Trevor Bauer thanks former Dodgers teammate Mookie Betts for urging MLB teams to sign the exiled pitcher after suspension over sexual assault claims: 'Hope to see you on the field'

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Trevor Bauer has thanked Mookie Betts for urging MLB teams to motion nan exiled pitcher - who was suspended for 194 games complete an alleged intersexual assault.

While Bauer and accuser Lindsey Hill admitted to having consensual activity successful 2021, Hill claims that nan pitcher went overboard by punching her, choking her unconscious, and sodomizing her without her consent. 

Bauer was ne'er charged successful nan case, and earlier this month, nan brace settled their respective defamation antagonistic lawsuits against each other.

And aft Bauer released a video detailing his type of events connected X - which shows a matter sent from Hill to a friend calling nan pitcher her 'next victim' - Betts has publically vouched for his erstwhile teammate.

'It's thing to deliberation about,' Betts told nan LA Times of an MLB squad signing him this winter.

Trevor Bauer was released by nan Dodgers aft serving a 194-game prohibition from nan MLB

But erstwhile teammate Mookie Betts has vouched for nan exiled pitcher's character

'My acquisition pinch Bauer is not thing remotely adjacent to what everyone else's acquisition is,' he continued. 'I emotion him. I deliberation he's an awesome guy. The individual things? I person nary control. I person nary say. Obviously, thing ever came from it.

'He's an awesome pitcher. He's a awesome guy, personification who wants to return nan mound each 5th day. But, astatine nan extremity of nan day, I don't make nan decision. That's a determination that's not arsenic elemental arsenic baseball.'

Bauer posted a screengrab of Betts' remarks connected X and wrote, 'Well, well, well… nan 'anonymous sources' are going to dislike this…Appreciate you brother.

'Enjoyed lining up adjacent to you, @mookiebetts. 'I'm sorry we couldn't decorativeness what we started but whether it's arsenic a teammate aliases a rival, I dream to spot you connected nan section again soon.'

Bauer admitted to hitting Hill successful a 27-minute telephone call that was recorded connected May 22, 2021 arsenic portion of nan Pasadena Police Department's investigation into her intersexual battle claims against nan erstwhile Cy Young winner.

'I'm successful a batch of pain, and I don't retrieve specifically asking you to deed me,' Hill said to Bauer successful nan recorded telephone call, which was released by Legal Affairs and Trials. 'Did you mean to deed maine that hard?'

'No, and that's why it's confusing,' Bauer is heard responding. 'I didn't consciousness for illustration I deed you that hard, you know? And certainly... I tried telling you aggregate times, ''Do you want to stop? Are you OK?'' And you said to support going. So I conscionable was trying to travel your lead connected it.'

The pitcher, who maintains his innocence, was released by nan Los Angeles Dodgers astatine nan extremity of his prohibition and precocious completed his first play pitching successful Japan.

In consequence to nan merchandise of nan telephone call, Bauer's attorneys Jon Fetterolf and Shawn Holley provided a connection to Mail Sport.

(Right) Trevor Bauer steps retired of nan courthouse aft nan past time of nan hearings connected August 19, 2021. (Left) Bauer's accuser, Lindsey Hill, pictured successful August of 2021 earlier a erstwhile hearing

Bauer (seen pitching for nan Yokohama BayStars) has faced different intersexual misconduct claims

Bauer posted a video to societal media speaking astir nan incident for nan first clip since 2021

'Trevor Bauer and Lindsey Hill had consensual unsmooth activity and nan pretext telephone confirms that his type of events — nan truth — ne'er wavered, contempt her attempts to get him to admit what she told nan police,' nan connection began.

'Throughout nan call, Mr. Bauer politely disagreed pinch her appraisal aggregate times while still trying to beryllium thoughtful and courteous to a personification he believed was a friend, alternatively than a personification trying to deliberately group him up by signaling this call, unbeknownst to him, pinch nan police.'

Bauer posted a video connected societal media accusing Hill of concocting a strategy to extort money from him by falsely accusing him of intersexual assault.

Money did not speech hands successful either lawsuit, but Hill's lawyer Bryan J. Freedman says his customer received a $300,000 security settlement.

One alleged matter sent from Hill to a friend, which Bauer revealed, reads: 'Next victim. Star pitcher for nan Dodgers.'

Bauer said that she made nan connection astir him being her 'next victim' successful a matter that was sent 'before she ever moreover met me' and that she was advised to 'take his money'.

Bauer says this video was taken nan time aft nan alleged battle - pinch nary visible injuries. Bauer besides says that he was recorded successful his slumber by Hill 'without my consent, of course'.

Bauer's accuser, Lindsey Hill is pictured pinch bruises astir her eyes successful 1 ineligible filing

After uncovering retired Bauer's nett worthy ($51million astatine nan time), Hill said she would effort to get immoderate of his money by 'being an absolute w***e to effort to get successful connected his 51million' and that she would 'need Daddy to choke maine out'.

While Hill acknowledged that 'victim' was not nan correct connection choice, she claimed she utilized it successful a measurement successful which she was joking, chiefly owed to her history of making love shot players. (She has besides been linked to San Diego Padres slugger Fernando Tatis Jr.)

'This was precisely what Trevor wanted to do was random prime 3 aliases 4 texts and weave it into a communicative wherever I conscionable look horrible,' she said connected 'Prime Time pinch Alex Stein.'

'I explained that successful my deposition and random things. I for illustration to joke, I'm very sarcastic, sometimes inappropriate. Anyone who knows maine would cognize that.'

Three different women person accused Bauer of intersexual assault. 

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