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The countdown to “HOT TO GO!” is on.

Fresh disconnected a stint opening for Olivia Rodrigo connected tour, Chappell Roan is group to onslaught retired connected her ain nationwide ‘The Midwest Princess Tour’ astatine festivals, theaters, euphony halls, distilleries, islands and harbors each complete North America this spring.

That includes a headlining gig astatine Buffalo, NY’s Outer Harbor on Friday, May 24 and an quality astatine Flushing’s Governors Ball on Sunday, June 9.

As expected, request to spot nan campy 26-year-old popular prima unrecorded is high.

According to Roan’s Instagram, truthful galore shows were sold retired they had to upgrade to larger venues.

“I can’t judge this it’s gonna b truthful overmuch nosy omg,” she added.

There’s conscionable 1 downside- it won’t beryllium inexpensive to spot nan “Red Wine Supernova” vocalist unrecorded this year.

At nan clip of publication, nan lowest value we could find connected tickets was $112 earlier fees connected Vivid Seats.

Other shows — excluding 7 of her 8 show appearances — person tickets starting anyplace from $123 to $327 earlier fees.

Want a fewer much specifications astir really overmuch it will costs to drawback Roan unrecorded astatine nan venue closest to you?

You’re successful nan correct place, “Pink Pony Club” members.

We’ve sewage everything you request to cognize and much astir ‘The Midwest Princess Tour’ below.

All prices listed supra are taxable to fluctuation.

Chappell Roan tickets 2024

A complete almanac including each circuit dates, venues and links to nan cheapest tickets disposable tin beryllium recovered here:

Chappell Roan circuit datesTicket prices
start at
April 19-21 astatine Coachella successful Indio, CA
Three-day passes
May 17-19 astatine nan Hangout Music Festival successful Gulf Shores, AL
Three-day passes
May 19 astatine Jannus Live successful Saint Petersburg, FL$327
May 20 astatine nan Firefly Distillery successful North Charleston, SC$123
May 22 astatine Rabbit Rabbit successful Asheville, NC$171
May 23 astatine Browns Island successful Richmond, VA$233
May 24-26 astatine Boston Calling successful Boston, NY
Three-day passes
May 24 astatine nan Outer Harbor successful Buffalo, NY$233
May 28 astatine nan Agora Theatre successful Cleveland, OH$241
May 29 astatine The Sylvee successful Madison, WI$248
May 30 astatine nan Saint Louis Music Park successful Maryland Heights, MO$209
June 1 astatine nan State Theatre successful Kalamazoo, MI$260
June 2 astatine Pride On The Shore successful Pittsburgh, PA$112
June 4 astatine The Hall successful Little Rock, AR$262
June 5 astatine Cains Ballroom successful Tulsa, OK$249
June 7-9 astatine Governors Ball successful Flushing, NY
Three-day passes
June 7 astatine KEMBA LIVE! successful Columbus, OH$254
June 11 astatine The Norva successful Norfolk, VA$249
June 12 astatine The Ritz successful Raleigh, NC$261
June 13-16 astatine Bonnaroo successful Manchester, TN
Four-day passes
June 13 astatine The Senate successful Columbia, SC$208
July 19-21 astatine nan Capitol Hill Block Party successful Seattle, WA
Three-day passes
Aug. 2-4 astatine nan Hinterland Music Festival successful Saint Charles, IA
Three-day passes

(Note: The New York Post confirmed each supra prices astatine nan publication time. All prices are successful US dollars, taxable to change and see further fees astatine checkout.)

Vivid Seats is simply a verified secondary marketplace ticketing platform, and prices whitethorn beryllium higher aliases little than look value, depending connected demand. 

They connection a 100% purchaser guarantee that states your transaction will beryllium safe and unafraid and your tickets will beryllium delivered anterior to nan event.

Chappell Roan 2024 show appearances

As you whitethorn person noticed, Roan is making rather a fewer show appearances this year.

For a person look astatine wherever they’re going down and who she’ll beryllium performing with, return a look astatine our breakdown of each of Chappell Roan’s 2024 show appearances here:

Chappell Roan show dates
Coachella Music and Arts Festival
April 19-21 astatine nan Empire Polo Club successful Indio, CA
Lana Del Rey, No Doubt, Doja Cat, Reneé Rapp, Le Sserafim
Hangout Music Festival
May 17-19 astatine nan Gulf Shores Beach successful Gulf Shores, AL
Lana Del Rey, Reneé Rapp, Sexyy Red, Jessie Murph, Brandi Cyrus
Boston Calling
May 24-26 astatine nan Harvard Athletic Complex successful Boston, MA
Reneé Rapp, Megan Thee Stallion, Jessie Murph, Hozier, Ed Sheeran
Pride On The Shore
May 31 and June 2 astatine Stage AE successful Pittsburgh, PA
Keke Palmer, Natasha Bedingfield, Jess Glynne, Slayyyter, G FLIP
Governors Ball
June 7-9 astatine Flushing Meadows Park successful Flushing, NY
Carly Rae Jepsen, Sabrina Carpenter, Reneé Rapp, Sexyy Red, Jessie Murph
Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival
June 13-16 astatine nan Bonnaroo Manchester Farm successful Manchester, TN
Melanie Martinez, Carly Rae Jepsen, Reneé Rapp, Megan Thee Stallion, Maggie Rogers
Capitol Hill Block Party
July 19-21 astatine nan Capitol Hill Block Party Festival Grounds successful Seattle, WA
Kim Petras, Becky Hill, Kaytranada, Still Woozy, Cannons
Hinterland Music Festival
Aug. 2-4 astatine nan Avenue of nan Saints Amphitheater successful Saint Charles, IA
Hozier, Vampire Weekend, Noah Kahan, Lizzy McAlpine, Ethel Cain

Chappell Roan group list

The astir caller ‘Midwest Princess Tour’ extremity — excluding Coachella — was successful Kansas City, MO connected April 8.

Here’s what Roan performed that night, according to Set List FM.

01.) “Femininomenon”

02.) “Naked successful Manhattan”

03.) “After Midnight”

04.) “Picture You”

05.) “Casual”

06.) “Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl”

07.) “HOT TO GO!”

08.) “Coffee”

09.) “Kaleidoscope”

10.) “Bad Romance” (Lady Gaga cover)

11.) “Love Me Anyway”

12.) “Good Luck, Babe!”

13.) “Red Wine Supernova”

14.) “My Kink Is Karma”


15.) “California”

16.) “Pink Pony Club”

Chappell Roan caller music

In 2023, Roan released nan 14-song “Rise and Fall of a Midwestern Princess.”

The exuberant yet reflective grounds features bangers for illustration “HOT TO GO!” and “Naked In Manhattan” arsenic good arsenic longing ballads “Kaleidoscope” and “Coffee” that show disconnected her vocal range.

Most recently, she dropped nan bouncy, synth-y azygous “Good Luck, Babe” this year.

If you want to cheque retired her catalog, you tin find each of Chappell Roan’s euphony here.

Huge stars connected circuit successful 2024

If Roan isn’t coming to a metropolis adjacent you this year, nary request to fret.

Many iconic artists could beryllium headed your measurement successful nan adjacent fewer months.

Here are conscionable 5 of our favourite popular stars you won’t want to miss unrecorded successful 2024.

• Olivia Rodrigo

• Charli XCX pinch Troye Sivan

• Kacey Musgraves

• Lizzy McAlpine

• Holly Humberstone

Who other is retired and about? Take a look astatine our database of nan 50 biggest performance circuit successful 2024 to find out.

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