Wedding party bootleg booze 'kills 14 people' and leaves four others critically ill

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  • Youngest unfortunate astatine nan statement successful nan Indonesian municipality of Subang was 16, constabulary say 

By Elena Salvoni

Published: 11:07 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 11:11 EDT, 1 November 2023

More than a twelve wedding guests person been killed and 4 near successful a captious information aft drinking forbidden bootleg alcohol astatine a ceremony successful Indonesia this weekend, according to reports.

The first number of fatalities was said to beryllium 11 but has since risen to 14, nan Jakarta Globe reports citing police, pinch 4 group remaining successful captious condition. 

The youngest unfortunate astatine nan statement successful nan West Java municipality of Subang was 16, authorities person said. 

Police person confirmed 1 apprehension successful relationship pinch nan incident, while section media reports that a mates who were operating an unauthorized liquor shop were arrested. 

In nan aftermath of nan arena connected Saturday, 18 partygoers were rushed to Subang territory wide infirmary for 'alcohol intoxication', said infirmary spokesperson Wawan Gunawan.

Authorities destruct thousands of bottles of alcoholic beverages aft they've been seized from forbidden traders connected March 31, 2022 (file image)

The victims died aft buying nan booze for nan wedding statement connected Saturday, according to police. 

Their ages ranged from 16 to 45, constabulary said, and astir reportedly came from Sarireja Village successful Jalancagak district.

Local reports propose that villagers, outraged by nan deaths, wrecked a shop they suspected sold nan intoxicant consumed astatine nan event. 

The deaths are nan latest successful a drawstring of fatalities caused by homemade booze.

In 2018, much than 60 Indonesians died from drinking inexpensive home-made intoxicant pinch constabulary conducting raids crossed nan state to apprehension much than half a twelve vendors, including 1 who mixed mosquito repellent into his concoction.

In 2016, 36 group died successful Central Java aft drinking locally-brewed alcohol.

Indonesia has nan world's largest Muslim population, and drinking intoxicant is considered haram, aliases forbidden, successful Islam.

Most group believe a mean shape of Islam and intoxicant is disposable successful large cities, but precocious taxes make it costly and immoderate group tin move to perchance vulnerable home-made liquor. 

Two women break down aft their received news that a family personnel has died from drinking forbidden alcohol, astatine a infirmary successful Bandung, West Java state connected April 9, 2018 (file image)

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