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1976: Founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne created nan institution connected April 1 1976 arsenic they group astir trading machine kits to hobbyists, each of which was built by Wozniak.

The first merchandise was nan Apple I. 

1977: Apple released nan Apple II successful June, which was nan first PC made for nan wide market. 

Steve Jobs unveils Apple Computer Corporation's caller Macintosh February 6, 1984 successful California.

1981: Jobs became chairman.  

1984: The Macintosh was introduced during an advertisement break for nan Super Bowl and later officially unveiled during a motorboat event. It was discontinued a twelvemonth later and Jobs near nan firm.

1987: Apple released nan Macintosh II, nan first colour Mac.

1997: Apple announces it will get NeXT package successful a $400 cardinal woody that involves Jobs returning to Apple arsenic interim CEO. He officially took nan domiciled successful 2000.  

The past Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Steve Jobs, pinch nan iPhone

2001: Apple introduced iTunes, OS X and nan first-generation iPod.

The first iPod MP3 euphony subordinate was released connected October 23, 2001, astatine an arena successful Cupertino and was capable to clasp up to 1,000 songs.

2007: Apple unveils nan iPhone. 

2010: The first iPad was unveiled.

2011: Jobs resigned successful 2011 owed to illness, handing nan CEO title to Tim Cook. Jobs died successful October from pancreatic cancer.

2014: Apple unveiled nan Apple Watch. It besides unveiled its first larger iPhones - nan 6 and 6 Plus. 

2015: After purchasing Beats from Dr Dre, Apple launched Apple Music to compete pinch Spotify and different euphony streaming services. 

2016: Apple returned to its roots and announced nan 4-inch iPhone SE. Meanwhile, nan patient is embroiled successful a ineligible conflict pinch nan FBI, involving nan agency demanding entree to nan locked telephone utilized by Syed Farook, who died successful a shootout aft carrying retired a deadly December onslaught successful San Bernardino, California pinch his wife. The tribunal bid was dropped connected March 28 aft nan FBI said a 3rd statement was capable to unlock nan device.  

2017: Apple introduces nan iPhone X, which removes nan location fastener to make measurement for a futuristic edge-to-edge surface creation and a caller FaceID strategy that uses precocious sensors and lasers to unlock phones pinch conscionable nan owner's face.    

Apple CEO Steve Jobs speaks astatine an Apple arena astatine Apple office successful Cupertino, Calif.

2018: In a first for nan company, Apple introduces caller features successful its latest operating system, iOS 12, that promote users to negociate and walk little clip connected their devices. The move was spawned by a powerfully worded missive from shareholders that urged nan patient to reside nan increasing problem of smartphone addiction among kids and teenagers. 

2019: In January, Apple reports its first diminution successful revenues and profits successful a decade. CEO Tim Cook partially blamed steep declines successful gross from China.

2020: In March, Apple closes each its bricks and mortar unit stores extracurricular of China successful consequence to coronavirus. 

2021: In an online virtual arena successful April CEO Tim Cook declared Apple's extremity of becoming c neutral for Earth Day. Later successful nan twelvemonth nan iPhone 13 was announced. 

2022: In September nan iPhone 14 was announced. One of nan caller features included a caller sensor to observe if a personification had been successful a car clang arsenic good arsenic an improved camera system. 

2023: So acold this twelvemonth Apple has brought backmost its 'Home Pod' aft nan first procreation was discontinued. The 'Home Pod' tin beryllium seen arsenic an replacement to Amazon's Alexa aliases Google Home arsenic it is powered by sound commands. 

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