Video emerges of Eagles and Commanders fans brawling in the stands... yet another example of poor fan behavior this NFL season

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  • One Eagles instrumentality was seen putting a Washington counterpart successful a headlock 
  • It was nan latest successful a bid of instrumentality brawls that has plagued nan NFL successful 2023
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By Jake Fenner For Dailymail.Com

Published: 16:24 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 18:09 EDT, 31 October 2023

The latest version of NFL fans behaving poorly successful nationalist came to america from FedEx Field extracurricular of Washington, DC. 

With nan Philadelphia Eagles successful municipality to look nan Washington Commanders, location was judge to beryllium heightened hostility betwixt nan fans of these 2 NFC East rivals.

Grainy video doesn't show really nan conflict started, who started it, aliases precisely really galore group were involved.

Roughly half-a-dozen fans from some teams were seen successful nan video tussling successful nan stands.

One instrumentality successful an Eagles jersey appears to put a Commanders instrumentality successful a headlock astatine nan extremity of nan video - pinch nan brace falling to nan ground.

Fans were seen brawling erstwhile again during an Eagles-Commanders crippled astatine FedEx Field

One Commanders instrumentality was put successful a headlock by an Eagles instrumentality and wrestled to nan ground

Overheard successful nan inheritance was a man screaming 'Get nan f**k retired of here, dude!'

Another instrumentality not progressive successful nan fracas was heard screaming, 'Yeah EAGLES!!!!'

Philadelphia mounted a comeback and yet won nan crippled 38-31. 

This play has seen a peculiarly precocious number of fights among fans successful nan stands - pinch nan brawling taking spot astatine NFL games crossed nan country.

Just this past month, Cowboys and Chargers fans were fighting each complete SoFi Stadium, Bears fans were seen brawling pinch thatch other, a instrumentality suffered surgery bones and had their teeth knocked out, and a Raiders instrumentality was thrown down nan stairs. 

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