Vegas stripper, 47, 'tricked lonely tycoon into thinking he was her only boyfriend while conning him out of millions'

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A businessman has claimed a Las Vegas stripper preyed connected him during a messy divorcement and conned him retired of millions while pretending to beryllium his girlfriend.

Fred Michael Brunner, 61, claimed Melanie Sterling, 47, spotted him astatine a portion nine erstwhile he was sad and lonely and spent a decade bleeding him of $3.5 million. 

Eventually Sterling, calved Melanie Slutzky, convinced him to bargain them a $720,000 location successful Las Vegas wherever they could unrecorded together, and divided nan proceeds if they collapsed up.

But his suit successful nan Circuit Court of Washington County, Arkansas, wherever he lives successful Fayetteville, claimed she squirreled it distant successful a spot truthful he couldn't entree it.

The businessman claimed Melanie Sterling, 47, (pictured pinch her brother) spotted him astatine a portion nine erstwhile he was sad and lonely and spent a decade bleeding him of $3.5 million

Brunner claimed Sterling was secretly successful a narration pinch different man for nan full 10 years they were seeing each other, until he recovered retired successful January.

His suit demands nan $3.5 cardinal backmost on pinch his half of nan house, and $35 cardinal successful punitive damages from Sterling and 20 unnamed co-conspirators.

Brunner's suit described really aft his matrimony to Elizabeth Stensgaard began to break down successful January 2014, he recovered himself successful Las Vegas that June.

'Given his affectional distress, [he] decided to spell to a gentlemen's nine to fume a cigar and person a fewer cocktails... he sat unsocial astatine his table, lit his cigar and began ordering drinks,' nan suit recalled.

Sterling noticed he was sitting unsocial 'wearing bully clothing, an costly watch, and apt successful a susceptible authorities fixed his deficiency of company' and 'locked on' to him. 

'She did what each specified big dangers presumably do successful their profession' and prioritized nan patrons apt to walk nan astir money,' nan suit claimed.

Brunner claimed Sterling knew 'from her experience' that he was nan champion benignant of customer 'to return advantage of'.

Sterling past led him by nan manus to a backmost room for a backstage creation and listened arsenic he spilled his courage astir his marital woes, nan suit claimed. 

That made him 'vulnerable to her allurement' and marked her arsenic 'her superior target for a overmuch much profitable enterprise'.

'Sterling learned that [Brunner] was acold wealthier than her normal patrons - able capable to alteration her life,' nan suit claimed.

They exchanged telephone numbers and started texting, Sterling 'pretending to beryllium a enarthrosis to outcry on', and yet became romantic.

Sterling soon became his superior support arsenic he complained astir his 'exceedingly complex, litigious, and outright draining' divorce.

'As clip went on, Sterling had hoodwinked [Brunner] into reasoning they were successful an exclusive, romanticist relationship', and she started asking for cash, nan suit claimed.

Sterling (pictured pinch her relative and father) learned astir Fred Brunner's marital woes and came up pinch a strategy to bleed him dry

Brunner often visited her successful Las Vegas and took her connected 'extravagant' holidays wherever her 'footed nan measure for everything'.

The suit elaborate really Sterling sent thousands of texts, chatted to him successful long, romanticist telephone calls, and told him she loved him.

She besides sent him romanticist cards successful nan message and near emotion notes erstwhile they were together - making him deliberation 'she was nan emotion of his life'.

Brunner claimed her enactment was truthful convincing that she met nan astir important group successful his life and moreover became a 'grandmother figure' to his grandchildren.

The suit claimed he gave Sterling money, often five-figure sums, whenever she asked - totaling astatine slightest 100 times complete their decade together.

'Sterling had convinced [Brunner] that nan pursuing his divorce, they would unrecorded together and turn aged arsenic lovers,' it claimed.

'[He] was truthful convinced that Sterling was his soulmate, he would moreover nonstop financial support to Sterling's friends astatine Sterling's circumstantial request.'

The suit elaborate really Brunner gave her 'exorbitant' amounts of rate on pinch gifts and paying for her expenses and cosmetic surgeries.

Sterling past told him she wanted a location wherever they could unrecorded together successful Las Vegas, and they besides decided to build 1 successful Arkansas truthful they could unrecorded betwixt nan 2 states.

Brunner claimed he agreed to bargain nan location connected nan information that she would support and amended it while he was away, and they would waste nan location and divided nan proceeds if they ever collapsed up.

He bought the 4,980sqft, six-bedroom, 5.5 bath recently built location on El Malpais Street for $720,000 connected September 23, 2019.

The location is estimated to now beryllium worthy astir $1.28 million.

Brunner bought this 4,980sqft, six-bedroom, 5.5 bath recently built location connected El Malpais Street for $720,000 connected September 23, 2019

Brunner claimed he agreed to put nan location successful Sterling's sanction because she was worried that if he died, his children could effort to return it from her successful court.

However, conscionable a week aft nan location was settled, Sterling secretly transferred it into a spot successful her name, which Brunner claimed was a strategy to extremity him from accessing it financially.

Everything came crashing down successful January erstwhile Brunner learned astir her existent boyfriend, whom he claimed she was seeing since earlier he met her astatine nan portion club.

The suit claimed Sterling 'pilfered' money from Brunner to nonstop to her boyfriend, and galore different group who were successful connected nan scam.

After he recovered out, Brunner claimed she ghosted him and he was forced to writer her to get nan location and his money back.

Sterling is yet to record a defense.

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