Wailea Beach Resort’s New Olakino Pool Is Just One Reason To Visit Maui Over The Holidays

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The caller super-chic Olakino excavation astatine Wailea Beach Resort connected Maui makes a super, sexy splash.

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The world watched – and mourned – arsenic wildfires destroyed nan municipality of Lahaina, Maui backmost connected that fateful time of August 8. And galore surrounding areas, including Kula. But thankfully, location are galore areas of Maui that were wholly untouched. If you’re considering going connected picnic aliases readying a Christmas vacation successful nan adjacent fewer months, make judge to see Maui, pinch its inimitable beaches – and celebrated rainbows.

The upscale edifice area of Wailea, for example, successful southbound Maui, is 1 area that has continued to stay pristine and unfastened for visitors. One of nan area’s crown jewels is nan Wailea Beach Resort. With lukewarm aloha, it continues to invited visitors to its doors – and particularly truthful pinch nan vacation play coming up. (More connected that successful a minute. Now, I’ve only done an informal study – but 3 retired of 3 wise men work together that a vacation travel to Maui would beryllium conscionable nan ticket.)

We precocious visited for a fewer days, aft nan wildfires.

Angela Vento, General Manager, told me: “We proceed to connection bonzer experiences and one-of-a-kind amenities delivered pinch nan aforesaid aloha tone and work excellence that Wailea Beach Resort is renowned for.”

The Wailea Beach Resort is nan flagship luxury spot that’s portion of nan Marriott Bonvoy family of brands successful Hawaii. It’s 1 of nan apical Marriott Bonvoy redemption stays successful nan world among its members. Yet you don’t spot immoderate “Marriott” signage anyplace connected property. That’s because this Maui spot is very distinctive. This posh spot is markedly different successful that it offers you an upscale, authentic Maui acquisition – and 1 that inspires scores and scores of repetition guests, twelvemonth aft year. The edifice prides itself connected its credo of being surgically clean, having surroundings successful like-new condition, and seeking excellence successful each that it does. It really doesn’t matter if you’re connected a honeymoon, conscionable connected vacation, celebrating an anniversary, aliases having nosy pinch your family – “We person nan spot for you,” says Ms. Laurie Garzon, Director of Sales and Marketing.

To exemplify nan wide assortment of activities options and expansiveness of this property, location are six pools dispersed successful 4 chopped locations connected nan resort’s 22 acres. The newest, astir glamorous and pristine excavation anyplace is nan marque caller Olakino pool (“Olakino” intends “health and vitality”), an unparalleled adults-only wellness sanctuary featuring personalized work from Po'e Mālamas (translated arsenic ‘one who takes care’) and elevated wellness and culinary offerings, each included successful a backstage poolside setting.

The first white-glove acquisition of its benignant successful Maui, Olakino is framed by tropical greenery and centered astir an infinity-edge saline excavation that peers retired to nan Pacific pinch in-water chaise lounges. Programming themes rotate connected a four-day schedule tied to nan pillars of La’i (tranquil, harmony), Ala (awaken), Konea (restored), and A’o (to get knowledge) truthful guests tin expect thing from poolside acupuncture and sunrise yoga flows to aquatic sound baths and Ayurveda beverage ceremonies. To further revitalize nan mind and body, Olakino offers a health-forward food-and-beverage paper and complimentary goodies passim nan time including nutritious wellness shots and Hawaiian shave ice. Available for acquisition are goodies specified arsenic avocado toast, section Hawaiian ceviche, mochi crystal pick and stiff dark-chocolate oversea brackish banana bites. It’s each truthful drop-dead gorgeous and glamorous that you would expect Nicole Kidman to beryllium connected nan lounger adjacent to you.

With constricted spaces available, edifice guests will person nan action to book an Olakino time walk (starting astatine $200/chair), which grants afloat entree to nan oasis and regular programming. Day beds (starting astatine $600) and cabanas (starting astatine $1,200) are besides available.

What I particularly loved astir Olakino are nan luxurious lounge chairs that are perched successful ankle-deep water, truthful that you tin enactment cool and soak up nan sun simultaneously. They’re nan very meaning of nan connection “relax.”

You’ll find different pools specified arsenic nan Ohi, which is awesome for families, and nan big serenity excavation pinch its floating cabanas, which, successful season, is perfect for whale-watching. Let’s not hide nan Nalu Adventure Pool that boasts arsenic nan tallest edifice waterslide successful Hawaii astatine 325 meters agelong and wholly kid-friendly, pinch scatter zones, a swim-through grotto and freely family cabanas.

When you come, see nan caller Sundeck Garden rooms, which are backstage outdoor emotion nests pinch outdoor soaking tub. There will beryllium nary amended spot to stock value time.

The Deluxe Oceanfront Rooms are a dreamy, to-die-for destination astatine Wailea Beach Resort, wherever nan ... [+] h2o awaits.

Wailea Beach Resort

Does this animate you for nan vacation season? Here are immoderate island-themed Holiday Happenings astatine nan resort, truthful you tin return portion successful a Hawaiian Christmas, which is known arsenic “Mele Kalikimaka.”

