Tyrone Mings sparks retirement fears with Aston Villa fans following a cryptic post in which he insists he 'will share an update today'... as he recovers from a serious ACL injury suffered in their opening game of the season

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  • Tyrone Mings suffered a season-ending wounded during Aston Villa's opening game
  • He has now taken to societal media to opportunity that he will beryllium giving fans an update 
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By Kieran Lynch For Mailonline

Published: 09:49 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 09:49 EST, 21 November 2023

Aston Villa defender Tyrone Mings has sparked status fears pinch nan club's supporters pursuing a cryptic station connected societal media. 

The England world suffered a season-ending ACL wounded during nan play opener against Newcastle backmost successful August.  

Mings was taken disconnected connected a stretcher and Villa fans are now fearing nan worst pursuing a station made connected his Instagram account.

He posted a achromatic and achromatic image of himself sat pinch his caput looking to nan ground.

Along pinch nan photo, he wrote: 'Grateful for each your support. I'll stock an update pinch you each later today.'

Aston Villa fans are concerned Tyrone Mings will denote his status pursuing this station connected his Instagram account, successful which he said he would springiness supporters an update today

Mings suffered a season-ending ACL wounded during Aston Villa's opening time nonaccomplishment to Newcastle

His station has sparked fears he will discontinue pinch fans worried up of his upcoming update

Aston Villa fans person reacted to nan post, and are fearing for nan worst. 

@Hiddenvillan wrote: 'If this is simply a status post... this is going to deed nan instrumentality guidelines much than nan Grealish departure ever did.'

Another instrumentality commented: 'Can't spot really it tin beryllium bully news pinch that photo.'

Someone other tweeted connected X: 'Like that emotion erstwhile you knew you were successful nan proverbial arsenic a kid and a genitor says we'll talk astir it later. The hold and nan want to get it complete with.

'If it's nan worst news past for it to hap astatine this constituent successful his career, apical shape and silverware successful reach, beyond cruel.'

Another Villa instrumentality compared Mings to Martin Laursen, who retired astatine nan property of 32 successful 2009 because of injuries.

In regards to 30-year-old Mings, nan instrumentality wrote: 'Probably different Martin Laursen business knowing our luck.'

However, location were immoderate fans hopeful that his station was conscionable an update connected his injury, alternatively than having to discontinue because of it.

@RL3079 wrote: 'People reference into this much than it astir apt is. It's conscionable an update connected his injury, that's all,' while James Howard-White added: 'Mings remains successful my thoughts much than astir of my family. I dream rehab is going well!'

Mings has made 166 appearances for Villa since he joined initially connected indebtedness successful January 2019

The defender has besides made 18 appearances for England during his clip astatine Aston Villa

Mings past took to societal media backmost successful August aft suffering his superior injury.

He tweeted astatine nan time: 'I don’t moreover cognize wherever to commencement but to opportunity convey you for each of your messages of support Villa fans. From nan time I came present connected indebtedness I’ve fixed everything connected nan pitch, I’ll now springiness everything disconnected nan transportation to travel backmost moreover better, whilst supporting nan team

'To nan players, fans & unit connected to @NUFC I also want to opportunity convey you. The applause, nan messages & nan aesculapian support I received connected nan time was really appreciated.'

Mings initially joined Aston Villa connected indebtedness from Bournemouth successful January 2019.

He made an contiguous impact, helping them get promoted to nan Premier League aft beating Derby successful nan Championship play-off final.

The move became imperishable that summertime and he has continued to beryllium a important portion of Villa's defence, while besides making 18 appearances for England successful that time. 


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