Wayne Rooney calls on Man United's underperforming stars to 'take responsibility' as he insists they 'can do a lot more', amid mounting pressure on Erik ten Hag after consecutive Old Trafford defeats

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  • Man United person mislaid 8 games this season, including 2 successful nan past week
  • Pressure is mounting connected Erik 10 Hag, but Rooney wants nan players to measurement up
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By Sam Brookes For Mailonline

Published: 02:24 EDT, 3 November 2023 | Updated: 02:26 EDT, 3 November 2023

Manchester United's all-time starring goalscorer Wayne Rooney believes nan team's existent harvest of players request to commencement taking work for their performances aft a disastrous commencement to nan season.

The Red Devils vanished 3rd successful nan Premier League and ended their trophy drought by winning nan Carabao Cup past term, but they person grounded to backmost up those results truthful acold this season.

United person mislaid 8 of their 15 games successful each competitions, and person suffered successive 3-0 losses against Manchester City and Newcastle astatine Old Trafford this week.

The unit is mounting connected head Erik 10 Hag, and Gary Neville hinted that he could beryllium sacked soon aft nan side's latest conclusion connected Wednesday, but Rooney, who precocious returned to England to return complaint of Birmingham City, feels nan players must return their stock of nan blasted and measurement up to rescue their season.

'That's nan job,' Rooney said erstwhile asked astir nan unit Ten Hag is facing. 

Wayne Rooney has called connected Man United players to 'take responsibility' for their performances

Rooney believes nan players 'can do a batch more' to move nan team's play around

Pressure is mounting connected Erik 10 Hag arsenic his broadside person mislaid 8 of their 15 games this season

'That's portion of nan job, we each cognize that erstwhile we return jobs. I cognize coming present [Birmingham City] location is simply a batch of pressure. I'm judge Ten Hag knows that astatine Man United.

'It's not going arsenic good arsenic they'd for illustration aliases would person hoped but nan players request to return responsibility. I cognize immoderate of nan players, they're not performing astatine nan levels which I cognize they have.

'Of course, yet it starts and ends pinch nan manager, that's portion of being a manager. You'll get nan critics aft nan past fewer weeks but players tin do a batch more.'

Rooney's comments travel amid reports that location is resentment simmering wrong nan United dressing room, pinch immoderate players perceiving Ten Hag to person favourites wrong nan squad that he continues to protect.

Paul Merson besides believes Ten Hag has 'lost nan players' aft watching nan broadside slump to a one-sided conclusion against Newcastle arsenic they collapsed retired of nan Carabao Cup.

Ten Hag has reportedly held one-on-one meetings pinch his players successful a bid to resoluteness dressing room unrest, but he needs to commencement getting affirmative results connected nan transportation to enactment successful nan Old Trafford dugout.

United are backmost successful action connected Saturday erstwhile they recreation to Fulham, earlier taking connected FC Copenhagen successful nan Champions League and hosting Luton adjacent play successful what promises to beryllium a pivotal week successful their season. 


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