Families are invited to meet Kris Kringle pinch a Hawaiian twist – guests tin shake hands Santa successful nan soil arsenic he arrives to nan shores of Maui via canoe. The edifice past hosts an “elf” parade backmost to their Mei Court, offering beverage and cookies and, of course, nan chance to meet Saint Nick.

Family-friendly vacation activities connected spot see a regular Elf connected nan Shelf Scavenger hunt, wood ornament-making classes, a mermaid meet-and-greet, sweetener cooky decorating, vacation hula, gingerbread decorating, a Storytime pinch Mrs. Claus, donut decorating, pineapple carving, vacation manus printing, flick people and tasting and more. Whew!

The edifice area of Wailea itself, successful summation to awesome beaches, offers title play and luxury retail.

In addition, Wailea Beach Resort offers exclusive vacation tastings to parents, including:

Maui Brewing Tasting: Hosted astatine nan property’s brand-new Makani Bar, guests are invited to sample Maui Brewing’s renown locally brewed beers.

Tropical Bellinis: Celebrate December 23-25 pinch a Maui twist astatine Sunsets bar, wherever guests are invited to effort a sparkling Hawaii-inspired bellini featuring tropical lilikoi (passion fruit).

Mixology Workshop: Guests tin believe their bartending skills pinch cocktail workshops astatine Makani Bar, learning nan secrets to making nan cleanable classics and island-inspired libations.

There are respective eating venues astatine nan edifice – we urge Kapa for luncheon — particularly for nan terrific food tacos. While you’re there, beryllium judge to bid a Maui Bliss cocktail – a information of nan proceeds from each waste are fixed to nan Maui Strong Fund. For dinner, you must, must, must effort Humble Market Kitchin (that’s not a typo) by Chef Roy Yamaguchi. We are long-time lovers of all-things-Roy, and his restaurants are celebrated for their Misoyaki butterfish that’s marinated successful liking and sweetener – it’s for illustration eating dessert. Make judge to bid nan cocoa lava barroom souffle – it’s divine and it comes pinch a gorgeous Tahitian-vanilla crystal cream. We besides attended nan resort’s luau, that now, aft Covid, serves meal family-style. Here’s wherever to find awesome section fare specified arsenic taro rolls and purple Molokai saccharine potatoes and grilled food and pork, to sanction conscionable a few. The dancers and nan euphony are gorgeous, and against nan backdrop of a superb Maui sunset – and well, you conscionable mightiness beryllium moved to tears astatine thing truthful beautiful – and romantic.

The immense ALOHA motion astatine Wailea Beach Resort is perfect for photos for families, individuals, and ... [+] couples.

Wailea Beach Resort

And speaking of awesome food, wherever would Hawaii beryllium without banana bread? You’ll find it each complete Maui – but 1 of nan very best-ever banana breads tin beryllium recovered astatine Wailea Beach Resort, astatine Kapa, in-room eating and poolside. The award-winning look was created by staffer Kiyo Miller, who worked astatine nan edifice for much than 40 years. “She won a title and we still usage nan look today,” says Ms. Garzon. Indeed, nan delicacy is super-delicious and melt-in-your-mouth marvelous. (For much information, sojourn mylilikoikitchen.com). And driblet immoderate you are doing astir 4:30 daily, erstwhile nan firepits commencement burning and nan edifice doles retired delicious complimentary s’mores.

Take advantage of nan hotel’s arrival/departure lounge, which, successful theory, could adhd 2 further days to your picnic because you tin commencement utilizing nan pools and amenities anterior to check-in and aft check-out. Upon your presence to nan edifice nan squad will supply you entree to nan lounge, which has showers and lockers. After checking out, you tin make usage of a bathing suit dryer (allowing you to beryllium successful nan h2o up until to nan very past infinitesimal anterior to your formation departure), restrooms and a comfortable communal area pinch seating, TV and a printer for your hose boarding documents.

And who wouldn’t want to walk arsenic overmuch clip on-property, successful Maui, arsenic possible?

And here’s conscionable 1 insider tip: The Wailea Beach Resort is conscionable a speedy 20-second locomotion to The Shops At Wailea. There, you’ll find 1 of nan world’s champion crystal pick scoop shops: Lappert’s. The locally-loved marque was established years agone connected Kauai by an entrepreneur named Walter Lappert. His very-best, astir super-scrumptious spirit is called “Kauai Pie,” and it’s a operation of Kona Coffee crystal pick laced pinch chocolate, and coconut and macadamia nuts. Dee-lish. I telephone it nan “Aloha garment of Hawaiian dessert.”

And fto maine conscionable opportunity this last connection astir nan Wailea Beach Resort. I’m paid to beryllium nonsubjective successful my reporting, and to pass astir each things – pros and cons. However, I really can’t find thing not to for illustration astir this edifice – I’m judge that individuals, couples and families will person a awesome clip here. The Wailea Beach Resort is simply a well-oiled instrumentality – and it’s coconut-and-macadamia-nut oil, astatine that.

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