Vinicius Jr is again compared to Pinocchio by local Valencia newspaper as they accuse the Real Madrid star of LYING about being racially abused and claim that it's 'unfairly harming the image' of the club and the fans at the Mestalla

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  • Vinicius Jr testified astatine nan proceedings of 3 fans accused of racially abusing him 
  • Valencia person refuted nan proposal nan full stadium was being racist
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By Kieran Lynch For Mailonline

Published: 05:22 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 07:29 EDT, 1 November 2023

Vinicius Jr has again been accused of lying astir being racially abused and compared to Pinocchio by a section Valencia newspaper.

The Real Madrid prima was abused during nan LaLiga lucifer astatine Valencia's Mestalla Stadium backmost successful May and he pointed retired nan fans making nan discriminatory comments successful nan stands. 

Brazil world Vinicius testified astatine nan trial of 3 fans who were accused of racially abusing him past month. 

Valencia released a connection aft nan subordinate gave his testimony, demanding Vinicius rectify his 'unfounded lie' that Valencia fans are mostly racist. While section paper Super Deporte superimposed Pinocchio's chemoreceptor connected a image of nan player last month. 

The aforesaid newspaper person again deed retired astatine nan 23-year-old, successful a header which reads: 'Very fed up pinch Pinocchio.'

Vinicius Jr has again been compared to animation characteristic Pinocchio by a Valencia newspaper who opportunity 'his lies proceed to harm' nan nine and its supporters astatine nan Mestalla Stadium

Vinicius accused Valencia supporters of making monkey gestures and noises during nan LaLiga lucifer astatine Mestalla connected May 21

The Brazilian testified astatine nan proceedings of 3 fans accused of racially abusing him past month

Underneath nan header they continued: 'Vinicius' show and his lies proceed to unfairly harm nan image of Valencia CF and each its fans.'

Children's characteristic Pinocchio, a woody puppet, is known for his agelong nose, which grows whenever he lies.

There person besides been a number of caller incidents, pinch Vinicius praising Sevilla for acting swiftly to eject and study a instrumentality to authorities for allegedly racially abusing him past month. 

LaLiga meantime are investigating allegations of group abuse directed astatine nan Brazilian during Saturday's El Clasico triumph complete Barcelona.  

At nan clip of nan Valencia lucifer successful May, Vinicius was sent disconnected for convulsive conduct, a reward that was later rescinded, while Valencia were handed a partial stadium prohibition and £40,000 fine. 

The nine released a statement aft nan subordinate gave his grounds past period demanding Vinicius rectify his 'unfounded lie' that Valencia fans are mostly racist.

'As coach Carlo Ancelotti himself publically acknowledged, successful nary lawsuit tin nan behaviour beryllium generalised to nan full Mestalla stadium,' nan connection read.

'The nine is afloat alert of nan seriousness of this matter. Racism has nary spot successful shot aliases successful society, but it cannot beryllium fought pinch fallacies aliases unfounded lies.

Super Deporte past period superimposed Pinocchio's chemoreceptor onto a image of nan Brazilian

LaLiga are investigating claims that Vinicius was racially abused against Barcelona 

'This rumor requires nan engagement of everyone and Valencia CF understands that it must beryllium scrupulously precise and responsible successful this type of demonstrations.

'The Valencia fans cannot beryllium classified arsenic racist and Valencia CF demands that Vinicius Jr. publically rectify his alleged connection this morning.'

Super Deporte last period said Vinicius had 'taken his dishonesty to nan limit' and accused him of 'committing perjury' during his grounds 'when he claims that nan full stadium uttered racist insults against him.'

They past effort to refute nan player's claims by saying video footage of nan fans had been doctored truthful they were saying 'monkey, monkey' alternatively than 'fool, fool.'

After nan lucifer successful May, Vinicius posted an Instagram communicative which saw him authorities that 'racism is normal successful LaLiga' and that 'the title that erstwhile belonged to Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano, and Messi, now belongs to racists'. 

Valencia were speedy to place nan supporters presently connected proceedings successful Madrid, but proceed to move attraction distant from each fans astatine nan stadium that day.

After receiving their stadium ban, which saw a guidelines closed for 5 matches, nan nine sought an appeal, and nan guidelines was only closed for 3 successful total.

Valencia called nan punishment 'unfair and disproportionate', and caput coach Ruben Barajas said that nan clip that he would conflict against 'smears' connected nan nine and its fanbase.


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