USA star Matt Miazga named MLS defender of the year, despite being under investigation over claims he was 'forcibly removed from the referees' locker room' by New York Red Bulls security after Cincinnati's playoff win

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  • Miazga was booked and suspended for his celebrations against nan Red Bulls 
  • Miazga won nan grant complete Seattle's Tim Parker and Yeimar Gomez Andrade
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By Leocciano Callao For Dailymail.Com

Published: 16:50 EST, 13 November 2023 | Updated: 16:50 EST, 13 November 2023

USMNT and FC Cincinnati halfway backmost Matt Miazga was named nan MLS Defender of nan Year for 2023, nan convention announced connected Monday morning. 

Miazga, 28, was fixed nan grant six days aft reports named him arsenic nan subordinate nether investigation for confronting referees astatine Red Bull Arena connected November 4. 

Miazga won nan grant complete a tandem of defenders from nan Seattle Sounders successful Tim Parker and Yeimar Gomez Andrade.  

In a video posted by Cincinnati, Miazga was told he won nan grant by caput coach Pat Noonan successful beforehand of his teammates during practice.

'Good astonishment but obviously, it's a in installments for you guys,' Miazga told his teammates. 'It's conscionable an grant but we want nan MLS Cup, truthful let's spell get that, yeah?'

USMNT and FC Cincinnati halfway backmost Matt Miazga was named MLS Defender of nan Year

Miazga was told of nan news astatine believe connected Monday greeting and celebrated pinch teammates

Miazga embarked successful a playful defender of grant from his squad and was shown a video of his girl Cecilia reacting to nan news. 

On November 7, nan Philadelphia Inquirer's Jonathan Tannenwald named Miazga arsenic nan subordinate reportedly removed from nan officials' locker room astatine Red Bull Arena pursuing an MLS Playoffs lucifer betwixt New York and Cincinnati. 

'This is an unacceptable and, arsenic we recall, unprecedented usurpation of convention argumentation and sporting integrity,' nan Professional Soccer Referees' Association said successful a statement.

'We person urged MLS to return due disciplinary action against nan subordinate and to punctual each convention participants that violations for illustration this will not beryllium tolerated.'

In a connection to, MLS said: 'Major League Soccer is alert of nan study of a subordinate gaining unauthorized entree into nan officials’ locker room pursuing nan New York Red Bulls vs. FC Cincinnati lucifer astatine Red Bull Arena connected November 4, 2023.

'The information of PRO officials must ne'er beryllium compromised and an investigation into this matter is being conducted.'

Miazga is suspended for a crippled and will miss FCC's semifinal crippled against Philadelphia

In a playoff crippled against nan New York Red Bulls, Miazga blew kisses to New York's supporters

No. 1-seeded Cincinnati eliminated nan No. 8-ranked Red Bulls successful 2 games. 

However, it took a punishment shootout to spell 8 kickers heavy for them to adjacent retired nan best-of-three series. 

After successfully converting his penalty, Miazga blew kisses and made heart-shaped manus gestures towards nan Red Bulls' protagonist section. As a result, he was fixed a yellowish paper by referee Victor Rivas. 

Miazga was handed a crippled suspension for paper accumulation and will truthful miss nan convention semifinal against Philadelphia Union connected November 25. 

Cincinnati fans started a petition for nan MLS to overturn nan yellowish paper and waive Miazga's suspension, but nan convention is yet to supply a response. 

Miazga played successful 36 games for Cincinnati this year. 

As nan anchor of FCC's defense, Miazga and institution allowed conscionable 35 goals (0.97 per game) successful MLS. Cincinnati kept opposing teams scoreless successful 12 of Miazga's starts arsenic they vanished pinch a 10-5-9 regular play record. 

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