Trevor Lawrence's wife Marissa slams fan for shocking Instagram comment claiming she is only with the NFL star for his money - and calling $9m-a-year Jaguars QB 'incompetent trash'

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  • Marissa Lawrence called retired nan instrumentality nether nan username 'yourfrienddeath'
  • Trevor Lawrence has yet to remark connected nan situation
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By Eric Blum For Dailymail.Com

Published: 16:13 EST, 13 November 2023 | Updated: 16:13 EST, 13 November 2023

The woman of NFL backmost Trevor Lawrence took objection pinch 1 Instagram personification saying she's only pinch nan Jacksonville Jaguars prima for his money and calling him 'incompetent trash.'

Marissa Lawrence took a screenshot of a remark by personification 'yourfrienddeath' and asked her 328,000 followers to study nan account. 

'Hope God takes your man. Incompetent (four trash emojis)' nan relationship stated. 'You're only successful it for nan money anyway.'

The remark was near connected nan quarterback's station wishing his woman a happy 24th birthday. 

Marissa's reply to nan remark was connected her Instagram story, stating 'I don't usually station this worldly but this is not okay,' Lawrence posted. 'Please study this account.'

Trevor and Marissa Lawrence person been joined since 2021; they are pictured successful London

The Lawrences met erstwhile they were successful 5th people and started making love successful 10th grade

This connection was reposted to Marissa's Instagram story, and she shared to her followers

The Jaguars' backmost has yet to remark connected nan situation. 

Hateful comments person recovered a spot connected nan internet, particularly for group pinch larger followings. 

Lawrence has been successful nan spotlight since his days astatine Cartersville (Ga.) High School, wherever he was 1 of nan highest-rated backmost prospects successful history. 

The mates met successful 5th grade, and started making love successful 10th grade, while some were students astatine Cartersville. 

Marissa has traveled to watch Trevor play, moreover erstwhile nan Jaguars had a crippled successful England

Both Trevor and Marissa person been successful nan nationalist oculus since precocious school

Trevor has led nan Jacksonville Jaguars to first spot successful nan AFC South pinch a 6-3 record

While Trevor attended Clemson, Marissa played shot astatine Anderson University.  

Any distractions from Instagram haven't deterred nan Jaguars, who are successful first spot successful nan AFC South pinch a 6-3 record. 

Marissa's adjacent chance to watch Trevor play is simply a Jacksonville location crippled against nan Tennessee Titans connected Sunday.  

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