Watch the crazy moment quick-thinking Beskitas forward capitalises on an unsuspecting Fenerbahce goalkeeper to leave bitter rivals furious...but was referee right to award the goal?

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  • Fenerbahce's triumph complete Beskitas successful nan Women's Super Lig ended successful controversy
  • Away broadside were awarded a precocious extremity that group up a tense decorativeness betwixt nan rivals
  • A ref had metallic plates aft a surgery jaw and feared being followed location - IAKO

By Tum Balogun For Mailonline

Published: 11:56 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 11:56 EST, 21 November 2023

Besiktas midfielder Donjeta Halilaj scored 1 of nan astir arguable goals of nan play successful her side's 3-2 conclusion to rivals Fenerbahce connected Monday. 

With nan last seconds ticking down and her broadside boasting a commanding 3-1 lead, Fenerbahce goalkeeper Goknur Guleryuz held nan shot successful 1 manus and surveyed nan transportation for her adjacent pass. 

But to her dismay, Halilaj snuck retired from behind, nodded nan shot retired of her grasp and coiled it into nan unattended nett to halve nan deficit. 

Fenerbahce players were incensed by nan referee's determination to grant nan extremity pinch skipper Ecem Cumert picking up a yellowish paper for her protestation. 

The location side's indignation was each nan much justified arsenic nan extremity should not person been fixed owed to nan truth that nan shot was still successful Guleryuz's control. 

Besiktas midfielder Donjeta Halilaj headed nan shot retired of nan hands of Fenerbahce keeper Goknur Guleryuz

Fenerbahce players were outraged by nan determination to grant nan extremity pinch moreover Beskitas players looking amazed to spot nan extremity stand

IFAB's laws of nan game authorities that 'a goalkeeper cannot beryllium challenged by an force erstwhile successful power of nan shot pinch nan hand(s).'

The rulings spell connected to explain nan 3 scenarios successful which a keeper tin beryllium considered to beryllium successful power of nan ball. This includes erstwhile is it betwixt 'the hands aliases betwixt nan manus and immoderate surface'. 

When nan keeper is 'bouncing it connected nan crushed aliases throwing it successful nan air' - aliases successful this lawsuit erstwhile a keeper is 'holding nan shot successful nan outstretched unfastened hand'. 

The guidelines person remained beautiful accordant since a clause for goalkeeper's power of nan shot was first added to nan laws of nan crippled successful 1991. Although, it wasn't until 1997 that instructions relating to preventing nan keeper from releasing nan shot were included. 

George Best famously had his cheeky extremity against England disallowed successful 1971 arsenic he nipped successful during Gordon Banks's kicking motion

A look astatine nan rules astir 2 decades agone successful 2004 reveals, a goalkeeper was considered to beryllium successful power of nan shot 'by rubbing it pinch immoderate portion of his manus aliases arms.' 

Luckily for Fenerbahce nan precocious concession didn't costs them immoderate points. The freak extremity will alternatively beryllium remembered arsenic different amusing illustration of an attacking subordinate bending nan rules for their advantage. 

Gary Crosby famously headed nan shot retired of Andy Dibble's manus earlier slotting nan shot into an quiet nett successful Nottingham Forest's 1-0 triumph against Manchester City successful 1990. 

There is besides nan illustration of George Best nicking nan shot disconnected nan toes of Gordon Banks during his kicking motion. The Northern Irishman flicked it complete nan England stopper and headed into nan nett but nan extremity was yet chalked at Windsor Park successful 1971.


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