Utah boy, 13, dies after 'accidentally' strangling himself with TETHERBALL rope while cleaning up his family's corn maze

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  • Maximus Knight was found not breathing pinch a statement astir his cervix successful Venice
  • His aunt has described him arsenic a 'beautiful, saccharine and loving child'

By James Callery

Published: 06:24 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 06:47 EDT, 1 November 2023

A teen from Utah has died aft accidentally strangling himself pinch a tetherball statement astatine his family's maize maze, according to reports.

Maximus Knight, 13, who was described by his relatives arsenic a 'sweet and loving child,' had been helping to cleanable up connected Saturday astatine Knights Corn Maze successful Venice but was later recovered pinch nan statement astir his neck. 

The boy's family were frantically searching for him aft they noticed he was missing. When he was recovered Maximus was not breathing and did not person a pulse.

An emergency work unit arrived nan teenager's beat was restored.

He was taken to a section infirmary and past transferred to different location connected nan Wasatch Front for further curen wherever he later died.

Maximus (bottom right) and his family. The teen was helping to cleanable up connected Saturday astatine Knights Corn Maze successful Venice, Utah but was later recovered pinch nan statement astir his neck

Sevier County Sheriff Nathan Curtis said nan incident is believed to person been an mishap and location is nary grounds of foul play aliases suspicious activity.

The nonstop origin of nan boy's decease will beryllium investigated by nan authorities aesculapian examiner's office. 

In a GoFundMe relationship station nan teenager's aunt wrote: 'On 10/28/23, a tragic mishap took nan life of 13 twelvemonth aged Maximus Knight. 

'Maximus was a beautiful, saccharine and loving kid who brought truthful overmuch joyousness to his family and to his community. 

'The youngest of his family, Maximus made each effort to impressment his large brothers and attraction for those astir him. 

'Our hearts are surgery arsenic we struggle to make consciousness of this tragedy. We will everlastingly mourn his passing.'

She besides noted that 'the Knight family has shown devotion to their community'.

She said: 'As labour of love, nan Knight family brought joyousness and togetherness to galore pinch their family maize maze. 

'Maximus was actively progressive pinch nan family maize maze and pinch his community.'

As of Tuesday morning, nan GoFundMe had raised much than $24,000 towards its $30,000 goal.

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