Westfield Bondi Junction stabbing tragedy: Sobbing parents of crazed knifeman Joel Cauchi slam their killer son

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The parents of nan Bondi Junction wide slayer person admitted their boy was a 'monster' who hated women because he was 'frustrated' astatine being incapable to find a girlfriend.

Parents Michele and Andrew Cauchi opened astir their 'troubled...beautiful boy' Joel Cauchi, 40, who they said they 'loved truthful much' until he went connected his murderous rampage.

Knife-obsessed Cauchi killed 5 women and 1 man astatine Westfield Bondi Junction connected Saturday erstwhile he ran done nan shopping centre hacking and stabbing astatine shoppers.

On Monday, his parents said he was mentally troubled and a diagnosed schizophrenic who had lived astatine location pinch them until he was 35 successful Toowoomba, confederate Queensland. 

His life went disconnected nan rails erstwhile he tried to get disconnected his anti-psychotic medicine because 'he wanted to person a life' - but alternatively triggered his psychosis, said his parents.

'How do you emotion a monster? Give commencement to them!' tearful dada Andrew Cauchi said. 

Andrew Cauchi said to reporters extracurricular his Toowoomba location connected Monday, 2 days aft his boy Joel stabbed six group to decease astatine Westfield Bondi Junction

A devastated Michele Cauchi opened up astir her son's agelong conflict pinch intelligence illness

'I loved my son. But he had a fascination pinch knives.

'He had 5 aliases six service commando knives. He had a problem pinch women, he couldn't get a girlfriend.'

Earlier, Mr Cauchi lashed retired astatine nan media pack extracurricular his location successful an angry outburst earlier his woman Michele stepped successful to defuse nan situation.

Mrs Cauchi said that she was 'so sorry' for what her boy had done.

'He was brought up successful love. He was a beautiful kid and he was successful nan attraction of his doctors for thing for illustration 18 years,' she said.

'He took his medication, Then he asked nan expert if he could travel down connected it, and she did complete a play of a number of years, very cautiously giving him warnings of what mightiness happen.

'And erstwhile he came off, it was for illustration his eyes had … it had each lifted from him and he wanted to person a life.'

'So aft surviving astatine location until he was 35, he went to Brisbane.'

She added: 'My bosom goes retired to nan group our boy has hurt.

'If he was successful his correct mind, he would beryllium perfectly devastated astatine what he has done.

'But he was evidently not successful his correct mind. He someway had been triggered into psychosis and he'd mislaid touch pinch reality.'

'We're conscionable mean group and brought up our boy arsenic champion we could.'

Andrew Cauchi (left) lashed retired astatine nan media earlier connected Monday earlier his woman (right) stepped successful to defuse nan situation

Andrew and Michele Cauchi said that they did everything they could to thief their boy Joel

Mrs Cauchi revealed her boy had been 'top of his class' and that 'his teachers loved him. 

'He worked hard. He had a batch of friends increasing up,' she recalled.

Her hubby admitted that his boy was awkward.

Asked if he knew why his boy targeted women, Mr Cauchi said, 'because he wanted a woman and he's sewage nary societal skills.

'He was disappointment retired of his brain,' he said

Mr Cauchi said he had been 'putting myself done hell' watching footage of his boy connected nan day of nan weapon attacks.

'But I'm prepared to do that because I emotion my boy and I want to find retired what's wrong,' he said.

'You person nary thought really beautiful my boy is.'

Mr Cauchi said that erstwhile his boy was increasing up 'everybody said what a beautiful boy you've got'.

But he said that Cauchi's intelligence wellness issues from his precocious teens and early 20s meant 'you couldn't thief him'.

He added: 'I did everything successful my powerfulness to thief him. I'd spell down to Brisbane, walk nan time pinch them, return him to nan Gold Coast, return him wherever he wanted.

'There's thing I tin do aliases opportunity that tin bring it back.

'My son, my boy … I'm loving a monster. He's a monster to me. He was a very sick boy.

'Do you deliberation there's thing that could person been done otherwise pinch his intelligence unwellness that could person helped?'

Andrew Cauchi (left) revealed to reporters that his boy Joel was awkward and had nary societal skills

Joel Cauchi lived astatine location pinch his parents until he was 35 and moved to Brisbane 5 years ago

Mr Cauchi said he had past seen his boy via a selfie video his boy Joel filmed looking happy connected Coogee Beach connected February 5, 2 months earlier nan weapon attacks.

His boy had said connected nan video: 'I conscionable want to show you beautiful Coogee Beach,' revealed his father.

'Can you ideate this boy … truthful happy … successful 5 weeks clip aliases immoderate it is committing nan atrocity?,'  Mr Cauchi said.

'That's what intelligence unwellness is. Mental unwellness is horrendous.'

Mr Cauchi said that if mentally sick group moreover 'just raises a knife, they sprout them dead' and he believed that only made it worse.

'You're encouraging nan mentally sick to do thing crazy truthful they tin get shot,' he said.

'This crime should ne'er person happened. I'm not blaming nan police.

'I took 5 US Army combat knives disconnected him erstwhile I brought him up from Brisbane.

'I said, "Look Joe, you're invited to enactment successful my place. But you're not going to person these knives her".'

Mr Cauchi denied his boy had ever threatened him but added: 'He was really angry.

'He called nan constabulary and accused maine of stealing his knives.'

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