Tyler Christopher dead at 50: Ex-husband of Eva Longoria and actor who appeared on General Hospital and Days Of Our Lives passes away following 'a cardiac event in his San Diego apartment'

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General Hospital prima Tyler Christopher has died astatine nan property of 50, according to his costar.

The show's Maurice Benard said connected Instagram Tuesday: 'It is pinch awesome sadness that we stock nan news of nan passing of Tyler Christopher. Tyler passed distant this greeting pursuing a cardiac arena successful his San Diego apartment.

Christopher was joined to Desperate Housewives alum Eva Longoria from 2002 to 2004.

'Tyler was a genuinely talented individual that lit up nan surface successful each segment he performed and relished bringing joyousness to his loyal fans done his acting,' Benard said connected nan societal media site. 'Tyler was a saccharine psyche and awesome friend to each of those who knew him.'

Benard said that his precocious workfellow 'was an advocator for amended intelligence wellness and constituent usage curen who openly said astir his struggles pinch bipolar depression and alcohol,' adding, 'We are beyond devastated by nan nonaccomplishment of our beloved friend and believe for his children and his father.'

The latest: General Hospital prima Tyler Christopher has died astatine nan property of 50, according to his costar. Pictured successful 2018 successful LA 

Christopher and ex-wife Eva Longoria were pictured astatine the 29th yearly Daytime Emmy Awards successful NYC successful May of 2022

Christopher’s typical Chi Muoi Lo besides confirmed nan actor's decease successful a connection to CNN.

'This news was incredibly shocking, and I americium devastated by his loss,' nan actor's rep said. 'He was a very talented actor, and much importantly, an astonishing friend. My bosom goes retired to his friends and family who loved him truthful much.'

The character played nan domiciled of Nikolas Cassadine connected 1,153 episodes of General Hospital from 1996 to 2016. For his activity connected nan series, he earned 4 daytime Emmy nominations and successful 2016, he won nan grant for Outstanding Lead Actor successful a Drama Series.

In nan years following, he portrayed Stefan DiMera connected 159 episodes of different stalwart soap successful Days of Our Lives, from 2018 to 2019.

In his individual life, Christopher was doubly married: to Longoria, and to one-time ESPN characteristic Brienne Pedigo from 2008 thru 2021. 

He and Pedigo welcomed 2 children - a boy Greysun James, 10, and a 4-year-old daughter, Boheme.

The character had been plagued by ineligible problems involving intoxicant successful caller years: He was arrested six months agone aft passing retired drunk astatine an LA airport, which marked his 2nd nationalist intoxication apprehension successful 3 years.

Christopher was recovered connected nan level accelerated dormant astatine Burbank Airport successful Los Angeles on  May 26, erstwhile constabulary were alerted to nan snoozing soap star and woke him, according to TMZ.

The show's Maurice Benard announced nan tragic news connected Instagram Tuesday 

The erstwhile mates was pictured at nan El Capitan Theater successful Hollywood, California successful 2002

Christopher and Longoria were pictured astatine an arena successful 2003, a twelvemonth earlier their split 

Christopher told nan authorities he had missed his formation earlier he was handcuffed and booked for nationalist intoxication. 

The authorities said Christopher displayed clear signs of being intoxicated and that he was 'unable to attraction for himself,' arsenic per nan news outlet. He was released soon aft his apprehension and fixed a tribunal date, nan news outlet reported.

In November 2019, Christopher was arrested for nationalist intoxication successful his hometown of Martinsville, Indiana, forcing him to walk his 47th day down bars, TMZ reported. 

In an incident connected November 11, 2019, an Uber driver had alerted officers to Christopher's behaviour aft he allegedly passed retired and urinated connected himself aft he'd been dropped disconnected astatine his home. He had 2 fifths of bourbon connected her personification astatine nan time, according to nan outlet. 

Authorities said successful ineligible docs reviews by nan outlet that constabulary had taken 9 reports successful relationship pinch Christopher's drunken behaviour successful nan two-month span opening September 14.

In 1 incident November 8, 2019 astatine a Walgreens, a personification reported that Christopher had been trying to get wrong of their vehicle. Police who detained nan character said that he had sported imaginable caput injuries arsenic he had been bleeding from his chemoreceptor and urinated successful his pants.

In 2022, Christopher appeared connected nan intelligence wellness podcast State of Mind, pinch big and erstwhile General Hospital castmate Maurice Bernard's, aka Sonny, arsenic per Soaps. 

During nan episode, he said openly astir his intoxicant addiction and having his first portion astatine property nine.

