Trump Official Told Attorney Jenna Ellis ‘The Boss Is Not Going To Leave’ White House, Ellis Reportedly Says

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A Trump management charismatic told erstwhile Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis “the leader is not going to leave” nan White House pursuing nan 2020 election, Ellis claimed to Georgia prosecutors, according to ABC News — arsenic she cooperates successful a wide-ranging criminal lawsuit that accuses erstwhile President Donald Trump and his friends of illegally trying to overturn his predetermination defeat.

A apical Trump adjutant reportedly told lawyer Jenna Ellis aft nan 2020 election: “The leader is not ... [+] going to time off nether immoderate circumstances.” (Photo by John Bazemore / POOL / AFP)

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Key Facts

Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Dan Scavino was nan charismatic who Ellis claimed told her “the boss,” referring to Trump, would not beryllium leaving agency “under immoderate circumstances,” according to ABC News.

ABC News obtained video footage from a proffer interview, aliases a convention betwixt prosecutors and nan taxable of an investigation that is often required arsenic portion of a plea deal.

Ellis, who was 1 of Trump’s lawyers who regularly dispersed mendacious predetermination fraud claims, reportedly said nan speech pinch Scavino took spot aft their challenges to nan predetermination results had proven unsuccessful, saying Scavino told her excitedly, “we don't attraction … We are conscionable going to enactment successful power,” ABC News reported.

Late past month, Ellis pleaded guilty to 1 count of “aiding and abetting mendacious statements and writings,” and expressed remorse for her domiciled successful nan 2020 scheme.ABC News reported that nan footage showed Ellis alluding to 2 different instances that were "relevant" to prosecutors, but she couldn’t reside because of attorney-client privilege.

Steve Saddow, Trump’s lawyer successful Georgia, told Forbes successful a connection that “any purported backstage speech is perfectly meaningless” because “Trump near nan White House connected January 20, 2021,” adding that nan “political, travesty of a case” should beryllium dismissed if this is its “type ... of evidence.”

Forbes has reached retired to Scavino and Ellis’ for comment.

Key Background

Ellis worked arsenic a ineligible advisor to Trump from 2019 to 2021 and was 1 of nan astir visible members of his post-2020 predetermination ineligible team. She is simply a cardinal portion of Georgia prosecutors’ lawsuit against Trump arsenic she is 1 of nan friends nan authorities alleges “knowingly and willfully joined a conspiracy to unlawfully alteration nan result of nan predetermination successful favour of Trump.” Ellis was 1 of nan 19 co-defendants named successful nan Georgia case, including Trump, and was primitively charged pinch 1 count of racketeering and 1 count of soliciting members of nan Georgia Senate to break their oaths of agency by falsely declaring Trump nan state’s winner. Ellis was nan 4th co-defendant to plead guilty, starring ineligible experts to wonderment really their grounds would effect nan state’s lawsuit against Trump.


The Georgia lawsuit is 1 of respective ineligible obstacles facing Trump, who is simultaneously moving for nan GOP statesmanlike nomination. Federal prosecutors person charged him pinch illegally trying to overturn nan predetermination results and mishandling delicate documents successful 2 abstracted cases, New York prosecutors accused him of falsifying business records and New York’s lawyer wide is suing him and his business successful civilian tribunal for fraud.

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