Valerie Bertinelli, 63, says she 'no longer counts calories' and 'won't deny' herself as she plugs cookbook... after losing 50lbs for bikini shoot 14 years ago

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Valerie Bertinelli is releasing a caller cookbook.

The One Day At A Time actress, 63, looked vibrant and slender connected nan screen of Indulge: Delicious and Decadent Dishes to Enjoy and Share.

Fans will person to hold for it, though: The book is not coming retired until April 2024. 

'I nary longer contradict myself and alternatively indulge successful nan full acquisition of cooking,' Bertinelli told People. The character is large on body positivity.

'I person spent much than a decade changing my narration pinch food,' nan Food Network prima added.

'All large leaps require babe steps, patience, forgiveness and a desire to turn and change.'

Yummy: Valerie Bertinelli is releasing a caller cookbook. The One Day At A Time character looked vibrant and slender connected nan screen of Indulge: Delicious and Decadent Dishes to Enjoy and Share. Fans will person to hold for it, though: The book is not coming retired until April 2024

She shared she has stopped counting calories.

'And I stopped reasoning of definite foods arsenic bully aliases bad. I quit saying nary and began saying yes. 

'And I fto myself indulge,' she adds. 'I indulge successful nan pleasures of being alive, and nutrient is 1 of those pleasures — an basal pleasure.

'This cookbook marks nan travel that I—and truthful galore of us—have taken to get to this spot wherever I nary longer contradict myself,' she added.

And she said she has a desire to stock what she makes pinch those she loves.

There are 100 recipes to 'nourish nan assemblage and nan soul,' per an charismatic explanation from HarperCollins Publishers imprint Harvest. 

Indulge is disposable for preorder now.

In October, she posted her very first 'before photo' arsenic a Jenny Craig spokesperson.

'Health is not a assemblage size. Health is not nan number you spot connected nan scale. Your worthy arsenic a quality being isn't dictated by your body,' she said while opinionated successful nan mirror, wearing a pinkish button-up garment and jeans.

She looked bladed successful 2019 astatine nan Emmy Awards successful Pasadena, California, left, and very bladed connected nan screen of People successful 2009

'I thought I was fat nan past clip I wore these clothes,' she said. And yet, 'I've ne'er felt much beautiful, much astatine peace, much mentally and emotionally unchangeable than I do today.'

In February she said connected TikTok that she had mislaid 10lbs.

The beauty was thrilled that she will now person to spell down 1 size successful her bluish jeans. The weight loss is owed to her participating successful Dry January, which is erstwhile booze is trim out.

And nan Hot In Cleveland prima besides shared that nan weight nonaccomplishment is conscionable 1 of nan awesome 'side effects' of her alcohol-free plan.

The prima said: 'These jeans that I'm wearing were truthful tight a fewer months agone that I couldn't comfortably fastener them. Now, they're truthful loose it's clip for maine to spell down a size.'

This comes aft she said she needed to 'heal' aft she stumbled crossed texts wherever she was called 'fat and lazy.' She powerfully hinted nan mean messages were from her ex-husband Vitale.

Thinner: Bertinelli shared she has mislaid 10lbs earlier this year

It has been a bumpy ride: The stunner covered up her fig present successful April 2022 arsenic she worked done her achy divorcement from Tom Vitale

'Yeah, I for illustration that broadside effect,' said Bertinelli who appeared thrilled pinch it all.

A instrumentality asked if she feels better. 'I whitethorn besides do barren July,' said Valerie.

The prima famously mislaid 50lbs successful 2009 and posed successful a greenish bikini for nan screen of People mag to show her progress.

But complete nan years nan weight crept backmost connected arsenic she went done a achy divorcement and saw her ex-husband Eddie Van Halen die.

When she announced successful January she was cutting retired booze, she said she liked it truthful far. 'I'm doing it for 2 reasons. 

One, I want to effort and trim down nan cravings for my sugar. And I deliberation intoxicant exacerbates that,' said nan TV vet.

And she hoped to beryllium healthier overall. 'I want to calm down nan cortisol successful my assemblage that has been raging for nan past five, six years. I've been successful fight, flight, freeze, fawn mode. And I want to spell into remainder and digest,' she said. 'I deliberation cutting intoxicant will thief maine do that.'

And she made it sound for illustration a bully challenge. 

'If you're doing a barren January, let's person fun. Let's do it together,' she said.

This comes aft she told fans she is doing amended aft divorcing Vitale. 

Bertinelli gave fans an penetration into her doomed matrimony to Vitale successful a bid of Instagram posts shared successful February.

The character referenced shocking matter messages she saw and opened up astir nan vicious things she was called successful past relationships.  

Bertinelli has besides said that nan Dry January cleanse has fixed her nan expertise to look astatine her intelligence health. 

She had a awesome attitude: 'If you're doing a barren January, let's person fun. Let's do it together,' she said connected socials successful January; seen successful June 2022

Divorce: In November 2021, Valerie revenge for ineligible separation from Vitale, citing irreconcilable differences; seen successful 2012

In her astir caller clip, Bertinelli jumped connected a viral inclination and mouthed, 'Oh my god, ohio my god, why did you do that?' earlier adding, 'I don't know.' 

Written connected nan surface during nan 'Oh my god' information of nan audio was 'Why did you fto them enactment aft uncovering nan texts?' 

It's unclear precisely what matter messages nan mother-of-one she was referencing though.  

The One Day astatine a Time character captioned nan short clip pinch 3 pouring faces emojis. 

Breakthrough: Bertinelli is champion known to astir fans for her domiciled connected One Day At A Time, which was conscionable her 2nd master domiciled up until that point; she is seen successful a segment pinch Bonnie Franklin and Mackenzie Phillips

TV success: The star's occurrence connected tv besides extends to Hot In Cleveland (2010-2015); seen with Wendie Malick, Betty White and Jane Leeves

Her divorce from Vitale was officially finalized successful November, aft 11 years of marriage. She stated connected Twitter astatine nan time: 'I americium officially f***ing divorced!'  

The Golden Globe victor could beryllium seen successful a short selfie video arsenic she held a cheerful grin connected her face. 

Valerie tied nan knot pinch businessman Tom successful 2011, but nan character revenge for a ineligible separation successful November 2021. In May 2022, she took different measurement and revenge for divorce, citing 'irreconcilable differences.' 

The Hot successful Cleveland prima was forced to pay much than $2 million to finalize nan divorce. 

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