Watch the moment Latrell Mitchell screams 'because I'm a blackfella?' at cops during dramatic arrest with Jack Wighton as NRL stars are cleared of all charges after being 'targeted' by police

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Dramatic footage shows nan nighttime NRL players Latrell Mitchell and Jack Wighton were 'targeted' by constabulary and arrested.

All charges against nan 2 - who are distant cousins and will soon beryllium teammates - were sensationally dismissed successful nan ACT Magistrates Court connected Wednesday, a time aft a elder constabulary serviceman progressive successful their arrests admitted to giving mendacious grounds to nan court.

Lawyers for nan brace will now see whether to motorboat further action against nan ACT Police aliases nan nationalist prosecutor, while ACT Attorney-General Shane Rattenbury is apt to see a review.

NRL prima Latrell Mitchell tin beryllium heard screaming astir his enarthrosis arsenic constabulary arrested him extracurricular an ACT nightclub successful February. The footage shows friends of Mitchell and chap NRL prima Jack Wighton trying to diffuse nan business earlier some players are placed nether arrest.

In body-worn camera footage submitted to nan court, and now publically released, Mr Mitchell tin beryllium heard shouting 'I'm Latrell Mitchell' arsenic he pleaded for thief and cried successful symptom arsenic constabulary attempted to handcuff him successful nan early hours of February 5 successful Canberra.

Screenshot from footage released by nan ACT Magistrate's Court aft charges against NRL stars Latrell Mitchell and Jack Wighton were dropped

Jack Wighton and Latrell Mitchell were seen fighting aft leaving Fiction nightclub, constabulary had alleged.

He could beryllium heard yelling 'because I'm a blackfella?' and 'I've done thing wrong'.

CCTV footage shows Mr Mitchell complying pinch constabulary orders to get onto his knees, earlier a number of officers forced him onto nan ground, pinning him pinch elbows and knees.

A number of constabulary officers were connected his backmost trying to restrain him arsenic he was shouting, CCTV footage shows.

Mr Mitchell was that nighttime charged pinch resisting territory officials, fighting successful a nationalist place, and affray.

Meanwhile, Mr Wighton had been charged pinch contravening an removal guidance and fighting successful a nationalist place.

The prosecution's statement came undone aft CTTV footage from wrong Fiction nightclub - wherever nan duo and their friends had been celebrating Mr Wighton's 30th day - grounded to show nan behaviour constabulary had based their removal guidance on.

Sergeant David Power had ordered Mr Wighton retired of nan nine astatine astir 3.45am aft he 'saw' nan then-Raiders prima 'push and shove' different man, and perceived him to person 'clenched fists' and an 'angry expression' connected his face.

Bodycam footage from nan infinitesimal Raiders prima Jack Wighton was excluded from a Canberra nightclub successful February has been released by nan ACT Magistrate's Court, aft charges against him and chap subordinate Latrell Mitchell were dismissed connected Wednesday.

Body-cam footage, tendered to tribunal and now released publicly, shows constabulary escorting Mr Wighton retired of nan nine pinch his arms down his back.

Outside, his friends attempted to talk to constabulary and inquire for an mentation arsenic to why he had been kicked out. His friends had denied Mr Wighton had engaged successful immoderate fierce behaviour.

In questioning Sergeant Power, Mr Wighton's lawyer Steven Boland, was capable to beryllium nan claims were false.

Once Mr Wighton had been kicked out, his friends followed.

Police allege he and Mr Mitchell had a scuffle which prompted constabulary to intervene and apprehension nan pair.

Latrell Mitchell was seen connected CCTV connected his knees, earlier constabulary forced him onto nan ground.

Speaking extracurricular of court, Canberra Raiders main executive Don Furner said nan brace were 'targeted' because they were NRL players.

He said nan proceeding had been a 'waste of clip and taxpayers money', and echoed nan words of Mr Boland who, a time earlier, had suggested constabulary had engaged successful 'an aged fashioned stitch-up' and had been trying to 'frame' nan players.