Tyler Christopher earned 4 Daytime Emmy nominations and successful 2016 won nan grant for 'Outstanding Lead Actor successful a Drama Series,' aft playing nan domiciled of Nikolas Cassadine for astir 2 decades. Pictured successful LA successful 2016 

Christopher successful a 2010 segment pinch character Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) during their days together connected nan long-running soap General Hospital 

Christopher said pinch Maurice Bernard, big of nan podcast 'State of Mind,' and his chap castmate connected General Hospital, astir his struggles pinch intoxicant addiction successful a 2022 section and really had his first portion astatine property 9

Tyler successful a 2010 segment connected General Hospital. He besides played nan domiciled of Stefan DiMera connected nan celebrated daytime show Days of Our Lives

'At immoderate point, you cannot past it,' he said. 'At immoderate point, it will termination you - and it has. Three times, I person flatlined. And cipher knows that.'

He continued: 'Three times I person flatlined, and they brought maine back. Twice from [alcohol] poisoning, erstwhile from withdrawal.'

That year, he besides shared his travel to betterment and his intelligence wellness he posted connected his societal media, stating that he was returning to California and fresh to get to work, arsenic per nan publication.

Christopher successful July said pinch Bloomberg astir a family rumor he was dealing with, aft he had been placed successful nan guardianship of his sister Susan Asmo Baker successful 2019 aft he was injured successful an alcohol-related incident.

Christopher told nan outlet that he 'never thought successful a cardinal years that I would beryllium taken advantage of by a family member' aft he sued his related claiming she had spent $40,000 of his toward her ain expenses.

She had denied immoderate wrongdoing to nan tribunal and nan outlet, telling Bloomberg successful an email, 'If I hadn’t been his Guardian he’d beryllium DEAD!'

Some of Christopher's different tv and movie roles included Days of Our Lives, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and nan Paul Winfield dramedy Catfish successful Black Bean Sauce, earlier successful his career.

He besides appeared successful nan crime play No Turning Back, Face nan Music, and The Twilight Zone, arsenic good arsenic nan 2014 romanticist play Beyond nan Lights. In caller years, he had been seen successful TV films specified arsenic 2023's Ice Storm, and nan 2022 films 20.0 Megaquake and Super Volcano.

Amid news of Christopher's death, a number of his contemporaries and fans took to societal media to salary memorial to nan precocious character connected nan station from Benard announcing his passing 

Colleagues and fans of nan precocious entertainer took to Twitter pinch memorials amid news of his death 

Alyssa Milano, who Christopher appeared alongside connected a 2000 section of nan bid Charmed, posted a memorial Tuesday pinch an image of them moving together 

Amid news of Christopher's death, a number of his contemporaries and fans took to societal media to salary memorial to nan precocious actor.

Alyssa Milano, who Christopher appeared alongside connected a 2000 section of nan bid Charmed, posted a memorial Tuesday that read, 'It feels for illustration nan world is caving in. Tyler Christopher has passed away.

'He was a awesome character and truthful bully successful nan Charmed section Pardon My Past. I retrieve him arsenic being a sweet, sweet, soul. May he remainder successful peace. My condolences to his friends and family.'

Actor Bryan Craig said, 'Wow truthful sad,' while character Doug Davidson said, 'Oh my God. He was specified a beautiful personification and an astonishing actor. I americium successful full shock. May God bless his soul.'

Actor Sean Kanan said, 'Stunned to perceive that Tyler Christopher passed away. I person nary words. RIP my friend.'

General Hospital executive shaper Frank Valentini said he was 'heartbroken complete nan news' and remembered Christopher arsenic 'an unthinkable character and a beloved friend,' adding, 'Our heartfelt sympathies spell retired to his loved ones during this difficult time.' 

A instrumentality of nan character said, 'I’m stunned…so galore group are conscionable leaving this world excessively soon. RIP Tyler Christopher, wow!! We’ve mislaid different talented individual, reasoning of his loved ones.'

Another instrumentality said that 'Christopher's eternal talent and charm filled america each pinch joy,' adding, 'I, for illustration galore others, was ever rooting for him. I dream he felt that.'

One instrumentality noted a spate of caller untimely personage deaths, saying, 'Billy Miller, Matthew Perry and now Tyler Christopher is gone too?!? My bosom hurts.'

Another instrumentality said they were 'stunned and perfectly devastated' astir Christopher's death, adding that 'losing him and Billy Miller wrong a period of each different is simply a double gut punch,' and 'May their souls remainder successful peace.'

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