Tucker Carlson says UFOs are piloted by 'spiritual entities' with bases 'under the ocean and the ground'

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UFOs and their pilots mightiness not beryllium 'extra-terrestrials' from a distant satellite astatine all, but 'spiritual entities' who person inhabited Earth for arsenic agelong arsenic humanity itself.

At least, that's nan 'supernatural' theory Fox News vet and one-time MSNBC host Tucker Carlson put guardant this week connected comedian Joe Rogan's podcast

'There's a ton of grounds that they're nether nan water and nether nan ground,' Carlson told Rogan's listeners during nan show's usual, sprawling, three-hour-long chat format, adding: 'They've been present for a agelong time.'

Carlson's latest comments echo an increasingly common refrain from UFO-curious lawmakers, including Missouri Congressman Eric Burlison and his chap GOP legislator Tim Burchett, who some compared UFOs to Biblical entities successful nan past year.

UFOs and their pilots mightiness not beryllium 'extra-terrestrials' from a distant satellite astatine all, but 'spiritual entities' who person inhabited Earth for arsenic agelong arsenic humanity itself - according to Fox News vet and one-time MSNBC big Tucker Carlson who said this week on The Joe Rogan Experience

Above, Rep. Tim Burchett (left) adjacent to chap 'UAP Caucus' member Rep. Eric Burlison during a property convention held by members of nan House Oversight committee up of a nationalist UFO proceeding past July. Both Congressman person compared UFOs to Biblical entities successful nan past year 

'The first section of Ezekiel is beautiful clear of a UFO sighting,' Rep. Burchett told reporters successful January of 2023, up of his push to bring UFO whistleblowers to attest earlier Congress past summer.   

'Whenever I usage nan word "angels,"' added Rep. Burlison, who has been privy to classified briefings connected nan UFO phenomena, 'to me, it's synonymous pinch an extradimensional being.'

Tucker Carlson appeared to earnestly cosign these notions connected his April 19 podcast appearance, while pleading ignorance connected galore unanswered questions surrounding nan issue, now much commonly called Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena aliases UAP.  

'They're from present and they've been present for thousands of years,' Carlson said, 'whatever they are.'

'And it's beautiful clear to maine that they're "spiritual entities,"' he continued, 'whatever that means.' 

The seasoned broadcaster explained that by 'supernatural' he meant that nan beings were 'above nan observable nature' and that they 'don't behave according to nan laws of science.'  

'With that truth set,' Carlson put it rhetorically, 'what do you conclude?'

Earlier successful 2024, Rogan commented connected Carlson's increasing nationalist liking successful UFOs, wondering up of Carlson's quality connected his program: 'What does he know?'   

But speculation linking UFOs to belief visitations and/or theories astir interdimensional beings person been a recurring characteristic wrong nan sermon connected nan taxable since nan early 20th Century. 

Above nan 16th period coating titled 'The Madonna pinch Saint Giovannino' believed to beryllium nan activity of Italian Renaissance creator Domenico Ghirlandaio. Some judge nan coating includes a reference to 'ancient' UFOs pinch a skybound entity seen supra nan Virgin Mary's near shoulder

Above, a person look astatine nan mysterious glowing aerial entity depicted in Ghirlandaio's painting

The conception gained its highest and arguably astir reputable floor plan pinch nan publication of nan book 'Passport to Magonia: from Folklore to Flying Saucers' by the astronomer and Internet pioneer Jacques Vallée successful 1969.

Vallée, who later served arsenic nan inspiration for François Truffaut's characteristic successful Steven Spielberg's UFO blockbuster 'Close Encounters of nan Third Kind,' had spent years pouring complete volumes of ancient texts for nan groundbreaking tome. 

He paired 1180 encounters pinch 'luminous' flying 'earthenware vessels' reported complete Japan, Roman accounts of hovering 'shields' and Native American stories of 'baskets from heaven' to reason a continuity pinch modern 'flying saucer' cases. 

In much caller years, Vallée, now a Silicon Valley task capitalist and computer scientist, published a study of beingness grounds from a UFO crash successful a peer-reviewed subject journal, Progress successful Aerospace Sciences. 

As he told Wired, Vallée hopes that investigation will go 'a template [...] for what superior UFO investigation could beryllium successful nan future, if 1 plays by nan rules.'

But akin arguments, linking UFOs to demonic entities aliases angelic miracles, have also been made successful little scholarly shape connected cablegram TV shows for illustration 'Ancient Aliens,' and online by conspiracy theorists and evangelical Christians, among others. 

The editor for Phenomena Magazine, Brian Allan, to mention 1 account, said to Anglican Pastor Ray Boeche who claims that a faction wrong nan Pentagon profoundly believes that UFOs are nan merchandise of demonic forces.

'The Defense Intelligence Agency were looking astatine this demonic element, and they labelled these sorts of aliens arsenic 'non quality entities,' Allan said. 

'They believed that location was a demonic constituent to nan UFO phenomenon: they are not invading us, it's Biblical.'

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