Two-time Tour de France winner involved in a horror crash and rushed to hospital after being given oxygen... with race cancelled after over 10 riders fell at high speed

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  • Jonas Vingegaard was carried distant connected a stretcher aft nan dense collision 
  • Vingegaard was taken to infirmary and received oxygen while being treated
  • The 4th shape of nan Tour was paused pinch doctors responding to nan crash 

By Daniel Davis

Published: 12:43 EDT, 4 April 2024 | Updated: 12:43 EDT, 4 April 2024

A two-time Tour de France champion was rushed to infirmary aft being caught up successful a grizzly pile-up astatine nan Itzulia Basque Country connected Thursday afternoon.

Several riders dismounted aft sliding disconnected a area during nan last stages of nan tally from Etxarri Aranatz to Legutio successful Spain and tumbled into a actual ditch.

Jonas Vingegaard, who won nan Tour de France successful 2022 and 2023, was progressive successful nan collision and carried distant connected a stretcher and fixed oxygen.

Vingegaard was besides fitted pinch a cervix brace earlier being transported to hospital.

'Jonas is connected his measurement to hospital,' a connection from his squad Visma-Lease a Bike said.

Two-time Tour de France champion Jonas Vingegaard was progressive successful a scary clang successful Spain

Vingegaard was among a group of riders to autumn aft a pile-up astatine nan Itzulia Basque Country

'Thank you for your messages. An update will travel later.'

The crash, which was broadcast live, began erstwhile 1 rider appeared to suffer power astir nan bend. This successful move sparked a concatenation of incidents wherever complete 10 riders fell.

Belgian cyclist Remco Evenepoel looked to onshore connected nan writer but held his collarbone aft his landing. He was capable to locomotion for assistance and was besides taken to hospital.

Primoz Roglic, a Slovenian rider, besides pulled retired of nan title but gave a thumbs-up to nan tv cameras, indicating to viewers that he was not earnestly hurt. 

Jay Vine, Sean Quinn, Alexander Cepeda and Natnael Tesfatsion were besides among those to person curen by nan broadside of nan road, pinch Vine past taken to hospital. 

Over 10 cyclists were progressive and respective were near requiring assistance successful a actual ditch

Doctors and ambulances reported to nan segment and nan remainder of nan shape was neutralised

The six starring runners competed until nan extremity while nan remainder of nan platoon coasted successful neutral

Eurosport reported that six riders successful full received further curen successful hospital.

The bid of collisions led to nan shape being neutralised pinch 27.9km to go, pinch doctors responding to nan clang earlier ambulances arrived connected nan scene.

A connection from nan organisers, posted connected their charismatic societal media pages, said: 'The title is neutralised until nan decorativeness line, nan six starring runners will compete successful nan shape but nan shape times will not beryllium counted for nan wide classification.

'The platoon will spell successful neutral until nan decorativeness line.'

The Tour de France will return spot betwixt June 29 and July 21 this year. 

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