Mr Furner said he had written to nan Director of Public Prosecutions 'a number of times' to mobility why nan lawsuit was proceeding.

Mr Furner said he'd received a missive successful consequence from charismatic Sam Bargwanna, who had fixed them nan proposal that 'should your customer beryllium consenting to plead blameworthy to some charges and rumor a nationalist apology to some nan responding constabulary and nan organization for his conduct'.

'So I'm assuming Mr Bargwanna will springiness a nationalist apology to Jack Wighton,' he said, holding a transcript of nan letter.

Speaking aft nan charges were dismissed, Mr Mitchell said 'a occupation was brought present to beryllium done, and it's been served'.

'The past 10 months person been very hard,' he added.

Mr Wighton thanked nan Raiders and his family for supporting him.

Mitchell and Wighton person had charges dropped aft a bull gave mendacious evidence 

Mitchell was heard screaming 'because I'm a blackfella?' astatine cops during his arrest

'There were a mates of large mistakes made and we've travel to this result,' he said.

Mr Mitchell's solicitor, Tom Taylor, said nan result was 'the correct outcome', but said it 'could person been truthful overmuch worse'.

'Mr Mitchell and Mr Wighton are proud Indigenous men, who person been subjected to nan powerfulness of constabulary acting oppressively, violently,' he said.

'Indigenous group are 17 times much apt to beryllium arrested than non-Indigenous people. In 2021, Indigenous adults went to situation astatine 14 times nan complaint of non-Indigenous adults.

'There is simply a sobering reality. Three to 4 grown men forced themselves connected apical of (Mr Mitchell), look down successful nan concrete.

'We cognize Indigenous group are much apt to beryllium incarcerated. We request to do amended arsenic a community.'

There is nary proposal that immoderate of nan arrests aliases behaviour of nan constabulary officers was racially motivated.

He noted it was 'galling' because Mr Wighton had been truthful progressive successful nan Canberra community.

'They were targeted because they were NRL players,' Mr Furner said.

He said he was 'really sad' that this would beryllium Mr Wighton's past representation of Canberra, and was 'particularly sad' that Mr Mitchell's memories of Canberra had been tainted.

In a connection nan South Sydney Rabbitohs besides welcomed nan dismissal, and supported Mr Taylor's comments.

'At nary shape did Jack Wighton prosecute successful convulsive aliases fierce conduct, and location was nary request for constabulary to usage nan level of unit that Mr Mitchell endured,' nan nine said.

'These charges person besides weighed heavy connected some players complete nan past 8 to 9 months. They person shown awesome courageousness and resilience successful fighting to beryllium nan charges laid were mendacious and unwarranted.'

It was initially alleged that Mr Wighton had been fixed an removal announcement aft constabulary observed him 'pushing and shoving' a man wrong Fiction nightclub, having 'clenched fists' and having an 'angry' look connected his look which made constabulary deliberation unit could ensue.

But connected Tuesday, Sergeant Power - nan supervisor of a group of officers progressive successful nan incident - was shown a bid of CCTV that Mr Wighton's lawyer Steve Boland based on showed important holes successful nan police's explanation of nan night.

Sergeant Power past told nan tribunal allegations he'd made astir why he'd kicked Mr Wighton retired of nan nine nary longer seemed accurate.

Sergeant Power admitted: 'What I saw didn't statement up pinch nan footage' and conceded he had a 'memory issue'.

'What I saw appears to person not happened, and my representation has grounded me,' he said.

Mr Boland accused Sergeant Power of trying to 'frame' his customer by 'inventing' evidence.

'It wasn't a lie. It's what I believed happened,' Sergeant Power said and denied misleading nan court.

The sergeant later apologised to Mr Wighton successful beforehand of nan court.

'Sorry Jack, if that's what happened, mate. I thought I saw thing different,' he said to Mr Wighton.

Under further questioning, Mr Boland asked if it was a 'fact you've fixed mendacious evidence', to which Sergeant Power said it 'appeared arsenic so'.

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