Trump endorses embattled Rep. Lauren Boebert calling her a 'trusted America First Fighter' amid her son's legal woes and congresswoman's messy divorce saga

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  • Former President Donald Trump connected Saturday endorsed Rep. Lauren Boebert
  • The congresswoman and her family members person been progressive successful a bid of scandal 
  • In December Boebert moved legislature districts to debar another embarrassingly adjacent predetermination against Democrat Adam Frisch 

By Nikki Schwab, Senior U.S. Political Reporter

Published: 10:39 EST, 3 March 2024 | Updated: 11:03 EST, 3 March 2024

Former President Donald Trump endorsed embattled Rep. Lauren Boebert Saturday amid her son's ineligible woes and nan congresswoman's messy divorcement saga. 

Trump called nan 37-year-old grandma a 'Proven Conservative' and a 'trusted America First Fighter,' giving nan Colorado Republican his 'Complete and Total Endorsement.'

The 2024 Republican statesmanlike frontrunner's backing comes astatine a clip erstwhile Boebert's location and backstage life person overshadowed immoderate Congressional accomplishments. 

Boebert's 18-year-old boy Tyler was released from jailhouse Wednesday facing 22 charges, including 5 felonies, related to spot thefts successful nan Rifle, Colorado area, pinch 1 unfortunate saying she now can't affort to pay for encephalon surgery. 

Her son's ineligible problems travel successful nan months pursuing nan congresswoman finalizing her divorcement from hubby Jayson, who Tyler called nan cops connected successful January aft his father allegedly shoved and grabbed him. 

On Saturday, erstwhile President Donald Trump (left) endorsed Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert (right) whose family and backstage life has produced a number of scandals successful caller months

In a Truth Social post, Trump referred to Boebert arsenic a 'Proven Conservative' and a 'trusted America First Fighter' 

Days later, Boebert denied punching her ex-husband astatine a Colorado edifice aft he made 'lewd advances' toward her. 

In September, nan Colorado blimpish was embroiled successful a days agelong ungraded complete her behaviour pinch a day during a Denver capacity of Beetlejuice nan Musical. 

Boebert and her date, Aspen barroom proprietor Quinn Gallagher, were asked to time off nan theatre aft she vaped and took pictures during nan performance. 

Leaked footage of nan incident also showed her groping Gallagher. 

None of her family scandals deterred Trump from labeling her an 'Effective Leader.' 

In 2022, Boebert astir mislaid her Republican-leaning territory to Democrat Adam Frisch, beating him by only 546 votes. 

Last February, Frisch said he planned to situation Boebert again for her spot representing Colorado's 3rd Congressional District. 

Boebert's boy Tyler (right) was released from jailhouse Wednesday and has been charged pinch 22 crimes, including 5 felonies, related to spot thefts successful nan Rifle, Colorado area 

In a station connected X Saturday, Boebert held up a draught of nan Truth Social station erstwhile President Donald Trump utilized to endorse her 

That move prompted Boebert to denote successful December that she would tally successful 2024 for a different Colorado Congressional seat. 

She'll effort to switch retiring Republican Rep. Ken Buck successful Colorado's 4th Congressional District instead, nan state's astir blimpish district. 

Ten Republicans are presently vying for that seat, pinch nan Denver Post reporting successful early February that Boebert started nan twelvemonth pinch a fundraising advantage. 

Still, Boebert came successful 5th spot in a straw canvass of voters successful her caller district. 

While Colorado voters will caput to nan polls Tuesday to make their prime for president, Congressional primaries successful nan authorities aren't held until June 25, giving Boebert immoderate clip to summation ground. 

She applauded Trump's endorsement successful posts connected X connected Saturday. 

'It's my grant to person nan endorsement of nan top President our state has ever known - Donald J. Trump,' nan Colorado Republican said. 'It will beryllium specified a privilege to activity alongside him successful 2024 to present results for Colorado & get nan full state backmost connected track!'  

In different station she held up a draught of Trump's Truth Social post, labeling it, 'MY president.' 

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