WatchBox, Govberg, Radcliffe, Hyde Park Jewelers Merge, Form The 1916 Company

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Govberg Jewelers merges pinch different retailers and WatchBox for a caller level that is some integer ... [+] and beingness and sells some collectible secondary watches and caller watches, on pinch jewelry.

The 1916 Company

Just six years agone successful 2017, a trio of watch manufacture veterans formed WatchBox, an online level for learning about, buying, trading and trading watches. Today, WatchBox merges pinch brick-and-mortar unit jewelers Govberg, Hyde Park Jewelers and Radcliffe Jewelers and launches The 1916 Company. The caller institution consisting of these 4 important retailers brings nan “new” watch marketplace together pinch secondary markets nether a azygous marque name.

Additionally, it becomes a ample web based successful America and comprising 3 Hyde Park locations (Denver, Newport Beach, CA, and Scottsdale, AZ), 3 Radcliffe locations (Baltimore, Towson, Md, Delaware) and 2 Govberg locations (Philadelphia and Ardmor, PA), on pinch a twelve Collector’s Lounges and boutiques astir nan world for a full of 20 beingness locations.

Hyde Park Jewelers brings its 3 USA locations to The 1916 Company merger.

The 1916 Company

The 1916 Company is truthful named to grant Albert Govberg who founded Govberg Jewelers successful Philadelphia successful 1916. It is his grandson, Danny Govberg, who not only continued to run Govberg Jewelers, but besides was 1 of 3 co-founders of WatchBox (along pinch Justin Reis and Tay Liam Wee) successful 2017.

“In creating The 1916 Company, we clasp our personality arsenic a 107-year-old start-up. The principles of our business are rooted successful enduring relationships, while our committedness to invention and transformative alteration drives america to expect nan ever-evolving needs of discerning watch collectors coming and tomorrow,” says Govberg.

This blending of 1 of nan largest pre-owned watch platforms and 3 independent, well-established retailers of watches and jewelry could signify an important alteration successful nan watch buying experience. Each of these retailers carries important brands, immoderate including Rolex and Patek Philippe. In fact, The 1916 Company will beryllium announcing separately that it is portion of nan charismatic web authorized to waste Rolex Certified Pre-Owned watches, pinch timepieces disposable for waste arsenic of coming astatine Govberg Watches and Radcliffe Jewelers. They will nary longer beryllium disposable via nan platform.

Radcliffe Jewelers successful Baltimore and its different locations merge to shape The 1916 Company.

The 1916 Company

The merger and motorboat of The 1916 Company gives customers entree to 8 multi-brand stores and 5 mono-brand boutiques crossed America. The different locations of stores and lounges already existing nether nan WatchBox helping and coming into nan fold see spaces successful Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Dubai, arsenic good arsenic lounges successful America (New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Boca Raton, FL). The merger brings The 1916 Company’s inventory to $200+ cardinal successful pre-owned collectible watches.

Another of nan original 3 WatchBox co-founders, Justin Reis, is world CEO of The 1916 Company. In a property merchandise issued today, he said “The improvement into The 1916 Company is simply a earthy progression for us, shaped by our clients’ voices and needs. With The 1916 Company, we’re reinforcing nan consciousness of community, rooted successful our existing relationships, while eagerly embracing nan opportunity to forge caller ones. Our imagination starts and ends pinch our customer.”

The merger and statement of The 1916 Company includes WatchBox world lounges and unit spaces ... [+] astir nan world (such arsenic this New York City lounge).

The 1916 Company

John Shmerler of Radcliffe and Damon Gross Hyde Park Jewelers will lead The 1916 Company’s authorized unit network. According to Shmerler, “We want collectors and enthusiasts to bask visiting america astir nan world; to consciousness portion of our extended family and Collector’s Circle arsenic they observe The 1916 Company’s uniquely personalized attack to collecting and our bonzer watch and jewelry collections.”

The 1916 Company plans to rotation retired nan news astir nan merger and its effects crossed each of nan platforms successful nan coming six months.

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