Two former Sacramento Kings dancers sue the team for retaliation after filing complaints about a 'choreographer's pattern of sexual harassment'

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  • The anonymous dancers opportunity Matthew Day showed a repeated shape of inappropriate behaviour to some of them and they reported it to nan Kings' HR
  • Both were required to audition again, but Day was judging nan auditions and neither dancer was brought backmost to subordinate nan squad for nan 2023-24 season
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By Jake Fenner For Dailymail.Com

Published: 17:19 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 18:21 EDT, 31 October 2023

Two anonymous Sacramento Kings dancers person sued nan squad aft they opportunity they weren't re-selected for nan squad because they revenge complaints astir a choreographer's behavior.

The suit names nan Kings and choreographer Matthew Day successful nan suit, saying that Day inappropriately touched dancers and sometimes stretched them without their consent.

After nan 2 dancers - listed arsenic Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 - many times raised concerns pinch nan Kings' quality resources section and creation coach, location was nary alteration successful Day's behavior, according to nan filing.

Following an audition successful August, neither dancer was re-hired. The suit says that Day was a portion of nan sheet of judges for that audition.

MailSport has reached retired to nan Sacramento Kings for comment.

Two Sacramento Kings dancers person sued nan squad for retaliation successful a recently revenge suit

This suit was revenge successful Sacramento County Superior Court by West Coast Employment Lawyers, APLC - nan patient which precocious sued Lizzo and Jason Derulo for intersexual harassment.

In nan filings, 1 title said that nan measurement Day touched dancers' legs and backs made connected of nan listed plaintiffs 'dread coming to creation believe everyday'.

After going to HR to record a complaint, nan dancers opportunity that 'no changes were made'. 

The anonymous complainant said that Day besides sent her unsolicited and progressively coquettish comments and messages connected Instagram. She says that she ne'er engaged 'in immoderate coquettish behaviour successful response'.

As for nan different statement successful nan suit, Day sent her photos to an extracurricular promotion institution without her consent and continuous referred to her arsenic 'love', according to nan filing.

The 2 plaintiffs opportunity that different dancers had besides complained astir Day's behavior.

Both dancers wished to return to nan squad for nan 2023-24 season, which would require them to audition.

They were told to believe nan jazz style of creation earlier nan auditions, which is on nan lines of nan manufacture modular astir connection during nan action process.

Both dancers complained astir nan choreographer's behavior, but 'no changes were made'

The 2 dancers auditioned for nan squad again this year, but recovered that Day was connected nan sheet of judges. They were told nan time of nan audition that they would do a different style than they had been preparing for and, eventually, they were not selected for nan 2023-24 team.

However, connected nan time of nan auditions, nan 2 dancers were told they were 'going successful a different direction' and would attraction connected hip-hop.

That would require nan 2 plaintiffs to breakdance - thing 1 of them couldn't do arsenic a consequence of a knee condition.

'This is an perfectly stunning lawsuit of guidance astatine nan Sacramento Kings turning a unsighted oculus to Day's lecherous and forbidden behavior,' said nan plaintiffs' attorney, Ron Zambrano.

'Day committed these creepy acts, and he is surely responsible for his ain conduct, but nan team's inaction amounts to condoning specified horrendous moving conditions truthful some are arsenic liable for nan plaintiffs' symptom and suffering.'

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