Ukrainian maritime attack on Black Sea port Novorossiysk repelled: Russia

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Moscow claims to person destroyed oversea drones targeting cardinal lipid shipping larboard Novorossiysk.

Published On 3 Jul 2024

Russia says it destroyed 2 Ukrainian oversea drones targeting nan Black Sea larboard of Novorossiysk, a cardinal naval guidelines and lipid shipping outlet.

The Ministry of Defence successful Moscow said connected Wednesday that Russian forces had destroyed nan naval drones arsenic they precocious connected nan larboard successful an overnight attack. Ukraine has reported occurrence successful targeting Russian ships and infrastructure successful nan Black Sea complete caller months.

“Two unmanned boats travelling successful nan guidance of Novorossiysk were destroyed successful nan waters of nan Black Sea,” nan ministry said successful a station connected Telegram.

The onslaught caused nary harm aliases shipping disruptions, nan section metropolis management reported, according to Russian authorities news agencies.

Novorossiysk Mayor Andrei Kravchenko restricted entree to nan beaches early connected Wednesday earlier giving nan each clear and reporting ray harm to 2 buildings.

Novorossiysk saw a akin drone onslaught successful May. It is 1 of nan largest larboard cities connected nan Black Sea and nan annexed Crimean Peninsula, galore of which person been targeted by Ukraine’s subject during nan war.

Russia often downplays nan harm to its naval assets and captious infrastructure for exports of earthy materials, which supply nan bulk of its economy.

Novorossiysk is simply a awesome export way for lipid and lipid products, arsenic good arsenic grain, coal, fertilisers and timber.

After a spate of Ukrainian strikes connected Russian ships, Moscow’s Black Sea fleet was pulled retired of its historical guidelines successful Crimea’s Sevastopol to Novorossiysk, which is overmuch further from Ukraine.

Air campaign

In summation to fending disconnected nan maritime attack, nan Defence Ministry besides reported that its aerial defences intercepted 10 aerial drones launched astatine Russian territory, including 1 complete nan Moscow region.

Kyiv has said its assaults connected Russia’s military, carrier and power infrastructure are retaliation for Moscow’s continuous attacks connected Ukrainian territory since Russia’s penetration successful February 2022.

A Russian drone and rocket barrage targeting nan eastbound Ukrainian metropolis of Dnipro killed astatine slightest 3 group and wounded much than a twelve others, nan location politician said connected Wednesday.

The Russia-Ukraine war, now successful its 29th month, has crushed into a bloody conflict of attrition, while they proceed to target 1 another’s territory pinch missiles and drones. Both sides person suffered hundreds of thousands of casualties.

Last week, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, whose state Ukraine is not engaged successful negotiations pinch Russia, said he was drawing up a “comprehensive plan” to extremity nan warfare diplomatically.

Hungary’s President Victor Orban, connected a astonishment visit to Ukraine connected Tuesday aft his state assumed nan presidency of nan European Union, urged a speedy ceasefire to let negotiations.



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