Uber announces shuttle rides, features for caregivers and Costco perks

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Uber on Wednesday announced respective caller merchandise updates astatine nan company’s yearly Go-Get showcase successful New York City that purpose to thief its customers prevention money connected rides and food.

The merchandise updates bespeak Uber’s continued push to thrust maturation and request crossed its mobility and transportation business segments. The caller features could thief nan institution pull much riders and users to its app.

Here are nan cardinal caller offerings nan institution announced:

Uber Shuttle

Riders looking for a much affordable measurement to get to nan airport, activity and unrecorded events, specified arsenic sports games and concerts, tin reserve seats connected an Uber Shuttle.

Uber has collaborated pinch section shuttle services that will prime up riders and bring them to their destination. Uber said nan shuttle services employment commercially licensed drivers, and users tin extremity and complaint them straight wrong nan Uber app.

The shuttles will person betwixt 14 and 55 seats. Users tin reserve up to 5 seats arsenic early arsenic 7 days successful advance, and they’ll person a QR codification ticket. Riders tin way their shuttle’s location wrong 25 minutes of departure time.

The institution said nan shuttle will beryllium a “fraction of nan price” of a thrust pinch UberX. The travel won’t beryllium impacted by surge pricing.

Uber will commencement to rotation retired nan characteristic astatine Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium and astatine prime performance venues successful Chicago, Pittsburgh and Charlotte, N.C., this summer. Uber said it will grow nan offering successful nan future.

Uber Caregiver

Caregivers tin adhd loved ones, specified arsenic aged family members, straight to their profiles starting this summer. This will let caregivers to book rides for group they attraction for and bid aesculapian supplies and groceries connected their behalf.

The characteristic will besides let for three-way chats betwixt drivers, riders and caregivers.

Uber said nan user’s security benefits tin beryllium applied erstwhile applicable to thief minimize out-of-pocket costs. Uber Caregiver will initially support Medicaid recipients, customers who are 65 and older pinch Medicare Advantage, and customers pinch commercialized security from their employers.

Caregivers tin motion up to beryllium notified erstwhile different security providers are added.

Costco connected Uber Eats

Uber said Costco will beryllium disposable arsenic an on-demand action wrong Uber Eats successful prime locations crossed nan U.S. starting Wednesday.

Users tin bid products from Costco moreover if they are not members, but Uber said members will prevention betwixt 15% and 20% compared pinch nonmembers.

Costco members tin participate their personnel numbers successful nan Uber Eats app and are eligible for 20% disconnected of Uber One, nan company’s subscription membership.

Schedule UberX Share

Uber said it is launching a caller characteristic connected Wednesday that lets users schedule a shared thrust successful advance. The characteristic will prevention users astir 25% connected mean compared pinch a emblematic thrust connected UberX, nan institution said.

Scheduled UberX Share rides are initially launching successful cities pinch immoderate of nan highest return-to-office rates. This includes New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and San Diego. Uber said much locations will follow.

Uber One for Students

Uber will connection its Uber One rank programme astatine a discount for assemblage students. The programme usually costs $9.99 per month, but it will beryllium disposable to students astatine $4.99 a month.

The institution said students will besides get entree to free items and typical deals, specified arsenic regular discounts connected their orders from Taco Bell, Domino’s and Starbucks.

The Uber One Student Plan is launching successful nan U.S. successful May. It will rotation retired successful Canada, New Zealand and Australia successful July, arsenic good arsenic successful Japan and France successful September.

Uber Eats Lists

Uber is introducing a caller characteristic called “Lists” to Uber Eats that allows users to curate and stock lists of restaurants and go-to spots. The institution shared examples for illustration “date nighttime desserts” and “toddler-approved dinners.”

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