Twitter begins CHARGING new users to access basic features - here's what you need to know

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X (formerly Twitter) will statesman charging immoderate caller users $1/year (£0.82/year) to entree basal features specified arsenic writing, liking, retweeting, and replying to posts.

All caller unverified users successful New Zealand and nan Philippines will beryllium required to motion up for nan paid subscription service, and will request to verify their relationship pinch a telephone number.

Existing members successful nan region will not beryllium affected and X says users will still beryllium capable to create a free 'read-only' account.

In a station yesterday, X's support relationship confirmed that nan tract would beryllium testing a caller programme called 'Not A Bot', aimed astatine reducing nan number of automated spam bots connected nan platform. 

X insists that this alteration is 'not a profit driver' adding: 'So far, subscription options person proven to beryllium nan main solution that useful astatine scale.' 

X's support relationship announced that caller users successful New Zealand and nan Philippines will beryllium required to salary a $1/year yearly subscription to entree basal features of nan app

At nan aforesaid time, X published nan 'Not-A-Bot' position and conditions that laic retired nan specifications of nan caller service. 

This explains: 'The Program is simply a recurring subscription work from X that provides your relationship pinch write-level functionality connected nan X platform, specified arsenic nan expertise to station content, for illustration posts, reply, repost, quote, and bookmark different accounts' posts'.

Users of nan level are not impressed by Musk's caller scheme and galore opportunity that nan value of $1/year is excessively high.

'Nope. Not worthy a dollar to watch this dumpster fire', wrote 1 disgruntled X user.

Another added: 'This will thrust down interactions and nan personification guidelines arsenic a whole, astir group will simply not salary but will still position ads'. 

Other X users complained that Musk's attempts to conflict backmost against bots person been unsuccessful and were wary of immoderate effort to usage a paywall to verify quality users. 

Musk has antecedently said that making X a paid work would beryllium nan only measurement to trim nan number of bots that presently plague nan platform 

Several users took to X (formerly Twitter) to vent their frustrations astatine nan caller subscription plan 

'Funny really each solution for Twitter he ever comes up pinch is to instrumentality a salary wall', wrote 1 commenter.

'Remember erstwhile Elon was for illustration "we're gonna get free of spam bots"', different said, adding: 'lmao it's a cardinal times worse than it ever was pre-elon'.

While nan proceedings presently only affects immoderate caller users, since purchasing Twitter Elon Musk has said he would for illustration to make nan tract a wholly paid work successful nan future.

In an question and reply pinch Israeli premier curate Benjamin Netanyahu, Musk suggested that each Twitter members should salary a mini fee. 

Musk said: 'I'd opportunity nan azygous astir important logic we're moving towards having a mini monthly costs for usage of nan X strategy is that it's nan only measurement I tin deliberation of to combat immense armies of bots.'

Following Musk's $44 cardinal (£36.13 billion) takeover, he introduced nan paid-for premium characteristic 'Twitter Blue' which charges members $8 (£9.60) per month, aliases $11 (£11) if they motion up via iOS aliases Android, to entree other features.

Recently X introduced a characteristic allowing posters to fastener responses only verified accounts paying for a Twitter Blue subscription.

At nan clip Musk said: 'This should thief a batch pinch spam bots', nevertheless galore users pointed retired that bots were often verified. 

Twitter Blue subscribers besides person nan action to make longer posts, nan expertise to 'undo' aliases edit posts, and person accrued visibility connected nan platform. 

Timeline of Elon Musk's eventful clip astatine Twitter truthful far 

October 27: Musk is officially made nan caller proprietor of Twitter, and tweets 'the vertebrate is freed'.

November 1: Musk confirms plans to alteration nan strategy of 'Blue Tick' verification connected Twitter, for a reduced subscription interest of $8 a month.

November 4: Musk lays disconnected half of Twitter's workforce arsenic an alleged cost-cutting measure, claiming he had 'no choice'. 

November 9: Musk launches nan 'Twitter Blue' subscription work which verifies accounts for a monthly fee.

November 11: The Twitter Blue work is paused owed to accounts purchasing verification and utilizing it to impersonate brands and nationalist figures.

November 12: Musk fires 80 per cent of Twitter contractors without warning.

November 15: Musk fires labor that posted negatively astir him connected nan business messaging app Slack. The suit betwixt Musk and Twitter is dismissed.

November 16:  Twitter unit are told they request to motion a promise to beryllium capable to enactment connected successful their roles wherever they would beryllium 'working agelong hours astatine precocious intensity' aliases person 3 months of severance pay, resulting successful a wide exodus.

November 18: A news-ticker was projected onto Twitter HQ successful San Francisco dubbing Musk arsenic a 'space Karen', 'mediocre manchild' and 'bankruptcy baby'.

November 23: A Twitter personification reported that 5.4 cardinal telephone numbers and email addresses leaked connected nan acheronian web, earlier his relationship was suspended. 

November 26: Financial Times revealed that 50 of nan platform's apical 100 advertisers person paused their ads.

November 29:  Platformer reported that Twitter is successful nan process of reinstating astir 62,000 banned accounts that each person much than 10,000 followers.

December 12: Twitter Blue is re-launched pinch caller Blue Tick reviewing process.

January 11: Twitter starts automatically redirecting users to the 'For You' tab - its algorithmic provender of tweets - each clip they unfastened nan app. 

February 8: Twitter expands nan characteristic limit to 4,000 for Twitter Blue subscribers successful nan US. Shortly after, nan tract encounters method difficulties.

February 12: Musk orders unit to revamp Twitter's tweet promotion algorithm aft his Super Bowl tweet didn't get capable impressions.  

February 15: Twitter announces it will region SMS two-factor authentication (2FA) from nan free type of Twitter - a determination a information master labelled 'absurd' that will lead to 'so galore accounts hacked'.

February 25: Twitter reveals a caller information of layoffs that brought its workforce down to nether 2,000 - a crisp autumn from nan 7,500 employed erstwhile nan billionaire first took complete successful October.

March 28: Musk announces it will extremity group from voting successful Twitter polls aliases having their tweets look successful nan For You tab if they do not salary for Twitter Blue. 

April 11: Musk gives an question and reply pinch nan BBC astatine Twitter's San Francisco HQ wherever he says he's been sleeping connected nan level of nan company's offices. Musk besides accused nan interviewer of lying because he couldn't backmost up accusations astir dislike reside connected nan platform. 

June 21: Musk says he is 'up for a cage match' conflict pinch rival tech CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  

July 1: Musk announces limits connected really galore tweets users tin spot per time - 600 for group who aren't signed up for Twitter Blue, and 6,000 for Twitter Blue subscribers. 

July 23: Twitter is officially rebranded to, pinch nan classical bluish vertebrate logo replaced pinch an X

August  18: Musk announces that 'block' will beryllium deleted arsenic a characteristic isolated from for wrong nonstop messaging

August 31: Musk reveals that audio and video calls will soon beryllium introduced connected nan platform 

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