Viral TikTok clip sparks panic with suggestions breast cancer can be triggered by a SPORTS BRA - doctor claims the tight tops can 'trap' fluids

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A TikToker has group societal media chaotic pinch panic aft claiming that wearing sports bras often caused a lump successful her breast.

Kelly Noble, an empowerment coach from Arizona, told her 12,000 followers that nan maturation she'd developed - which turned retired to beryllium harmless - was a consequence of nan excess compression from sports bras which helps to support fluids 'stuck' successful nan glands adjacent nan breast. 

'If you deterioration a sports bra each nan time, you request to stop,' she said successful nan TikTok video, which has 7.8 cardinal views. 'The [doctor] said that fluids tin get stuck successful present from your lymph nodes [glands beside nan breasts and nether nan armpits], and erstwhile you person compression... connected them each nan time, it gets other fluid because it can't spell anywhere.'

The clip (below) has attracted much than 8,000 comments - mostly from young women, who are being diagnosed pinch crab astatine growing rates, acrophobic that they mightiness beryllium astatine consequence too.

'….I’m wearing 1 correct now …I’m taking it off,' 1 female wrote, while different said she was 'super nervous' aft watching nan video.

'I deterioration a sports barroom each nan clip origin I activity building and I request to deterioration one,' she added. Another wrote: 'I person lumps and My Dr ne'er gave maine this info and now I’m truthful happy you mentioned this.'

Ms Noble went connected to walk connected moreover much unusual proposal from her doctor. To thief pinch that build-up of fluid, you should return disconnected your bra, raise an arm, and 'lightly flick' nan breast.

'Bend complete and fundamentally shingle your titties to thief pinch each nan fluids,' she said.

A TikToker has claimed that bosom lumps tin beryllium caused by compression from sports bras - but bosom surgeons opportunity specified ideas are 'nonsense'

However, experts person debunked nan story and declare that Ms Noble's expert was misinformed. 

Dr Liz O'Riordan, a bosom cancer surgeon successful nan UK, posted a YouTube video debunking nan claims connected Monday: 'I person nary thought wherever her expert went to aesculapian school, but this is not a thing,' said Dr O'Riordan, who has had bosom crab herself twice. 'I'm present to show you it's nonsense.'

Dr O'Riordan explains fluid doesn't get stuck successful nan lymph nodes. Firstly, she says, fluid drains up from vessels astatine nan bottommost of nan bosom upwards to nan lymph nodes - not nan different measurement around, arsenic nan video suggests.

As for Ms Noble's shaking suggestion: 'If your breasts are healthy, nan lymph vessels successful nan tegument will automatically drain excess fluid away.'

The surgeon adds that immoderate women will suffer from bosom swelling caused by fluid if they've undergone definite crab treatments specified arsenic radiotherapy - a information called lymphedema. 


Lymphedema is simply a semipermanent information that causes swelling successful nan body's tissues.

Lymphoedema is simply a semipermanent information that causes swelling successful nan body's tissues

It usually develops successful nan arms aliases legs.

Lymphedema affects up to 10 cardinal group successful nan US and much than 200,000 successful nan UK. 

It occurs erstwhile nan lymphatic strategy does not activity properly.

The lymphatic strategy is simply a web of channels and glands that region excess fluid and thief conflict infections.

As good arsenic swelling, which is often worse during nan day, different symptoms whitethorn include: 

  • An aching, dense feeling
  • Difficulty moving
  • Repeated tegument infections
  • Hard, tight skin
  • Wart-like growths
  • Fluid leaking from nan skin
  • Folds processing successful nan skin

Lymphedema tin beryllium inherited aliases hap arsenic a consequence of infections, injuries aliases crab treatment.

Around 1 successful 5 women pinch bosom crab and half pinch vulval crab create lymphoedema. 

There is nary cure. 

Treatment focuses connected minimising fluid build up via compression stockings and a patient lifestyle.

Source: NHS Choices 

This is wherever fluid that is usually drained from nan assemblage builds up successful nan fatty tissues, specified arsenic nan breast, arms and legs. And for these women, flicking won't help.  

Dr O'Riordan alternatively recommends a patient bosom massage, which tin beryllium done by placing 1 manus connected apical of nan bosom connected nan other broadside of nan body. The fingertips should property into nan armpit. 

You tin past compression your manus complete nan bosom successful a pumping motion.

'Flicking and shaking your breasts, each that will make you do is spell "ow" and look ridiculous,' Dr O'Riordan said.

She besides doesn't urge ditching nan sports bra, particularly for beingness activity.

While running, breasts tin bounce up to 15 centimeters successful immoderate direction. Breasts are made up of fat, connective tissue, and ligaments, but they don't person immoderate muscles keeping them successful place. Larger breasts besides thin to move more. 

'This tin beryllium sore and uncomfortable and tin forestall you from getting active,' Dr O'Riordan said. 'It tin besides lead to saggy aliases droopy breasts, arsenic ligaments permanently stretch.'

'That's why it's important to deterioration a sports bra.'

Dr Liz O'Riordan, a bosom crab surgeon successful nan UK, went connected YouTube this week to debunk Ms Noble's declare and counsel against flicking breasts

Breast crab is nan astir communal shape of crab successful some nan US and nan world. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) estimates location will beryllium much than 300,000 caller cases this year, on pinch 43,700 deaths. 

However, decease rates person plummeted 43 percent betwixt 1989 and 2020 aft successful nationalist wellness consciousness campaigns, amended screening and caller drugs.

Nine successful 10 patients are expected to past aft 5 years.

All women aged 50 to 74 are advised to get checked via a mammogram - a low-energy X-ray of their breasts - each 2 years.

The mean property of bosom crab test is 62, according to nan American Cancer Society (ACS).

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