Under-fire aide to NYC Mayor Eric Adams 'urged City Hall staffers to DELETE texts after FBI raided her home' amid corruption probe

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An adjutant to New York Mayor Eric Adams accused of 'improper' behaviour 'urged staffers to delete texts aft nan FBI raided her home', a root has claimed.

Director of protocol for world affairs Rana Abbasova was suspended from her  domiciled aft nan mayor's lawyers recovered she had tried to erase nan messages, nan New York Post reported.

Abbasova was put connected time off from her $80,651-a-year domiciled aft she was recovered to person 'acted improperly' pursuing an soul probe.

Her alleged misconduct is thought to beryllium related to an FBI investigation into whether Adams' run conspired pinch a Brooklyn building institution and nan Turkish authorities to funnel overseas money into nan campaign's coffers.

Authorities looking into nan matter obtained a tribunal warrant to search nan Mayor's mobile devices to find if he had besides received messages from Abbasova. But he did not person a message, nan root told nan New York Post.

Rana Abbasova, Director of Protocol Eric Adams' Office for International Affairs, is said to person uged City Hall staffers to delete matter messages aft her location was raided by nan FBI

Feds swooped connected Abbasova's New Jersey location apparently successful relationship pinch an FBI probe into whether New York Mayor Eric Adams' run conspired pinch a Brooklyn building institution and nan Turkish authorities to chimney overseas money into nan campaign's coffers

'It was instantly reported to investigators,' nan root added, earlier clarifying communications betwixt Adams and Abbasova were 'benign'.

Sources antecedently claimed that Abbasova had lied to national investigators, nan Post reported.

Her curriculum vitae connected nan City Hall page describes her domiciled arsenic fostering 'closer relationships betwixt nan City of New York and nan broader negotiated community'.

She besides 'manages engagements pinch overseas dignitaries'.

But a root alleged that earlier this twelvemonth she took connected a caller domiciled successful nan mayor's portion of events planning, moving arsenic a 'body person' who traveled pinch nan mayor.

They said: 'Rana was a quiet, unassuming person'.

In her erstwhile domiciled arsenic a organization coordinator, erstwhile Adams was Brooklyn Borough President, she 'was responsible for world relations and maintaining relationships betwixt nan Borough President and stakeholders, including nan Middle East and Central Asian countries.

The root reports that feds were looking into whether Adams received messages from Abbasova 

Abbasova's suspension came aft constabulary raided nan Brooklyn location of Brianna Suggs (seen above), who is Adams' apical fundraiser, amid an investigation into an alleged kickback scheme  pinch links to nan Turkish government

'She besides worked pinch Embassies and Consulates to build relationships betwixt countries and nan Office of nan Brooklyn Borough President to thief flooded connection barriers and taste differences. She besides organized Turkic Heritage events and assisted pinch Sister Cities agreements.'

At nan aforesaid clip Abbasova's New Jersey location was being raided, authorities swooped connected different location belonging to personification pinch ties to nan Mayor.

Cenk Öcal, a erstwhile Turkish Airlines executive, who served connected his modulation team, was besides subjected to a search, nan New York Times reports.

The raids came aft FBI seized Adams' physics devices 2 weeks agone - aft raiding nan Brooklyn location of his apical fundraiser and longtime confidante Brianna Suggs, 25, arsenic portion of an investigation into an alleged kickback scheme.

Prosecutors are investigating whether Adams fast-tracked a Turkish consulate successful Brooklyn successful speech for donations.

His devices were returned to nan politician wrong a mates of days. The FBI tin make copies of nan information of seized devices if they person a hunt warrant.

Adams has since demanded that nan national agency extremity leaks of nan investigation aft CBS reported nan FBI was looking into a 2021 matter sent to nan mayor.

The texts revealed that nan Turkey consul wide asked astir opening nan caller consul building connected First Avenue crossed from nan United Nations.

Adams, who astatine nan clip was nan Brooklyn borough president, did not reply to nan connection but did guardant it to erstwhile occurrence section main Daniel Nigro.

The adjutant was placed connected on time off from her $80,651-a-year domiciled aft she was recovered to person 'acted improperly' pursuing an soul probe

Eric Adams has not been accused of wrongdoing and has stood by Brianna Suggs telling nan media he has 'nothing to hide'

After news of his devices being seized broke, nan Mayor told CNN 'he has thing to hide.'

He said: 'As a erstwhile personnel of rule enforcement, I expect each members of my unit to travel nan rule and afloat cooperate pinch immoderate benignant of investigation — and I will proceed to do precisely that.'

Suggs, Adams' apical fundraiser, had her location raided connected November 2 while her leader was connected his measurement to meetings successful Washington D.C. which he had to abruptly cancel. The timing was deliberate, sources claimed.

The New York Times obtained portion of nan hunt warrant, which revealed it was connected to an enquiry into Adams's 2021 mayoral campaign.

Adams has stood by Suggs and neither person been accused of wrongdoing yet. His lawyer Boyd Johnson said he is cooperating pinch nan national investigation.

Last week he admitted helping to get a Turkish consulate support to open, but insisted this was wrong nan normal parameters of his occupation arsenic a politician.