked exits opening into unfastened areas,” said Sanjay Srivastava, a disaster guidance master who said to nan AP. The arena organised by Bhole Baba’s Sri Jagar Guru Baba organisation had been 2 weeks successful nan planning, it was reported.

Slippery mud: It was besides reported that galore group slipped connected nan muddy section successful nan gathering venue, contributing to nan crush. Witnesses reported that it besides began to rainfall connected nan already humid day, which caused group to gaffe and fall.

People locomotion connected a field, wherever believers had gathered for a Hindu belief congregation pursuing which a stampede occurred, successful Hathras territory of nan bluish authorities of Uttar PradeshPeople locomotion connected a section wherever nan satsang headed by Bhole Baba took spot [Anushree Fadnavis/Reuters]

How person authorities responded?

  • The constabulary person registered a First Information Report against nan organisers.
  • The authorities do not cognize wherever Bhole Baba is, and constabulary person launched a search.
Police officers locomotion astatine nan tract wherever believers had gathered for a Hindu belief congregation Police officers locomotion astatine nan stampede tract successful Hathras [Anushree Fadnavis/Reuters]
  • UP’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath arrived successful Hathras connected Wednesday to meet nan victims’ families.
  • India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted connected X connected Tuesday: “My thoughts are pinch those bereaved successful Hathras. Prayers pinch nan injured. The UP Government is moving to assistance those affected.”

My thoughts are pinch those bereaved successful Hathras. Prayers pinch nan injured. The UP Government is moving to assistance those affected. pic.twitter.com/hAhD5xFD1M

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) July 2, 2024

Have crowd crushes happened successful India before?

  • Crowd crushes are reasonably communal successful India and galore of them person occurred astatine belief gatherings.
  • In January 2022, 12 group died and much were injured aft a crush astatine Jammu and Kashmir’s Vaishno Devi temple. The crowd had tried to spell wrong nan shrine done its constrictive entrance.
  • In October 2013, astir 115 group were killed and much than 100 were injured during a Navratri ceremony astatine nan Ratangarh temple successful nan cardinal authorities of Madhya Pradesh. The crowd comprised astatine slightest 150,000 people. Navratri is simply a nine-day ceremony of nan Goddess Durga.
  • In February 2013, much than 100 cardinal Hindu pilgrims gathered successful Uttar Pradesh for nan Kumbh Mela complete 2 months. On nan busiest day, astatine slightest 36 pilgrims were killed successful a crowd crush astatine a train station, prompting nan resignation of show organiser Mohammed Azam Khan “on civilized grounds”.
  • In March 2010, astatine slightest 63 group were killed successful a crush triggered by a unreserved for free rations astatine a Hindu temple successful Uttar Pradesh. Half of those killed were children.
  • In September 2008, 250 group were killed successful a crowd crush astatine nan Chamundagar temple successful Rajasthan during Navratri celebrations.
  • In August 2008, rumours of a landslide triggered a crowd crush astatine nan mountaintop Naina Devi temple successful nan bluish authorities of Himachal Pradesh, sidesplitting astir 145 Hindu pilgrims.
  • In January 2005, much than 265 Hindu devotees died pursuing a crush caused by slippery steps astatine nan Mandhardevi temple successful Maharashtra.

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