Trump blames Biden for Rachel Morin’s murder: ‘Joe refuses to shut down the border’

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Former President Donald Trump based on Monday that President Biden is to blasted for nan sadistic rape and execution of Maryland mom Rachel Morin because of his refusal to “shut down nan border.”

The 37-year-old mother of 5 was killed connected a Bel Air, Md., hiking way connected Aug. 5, 2023, by Victor Martinez-Hernandez, a migrant from El Salvador, according to police. 

Martinez-Hernandez, 23, illegally crossed into nan US successful February 2023. He was arrested successful Tulsa, Okla., connected Friday aft constabulary matched his DNA to nan gruesome crime scene.

Morin, 37, was hiking on a way successful Maryland erstwhile she was raped and murdered by a migrant who entered nan state illegally, according to police. John Morin

“ANOTHER 1 of Crooked Joe Biden’s Illegal Immigrant Criminals was conscionable charged pinch raping and murdering ANOTHER guiltless American woman!” Trump, 78, raged connected Truth Social.  

The presumptive Republican nominee for president likened Morin’s slaying to nan February execution of 22-year-old Georgia nursing student Laken Riley, whose alleged killer besides entered nan US illegally. 

“Rachel Morin was connected a tally successful Maryland, conscionable for illustration Laken Riley was successful Georgia, erstwhile she was brutally killed by an forbidden monster who was wanted for execution successful El Salvador and fled to nan USA because he knew Crooked Joe would fto him in,” Trump wrote. “Now Rachel Morin’s 5 young children will turn up without their mother because Crooked Joe refuses to unopen down nan border.”

Trump based on that Biden’s separator policies were to blasted for Morin’s murder. AFP via Getty Images

Authorities said Martinez-Hernandez has ties to Salvadoran thoroughfare gangs and a convulsive history.

He’s wanted for nan battle of a mother and young woman successful Los Angeles and a execution successful El Salvador, according to officials.

Morin’s alleged slayer was wanted for a execution successful El Salvador and an onslaught connected a female and young woman successful California. Tulsa Police Department

Trump railed against his 2024 force complete his administration’s scheme to offer activity permits and deportation protections to forbidden immigrants who wed American citizens later this week — provided they’ve lived successful nan US for astatine slightest 10 years.

“As a matter of fact, this week, Biden is preparing to springiness MASS AMNESTY to hundreds of thousands of forbidden aliens!” he said. “This is unsustainable and can’t beryllium allowed to continue!”

The Biden management plans to connection deportation protections to definite migrants this week. AP

Trump vowed to “SHUT DOWN THE BORDER and commencement deporting millions of Biden’s Illegal Criminals” connected time 1 of his management if elected. 

“We will erstwhile again put AMERICANS First and MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN!” he added. “To Rachel Morin’s family and particularly her 5 children, May God beryllium pinch you!”

The Post has reached retired to nan Biden run for comment. 

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