U.S. migrant crisis: 5,000 march toward the border in the BIGGEST caravan of undocumented immigrants in more than a year amid delays at immigration centers in Mexico

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As galore arsenic 5,000 migrants are marching from nan confederate Mexico state of Chiapas successful hopes of reaching nan bluish separator region pinch nan United States.

Migrants from Central America, Venezuela, Cuba and Haiti initiated nan trek Monday aft they had grown disappointment pinch nan agelong hold times nan Mexican authorities was taking to process their exile aliases exit visa applications astatine nan main migration processing halfway successful nan Chiapas municipality of Tapachula, adjacent nan Guatemala border.

Mexico's National Migration Institute, which is tasked pinch approving aliases denying nan applications, has been backed up pinch requests. Migrants usually hold weeks aliases months to person their position legalized, which allows them to activity and move freely successful nan country.

The march is said to beryllium nan largest since June 2022 erstwhile 6,000 people, galore from Venezuela, took disconnected from Tapachula.

A caravan of 5,000 migrants departed from nan confederate Mexican separator metropolis of Tapachula connected Monday to make their measurement to nan bluish separator region crossed from nan United States 

A migrant pushes a stroller arsenic he walks on nan roadworthy successful Tapachula, Mexico, alongside a caravan of astir 5,000 group from Central America, Venezuela, Haiti and Cuba successful an effort to scope nan U.S. border

The migrants near Tapachula and traveled 9 miles to nan metropolis of Alvaro Obregón, wherever they slept Monday nighttime and departed early Tuesday greeting successful hopes of stepping astir 15 much miles

Single adults and family units were seen walking on nan road nether nan sun Monday arsenic constabulary served arsenic escorts.

The group stopped traveled adjacent to 9 miles, reaching nan municipality of Alvaro Obregón, wherever they camped retired overnight, according to Mexican-American activistic Irineo Mújica, 1 of nan caravan organizers.

They were backmost connected nan roadworthy connected Tuesday by 5am and planned to beforehand different 15 miles, according to Univision. 

Venezuelan nationalist Daniel González said that he had been connected nan roadworthy for 3 months and is not readying connected returning because of nan dire economical business backmost home.

Day 2 of Migrant caravan successful Southern México. Today they started stepping earlier 5am. They scheme to locomotion astir 15 miles. The roadworthy to nan US separator is still very long, but they said, are wished to get there. @UniNoticias pic.twitter.com/fd6hMDVoww

— Pedro Ultreras (@pedroultreras) October 31, 2023

The latest caravan of astir 5,000 is said to beryllium nan largest since 6,000 people, mostly Venezuelans near Tapachula successful June 2022

Oscar Gutiérrez besides abandoned Venezuela pinch his woman and 2 daughters and hopes nan management of President Joe Biden will let them to resettle there.

'In Venezuela things are very tough, we can't unrecorded pinch nan money we get, it's not capable for us, and that's why we're going to nan United States,' he said.

'We're going to support going,' he said. 'In Tapachula, cipher helps us.'

Honduras autochthonal Leonel Olveras said: 'The don't springiness retired papers here. They inquire america to hold for months. It's excessively long.'

A migrant family joined a caravan of migrants that near Tapachula, Mexico, for nan United States

A migrant woman sleeps arsenic different caravan members remainder pursuing a agelong time of travel 

Migrants haven grown tired of having to hold weeks aliases months to person their exile aliases visa applications approved by Mexico's migration agency

Irineo Mújica, who successful nan past has been astatine nan forefront of wide migrant, called for transit visas that will licence migrants to transverse Mexico connected their measurement to nan U.S. border.

Some of nan migrants successful Tapachula had expressed liking to activity for nan authorities and thief pinch nan betterment efforts successful nan edifice metropolis of Acapulco, which was ravaged past week by Hurricane Otis.

'We are trying to prevention lives pinch this benignant of actions,' Mújica said. 'They (Mexican authorities) person ignored nan problem and near nan migrants stranded.' 

The latest caravan comes astatine a clip erstwhile President Biden is facing aggravated unit to unopen down nan entre of undocumented immigrants astatine nan southwestern United States border.

U.S. Customs Border and Protection recorded 269,735 encounters on nan confederate separator region successful September, nan astir since December 2022 erstwhile 252,315 interdictions were registered. 

Overall, CBP reported 2,475,669 interdictions successful fiscal twelvemonth 2023 (October 2022 to September 2022), surpassing nan erstwhile fiscal twelvemonth erstwhile 2,378,944 encounters were recorded.

'In consequence to precocious rates of encounters crossed nan southwest separator successful September, CBP surged resources and personnel,' CBP acting commissioner Troy A. Miller said successful an October 21 statement. 'We are continually engaging pinch home and overseas partners to reside historical hemispheric migration, including ample migrant groups walking connected freight trains, and to enforce consequences including by preparing for nonstop repatriations to Venezuela.'

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